2014 Kentucky Oaks (G1)

5/2/2014, Churchill Downs
Post Time:
5:45 PM ET
1 1/8 m (Dirt)
3 F

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WTF was that?? Fashion Plate was almost on here knees in the gate and 2 seconds later they let them break and she starts dead last.
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  • jockey2be · My little sister picked her to win.She felt a bit better because mom picked Kiss Moon;)I picked Unbridled Forever.My other little sister picked Untapable.Oh,well all in all we did ok:) · 2983 days ago
  • ssilence86 · Fashion Plate hopped at the start and therefor was off slowly. · 2983 days ago
Gotta say Untapable. I don't mind 6/5.
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  • rafirox · Ended up betting $100 to win, $200 to place ... lower than original stated. Won $200 on the win bet (good odds, 1/1, for such a "lock") and won $320 on show bet. Bet brought back $520 for $300 wagered. Brings back a profit of $220. At least it helps. I was down (correction) $500 on the day, now ended the day just down like $280. Did great yesterday (huge $$$$), horrible the previous .... had one of the best betting days of my life when Intimitable Romance won .... before that on a cold streak. It's been a roller coaster lately, but hope it is consistently hot for the next six weeks. · 2983 days ago
  • Sullivan · On Fire Baby was a gift, thinking Centre Court, Tapicat, Effie Trinket and that other horse are another in the first stakes tomorrow · 2983 days ago
Looking good- Rosalind / Untapable / Ria Antonia. Top 2 are interchangeable for me. Would love to see Rosalind on top.
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  • Northport · Thank you marylou / untapable / my miss sophia - boxed · 2983 days ago
  • Sullivan · PS. Larry Colmus > repeating un-words three times will not make your call as good as that of the 1995 Breeder's Cup Classic · 2983 days ago
Come on Thank You MaryLou and Fashon Plate!
I can't say I am anywhere as close to excited about this race as I was last year. But I'll go 13/3/12
13-4-1(throw out her last race, and there's no way she's 50-1)-2
Not my best race so I'll take a shot with Thank YouMarylou and Fashion Plate.
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  • furlonger · So, Taylor - what do you think about Roselind · 2984 days ago
  • Sullivan · Gazelle winner went to the front, no wonder she stayed there. House Rules was perfect for this spot. Bummed she didn't make it. · 2984 days ago
I think I like- Untapable / Rosalind / Ria Antonia. Not necessarily in that order, depending on track conditions.
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  • Northport · I haven't really gone through any of the entries, but I like the story behind Thank You Marylou · 2986 days ago
  • tcglory · Im going with Untapable/Fashion Plate/got lucky · 2986 days ago
Anne i jumped into the pools in a big way. I made 2 nice win bets. The bigger one at Dame Dorothy (13-1) and then i could not resist the price on Tiger (15-1) . I figure that if Dorothy wins her next Stake start as i expect her to ,and impressively. I will be getting 13-1 for the actual race day favorite. Also took a nice exacta box.
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  • AnneShaw · So glad you got them. Didnt know if you could box them in the pools. Thats super and you know I want them to win as well. Did you get to see the Gotham in person (in a heated area). Really a good race. · 3045 days ago
  • tmallios1 · Yes Anne i was there,i was down in the Paddock before the race. Matter of fact,after they made it official and were presenting the rwinners Trophy. My friend and i had a flashback and said,That was us last year. Our boy Tito did not pick up his feet,maybe he got tired chasing the winner. As i mentioned earlier.That was tough,we were watching the race together with the owners at Trackside. They were rightfully elated,only to have dejection set in. Surprisingly the weather was mild. But i will tell you,we were in the Equestris restaurant,sitting next to us were the father and son team from that show the horseplayers. I've known them from befeore. Anne i am still waiting for them to root home a winner today. Oh well,the one constant for the day.Re confirmed why i hate that track,and that the next day i will be there will be Wood Day or for Vyjacks return shortly. · 3045 days ago

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