2020 Aldebaran Stakes

2/8/2020, Kyoto-JPN
1 3/16 m (Dirt)
4+ M

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Belmont entries and results | Keeneland entries and results

*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next Start
1st Lord Regalis
Heart's Cry
K. Nonaka
Y. Take
5th, 2020 Betelgeuse Stakes (LS)
2nd Suave Aramis
Heart's Cry
N. Sugai
K. Fujioka
5th, 2021 Heian Stakes (G3) View Video
3rd Bless Journey
Battle Plan
S. Sasaki
A. Starke
9th, 2020 Kinko Sho (G2)
4th Apollo Tennessee
Run Away and Hide
K. Yamauchi
K. Matsuyama
5th, 2020 Mercury Cup (RS) View Video
5th Jordan King
King Kamehameha
H. Fujiwara
Y. Iwata
9th, 2020 Brilliant Stakes (LS)
6th Ailes Du Courage
M. Ikezoe
Y. Kitamura
14th, 2021 Sirius Stakes (G3)
7th Tamuro Miracle
Deep Impact
M. Nishizono
K. Kokubun
7th, 2020 Aldebaran Stakes
8th Bilge Keel
King Halo
A. Adachi
K. Ikezoe
14th, 2020 Betelgeuse Stakes (LS)
9th Rose Princedom
Roses in May
Y. Hatakeyama
R. Wada
11th, 2020 March Stakes (G3)
10th Hayayakko
King Kamehameha
S. Kunieda
Y. Kawada
10th, 2021 Sirius Stakes (G3)
11th Meiner Cras
Stay Gold
N. Takagi
Y. Kokubun
11th, 2020 Aldebaran Stakes
12th Satono Prime
Street Sense
K. Minai
Y. Furukawa
5th, 2020 Brilliant Stakes (LS)
13th Sunday Wizard
Neo Universe
R. Okubo
T. Ogino
12th, 2021 Sirius Stakes (G3)
14th He's In Love
K. Fujioka
Y. Shibayama
8th, 2020 Nagoya Daishoten (RS)
15th Air Anthem
Symboli Kris S
K. Yoshimura
S. Foley
15th, 2020 Aldebaran Stakes
16th Cafe Ryujin
Manhattan Cafe
Y. Wada
H. Kawasu
16th, 2020 Aldebaran Stakes
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