Preakness 2014

2014 Preakness Stakes (G1)

5/17/2014, Pimlico Race Course
Post Time:
6:19 PM ET
1 3/16 m (Dirt)
3 M

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Am I the only one to notice the lack of crowing from the Super Screener sales team? I guess they didn
This Preakness showed exactly why that guy from the Maryland jockey club shouldn't change the spacing of the triple crown races. 3 of the top 4 were horses from the derby and if GAR hadn't of been impeded he would of been 3rd, so clearly the horses don't mind the turn around
I need an explanation. For years, I was mainly an exacta and trifecta player. This year, I have switched to multi-race wagers. So far, I've had really good luck. Today, I hit the .10 cent pick 5 2X and I hit the .50 pick 4 4X. The pick 4 was straightforward. So here is my question. My 2 pick 5 hits paid 2x the amount posted after the race because, in addition to the winner in the second leg, I also had the 7 horse who was scratched. Is that supposed to happen? You get the payout if you have 4 plus a scratch? If so, then I am really falling in love with multi-race wagering! Seriously, can someone confirm whether this is normal?
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  • Holly Bullsheet · yes I'll sure give you that, coyne. :) and it's a habit for me now. I was all chalky today and threw in SI because of the old man, and the super worked out great! NYers like the chalk b/c they like to bet big = a return is a return, right? · 2924 days ago
  • coyne.kaylor · Very true... large win bets on favorites I like have taken me on both good and bad rides · 2924 days ago
1stCal.Chrome -Gen.A rod or Ride on Curlin for 2nd.
Final Selections: Kid Cruz, General A Rod, Chalifornia Chrome, Rid on Curlin and will use Ria Antonia and Social Inclusion in my exotics.
3-10-7-2. I'm playing California Chrome (I'll be creative) and Ride on Curlin. I'm going to bet my top three in some sort of an exacta, trying to hit it twice (one with Chrome on top, on in box). Also playing tri. Going to throw some money on Ride on Curlin. Also including a few others undeneath (not in my top 4) which are Social Inclusion and Dynamic Impact. I don't think Dynamic IMpact is that good, but I'm scared to leave him out. Social Inclusion is a nice horse and could nip. Should be something like 3-10/2-3-7-10/1-2-3-7-8-10. This would cost $24 for $1 tri (might bet it for $2). This and a place bet on Chrome, w/p/s on ROC along with a series of exactas (mainly using Chrome, ROC and Kid Cruz). Can't wait to be there tomorrow, got good seats.
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  • ekindy · I only won $47 on $120 in bets ($10 WPS on 2,4,7,10). I knocked the 8 off my ticket after he acted up, and even though he finished in the money I would have lost more if I hadn't done that. Fortunately I had $20 on the win in the Black Eyed Susan, so $3 ahead for the weekend. Any weekend I break even or better I consider a good weekend. Good luck to California Chrome in the Belmont. I still don't think he'll do it, but I hope I'm wrong. · 2924 days ago
  • rafirox · Congrats on the $3, ekindy :). A winning day is a winning day, right? · 2924 days ago
Alright y'all I'm heading out to Pimlico now. Hope everyone enjoys Preakness day! Have fun!!! :)
PIM #12 Superfecta 3,​WT,1,2,4,10,​WT,1,2,4,10,​WT,1,2,4,10 average money won play-without adjustment PIM #12 Superfecta 3,​WT,1,4,5,10,​WT,1,4,5,10,​WT,1,4,5,10 average money won play-with adjustment PIM #12 Trifecta 3,​WT,1,4,10,​WT,1,4,10 average money won play PIM #12 Trifecta BX,3,5,8 my selection PIM #12 Superfecta 3,​WT,5,​WT,1,2,5,7,8,10,​WT,1,2,5,7,8,10 my selectionPIM #12 Superfecta 3,8,​WT,3,8,​WT,2,5,7,10,​WT,2,5,7,10 my selection PIM #12 Trifecta 3,​WT,2,10,​WT,2,10 Kentucky Derby returners play
Can't bet a horse at 3 to 5 so at 20-1 I lke Ring Weekend. Take my advice and get behind me in line at the window to cash.
Did anyone see todays 3rd race at Pimlico. Most will interpet as sour grapes,please look at the replay and watch the rider of the #3 horse the last 15 yards of the race. She stood up and pulled up the horse with a nice lead. Found out that this was a promotional race with female riders. Boo to the track for allowing incompetent riders to perform when parimutual wagering is allowed. Guess the novelty of female riders is more important than the integrity of the game. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Based on their careers after the Triple Crown Series. Also to qualify for this,you had to of run in at least one leg of the Triple Crown. Who in your opinion was the Greatest Horse never to of won a legof the running. I have 2 obvious picks. Alydar and Forego.
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  • SSilence86 · I think he ran 2nd in the Derby, 3rd in the Preakness and skipped the Belmont? · 2925 days ago
  • buckpasser · Yes SS is right. He was second to Cavalcade in the Derby and third to High Quest and Cavalcade in the Preakness. Both skipped the Belmont. Won I believe by Peace Chance. · 2925 days ago
1.) Kid Cruz, 2.) Chalifornia Chrome, 3.) General A Rod, 4.) Social Inclusion.
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  • vodkak · XBox and Tri 3-8-10 · 2925 days ago
  • icyhotboo · Curious you mention Red Bullet as I usualy do well on the Preakness, but not that day. · 2925 days ago
$2.00 exacta box Ring weekend / Social Inclusion / Ride On Curlin
Chrome got a cough might not be at best...I just got a long shot from americanhandicapperdotcom
Chrome got a cough might not be at best...I just got a long shot from americanhandicapperdotcom
Chrome got a cough might not be at best...I just got a long shot from americanhandicapperdotcom
Just a suggestion to any one looking to take a shot against Chrome tommorrow at the windows. Not a bad strategy,but heed this advice that might be helpful. A rational assumption,regardless if you are fan or not of Chromes is that he is that much better than this field. Therefore should he stub his toes for whatever the reason,there is a good chance that he will not even finish 2nd. Therefore,rather than bet win on your horse in the common pool where everyone else is also playing. Bet your horse to place. The pools will be greater should Chrome not finish 2nd at least. Nobody is playing this pool. In the place pool,Chrome will have about 90 % of a huge pool. In the win ,he will not be as dominant. Also it protects your investment.Should Chrome win and you run 2nd,you get your money back. 2 weeks ago at Belmont,Todd and Baffert ran an entry of The Admiral/Havana. Bothe were off the board. The eventual next figure horse paid $8.40 to win>>> BUT HE PAID SOMETHING LIKE $30 TO PLACE. Just something to think about.
I think Cal Chrome will be so far out of this one they will sit him for the Belmont. He's raced too much already. 3 big races---3 different winners.
Cali Chrome & Ride on Curil for Exacta BOX, because it will be hairy. Why Calvin Borel, might want to spoil the dance for Chrome. That's when Gowan will have a shot to finish. Let then duke it out, stay clear...that's my call. Good Luck :)
  • coyne.kaylor · Borel is not up on ROC in The Preakness. He's on Ria Antonia (who doesn't belong). Rosario is up this time. · 2926 days ago

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