2013 Travers Stakes (G1)

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After hours upon hours of research and handicapping I've completed my Picks. 1 - Will Take Charge, 2, Orb, 3 - War Dancer, 4 - Romansh
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  • zXSwordXz · Hi SS, have the same conclusion on Verrazano. He didn't seem like he want any part of the race. He didn't even engaged Moreno and Moreno had his way on the lead. · 3195 days ago
  • travel_vic · anytime an early or early/presser cannot GET the lead or close to the lead, and is forced to go faster than its comfort range, being relegated to a presser messes up the runner..See it all the time, more often in sprints, but a common situation. · 3195 days ago
Good win by WTC. Bad break for PM. Verrazano didn't have it today. I thought Orb looked like the winner into the stretch, he needed a race.
"boat race"
  • tmallios1 · icy,growing up,the term boat race was considered a race not on the up and up.did we grow up with the same terminologies or was your descript different. · 3195 days ago
If Moreno gets out fast...and Palace Malice slides-in on his outside shoulder...We will be watching a repeat of the Jim Dandy. Verrazano and Orb will be hard-pressed to maintain the speed Palace Malice can produce in the final turn. If Pletcher hadn't put blinders on Palace Malice in the K-Derby...Orb would be an afterthought in every handicapper's mind. Stick a fork in Orb...Spend your evening trying to figure out who will finish 2nd behind Palace Malice.
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  • Dressage3295 · Explain how the race has set up perfectly for PM when it hasn't even been run yet? All sorts of unknown factors can determine who the race sets up "perfectly" for · 3196 days ago
  • Sullivan · "Explain how the race has set up perfectly for PM" << HAS not DID. Track conditions, temperature, field, post position, jockey... · 3196 days ago
hoy ganará golden soul... 20/1.. palace malice.. 2/1.. si hace bien los cambios alvarado.. ganará "golden soul"
toni arias von hohenzollern. "animo alvarado..esos cambios".. el caballo responderá..hay que darle..es un poco insensible... "hoy va a ganar"
1 Orb ,2 War dancer ,3 Will take charge ..
Rosario's out for 6 weeks I think....
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  • vodkak · But it's better than Rosie getting the ride · 3196 days ago
  • amino998 · Here's a great Travers' story >> http://www.drf.com/news/affirmed-and-alydars-travers-showdown-still-rouses-emotions <<>> that was me on the plane :D · 3196 days ago
Happy Travers day! Let's hope we get closer to answering who is deserving of 3yo champ today (and go ORRBBB!)
I think the race sets up perfectly for PM. ALMOST too much so... However, I think he will press the pace, which moreno and verrazano provide. Moreno falls out near 1m and the duel begins between PM and V w less than 2 furlongs left. 8 Wins by 2 lengths over 3 who beats out a fast closing 2,5
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  • amino998 · If the track is rolled tight, *souped*, *scraped*, or *janked*, {there’s also a harrowing technique}, only you and me will have some on Moreno. · 3197 days ago
  • travel_vic · FOllow the card: see how many faint hearted ones hold on...IF they do, the fix is in. · 3197 days ago
toni arias von hohenzollern.. ganará "palace malice"... distancia..forma.. y las estadisticas dicen que el ganador ó segundo en el belmont suelen ganar... sorpresa golden soul.. 20/1 puede ser..
toni arias von hohenzollern... lo peor para palace malice es que no monta mike smith..pero.. no lo hará mal herrero.ojo a la sorpresa de golden soul..muy dificil pero es un caballo que tiene sangre y debe de mejorar.. "hay que leer los caballos y entenderlos..psicología animal..ademas de ponerles cosquillas en los pies"
las estadisticas.. hacen favorito en todo a "palace malice"...los ganadores del belmont ó segundos..suelen repetir en el travers.. de todas formas podria dar la sorpresa orb..pero pagando 4a 1 y con una distancia de 2.000metros.. yo jugaría como sorpresa "golden soul"..puede ser no es facil..pero paga 20 a 1... seguro ganará "palace malice"
Some very interesting plays on the super undercard. In the Test you have My Happy Face cutting back to a favorable distance.In her last she stood no chance.Tactical speed will make her dangerous on "JUICED UP TRACK". In the Balston Spa,Centre Court becomes a huge play with the switch of riders.Rusty went from one extreme to the other.He removed the Human Anchor and managed to get the Worlds' best.Nice trade off if i must say so myself . In the sprint ,Todd will be collecting the laurels. But not with the chalk.It will be with none other than the cut back in distance Overanalyze.There is enough legit speed in this race to set him up.Finally in the Travers.The rich get richer. In my eyes Verrazano just looks to good.While the others pulled a three stooges act in the spring and knocked their heads against each other ,Todd gave him a break(yes buds,a strategic break,not the kind you find appealing when they are crippled) VZ has come back a monster.Would love to see my boy Luis Saez or Transparent suck up for the minor Awards. Good luck to all.
After the post, I am staying with Palace Malice. Even though Orb drew 2, he will still be my second choice.
  • RichChatter · I'm with Palace Malice as well. However, I still think Orb will be dangerous. · 3199 days ago
  • buds · better have all of the big 3 on your exotics · 3199 days ago
Does anybody believe that pm will be 2 to 1 odds, or is that wishful thinking
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  • Floridaf · Watching the replay and allowing for the time difference between when the video began and when the gates opened, First Dude, Game on Dude, and Aggie Engineer were all heads apart at the 3/4 call. The length and a half gap was between GOD and Twirling Candy. At least that's how it looks to me. · 3199 days ago
  • Floridaf · Of course, I'm looking at the video not the chart, so I could be off, but it does look like GOD is right on the pace at the 3/4 call and not a 1 1/2 half back. · 3199 days ago
Why is Golden Soul even in this race??
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  • Buckpasser · Buds. Yes it was. That is what racing was like in the '60's. · 3199 days ago
  • travel_vic · THe sports sections of all daily newspapers had SOME racing story front page...Now you are lucky to find yesterday's results anywhere....I attended Hollywood many a memorial day as standing room only...IMMENSE crowds giving standing ovations to the winners when they came back to be unsaddled. · 3199 days ago
OK folks,with the Travers coming up and the Alabama just being run,let us play the all so fun hypothetical game.Assume that you won some sort of raffle,first prize would be the following.You could select any of the current 3 yo colts and breed him to any of the 3yo fillies.What cute name would you give the foal,does not matter if you select male or female name.Just remember,on track performance is not the only barometer in selecting mates.My pick and this was told to me.Since we are dealing in the hypothetical.i would breed OOORRRRRBBBBB to Dreaming of Julia. I would name the foal Alibi.It seems evry time either one of these horses lost.There was always a story behind it. Good Luck.
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  • buds · rafilove- I think e has had some bad trips and still trys to come back, with the exception of the derby when he completely faded. But, we were talking about breeding and Curlin certainly had that desire so its in his blood. Thats where I got the noyion from more than his actual performances, but I think we will see that desire in the Travers · 3200 days ago
  • tmallios1 · Vic the whole thing is make believe.If the make believe Jockey club made an objection,i would appeal to the make believe supreme court · 3200 days ago
Curlin didn't start too roll until after tri c season. A lot depends on pps if pm gets good post I could bet him
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  • sosotricksy · Again mud races are not races any conclusions should be drawn from. · 3201 days ago
  • buds · Or winning a Grade 1 in the mud is luck only, not talent. Then why do great horse win consistantly. Zenyatta never lost in mud, spectacular bid, etc.. the list goes on · 3201 days ago
I like pm son of curlin, but I had orb on derby day ,probably have him sat. Jut because odds will be higher
  • buds · Roseann- I was thinking the samething (about the odds), I also had Orb on derby day. However, my gut feeling is that PM is just begining to show us what kind of horse he really is. I think he ight be a lot like his daddy and just begining to shine. I could be wrong but thats my gut feeling. · 3201 days ago

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