2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2)

11/5/2017, Tokyo-JPN
Post Time:
1:35 AM ET
1 9/16 m (Turf)
3+ M
*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next Start
1st Suave Richard
Heart's Cry
Y. Shono
M. Demuro
3rd, 2019 Takarazuka Kinen (G1) View Video
2nd Sole Impact
Deep Impact
H. Toda
Y. Fukunaga
3rd, 2019 Meguro Kinen (G2)
3rd Seda Brillantes
Deep Brillante
T. Tezuka
K. Tosaki
7th, 2018 Niigata Kinen (G3)
4th Albert
Admire Don
N. Hori
A. Starke
10th, 2018 Copa Republica Argentina (G2)
5th Curren Mirotic
Heart's Cry
O. Hirata
K. Ikezoe
16th, 2018 Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1) View Video
6th Toshin Monstera
King Kamehameha
A. Murayama
H. Kitamura
12th, 2018 Copa Republica Argentina (G2)
7th Shiho
King Kamehameha
K. Sasada
H. Yoshida
7th, 2019 Diamond Stakes (G3)
8th Denim and Ruby
Deep Impact
K. Sumii
H. Tanabe
8th, 2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2) View Video
9th Prestwick
Daiwa Major
Y. Muto
V. Cheminaud
3rd, 2017 Stayers Stakes (G2) View Video
10th Happy Moment
Deep Impact
K. Sumii
A. Tsumura
13th, 2018 Bendigo Cup (G3) View Video
11th Meiner Sage
Y. Shikato
D. Shibata
11th, 2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2) View Video
12th Hit the Target
King Kamehameha
K. Kato
K. Miura
12th, 2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2) View Video
13th Comfy
Dance in the Dark
M. Ikegami
M. Katsuura
8th, 2017 Stayers Stakes (G2) View Video
14th Toruk Makto
Admire Japan
T. Ozeki
T. Eda
14th, 2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2) View Video
15th Recondite
Heart's Cry
H. Otonashi
Y. Kitamura
15th, 2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2) View Video
16th Saratoga Spirit
Heart's Cry
Y. Tomomichi
H. Uchida
16th, 2017 Copa Republica Argentina (G2) View Video
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