2016 Reclamer

8/29/2016, Deauville-FR
7 1/2 f (Synthetic)
2 M
*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next Start
1st Barbarigo
Canford Cliffs
F. Chappet
N. Larenaudie
11th, 2019 Gran Premio Claudio Carudel View Video
2nd Zangokari
T. Lemer
L. Boisseau
2nd, 2017 Conditions View Video
3rd Ndesha
Tin Horse
D. Guillemin
G. Siaffa
11th, 2017 Reclamer View Video
4th Time Sky
A. Botti
E. Etienne
8th, 2016 Reclamer View Video
5th If I Say So
J. Moore
H. Journiac
11th, 2018 Reclamer View Video
6th Chababa Rosetgri
H. de Nicolay
K. Barbaud
4th, 2016 Reclamer View Video
7th Baie D'Amour
Never On Sunday
K. Burke
J. Vaughan
7th, 2016 Reclamer View Video
8th Volstora
T. Castanheira
G. Ambrosioni
10th, 2017 Handicap View Video
9th La Sarenne
P. Bary
P. Bazire
9th, 2016 Reclamer View Video
10th Daffodil Mulligan
J. Moore
F. Gavilan
10th, 2016 Reclamer View Video
11th Prince Of Baden
Dark Angel
M. Palussiere
C. Lecoeuvre
4th, 2017 Conditions View Video
12th Rose Fantaisie
Amadeus Wolf
J. Gauvin
M. Magnin
12th, 2016 Reclamer View Video
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