2019 Cluster Cup (RS)

8/12/2019, Morioka-JPN
6 f (Dirt)
3+ M

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Churchill Downs entries and results | Belmont entries and results

*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next Start
1st Yamanin Imprime
Sinister Minister
K. Hasegawa
Y. Iwata
10th, 2021 February Stakes (G1) View Video
2nd Hiro Shige Gold
South Vigorous
Y. Kitade
Y. Take
11th, 2021 Hyogo Gold Trophy (LS)
3rd Copano Kicking
Spring At Last
A. Murayama
N. Fujita
4th, 2022 Riyadh Dirt Sprint (G3) View Video
4th Ashaka Daiki
Smart Falcon
N. Suzuki
K. Miura
4th, 2019 Cluster Cup (RS)
5th Bulldog Boss
Daiwa Major
S. Kokubo
N. Mikamoto
3rd, 2020 JBC Sprint (RS) View Video
6th Chocolat Blanc
T. Fujita
H. Yoshihara
7th, 2019 JBC Sprint (RS)
7th Meisho Iron
Mayano Top Gun
J. Tanaka
G. Ochiai
11th, 2020 JBC Sprint (RS) View Video
8th Nobo Baccara
Admire Aura
S. Temma
K. Matsuyama
5th, 2021 Kakitsubata Kinen (LS)
9th Love Bullet
Nobo Jack
I. Sugawara
T. Yamamoto
9th, 2019 Cluster Cup (RS)
10th Pod Joy
Marvelous Sunday
T. Takano
R. Takamatsu
10th, 2019 Cluster Cup (RS)
11th Shadow Party
King's Best
N. Hori
Y. Takahashi
10th, 2020 Cluster Cup (RS) View Video
12th Meisho Ocean
Agnes Digital
M. Murakami
Y. Sakaguchi
14th, 2019 Mile Championship Nanbu Hai (RS)
13th Mystical
Sinister Minister
M. Nitta
M. Yamamoto
11th, 2020 Cluster Cup (RS) View Video
14th Issei Ichidai
Y. Yunomae
T. Sugawara
15th, 2019 Mile Championship Nanbu Hai (RS)
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