2013 Risen Star (G2)

1 1/16 m (Dirt)
3 M

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i just want to say congrats to brereton jones for breeding this horse and mark valeski winning im bias since he was my governor me being a sixth generation kentuckian we havent had a horseracing govenor since
WOW $272 im not a sore loser i had 3 out of 4 in the pic 4 and used 7 out of 13 in the risen star thats what the all button is for i ran 2nd thru 8th it only cost me $2645 (SICK) its nobodys fault but mine favorite had an excuse by stumbling at the start and came running late added distance wont hurt this guy. this new points system is unreal ive struck a nerve is the points leader (CRAZY HUH)
Any baby of Lemon Drop Kid is a friend of mine! #codewest
the horse that should win is normandy invasion but i like lukas and the bomb that stewart has. check my site for my tri and exacta bets ( LOCK)!!!!
The question in this race is will there be enough pace for Normandy Invasion (and Mylute) to run down for the victory. Palace Malice and Oxbow should be out there, with Code West and Departing not too far behind. I also like Proud Strike, but his inside draw screams trip issues. Tough field, but I'll go with: Normandy Invasion, Palace Malice, Mylute, and Code West.
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  • furlonger · Normandy likes to run a little off the pace, and is a tactical stalker with a 3rd gear at the stretch. I have been watching this colt for a while. Be afraid..Be very afraid. · 3379 days ago
  • shackleford · @Sully - I think Normandy Invasion will go off 8-5. If there is a race to beat him, then this is it for all of the reasons mentioned. My sentimental choice is Mylute, I liked him early on and got him in the Derby Futures at 100-1. · 3379 days ago
Oxbow / Normandy / Departing . I like Normandy a lot, but you just can't dismiss oxbow. Golden Soul as my possible upset. He was forced to go WAY wide in the lecompte - and while I don't thik he would have caught oxbow, it would have been much closer.
I think Hardrock Eleven, Palace Malice, and Oxbow are going to be the top three finishers. Circle Unbroken, Normandy Invasion, and Mylute will pick up the spots behind.
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  • gelded1 · I'm liking My Lute some in here also. I think he has a decent chance. · 3380 days ago
  • UnionRagsRules · I'm feeling it. If he can keep on trucking, this field is in for a surprise. · 3380 days ago
Proud Strike, Oxbow and Departing are my picks
1st- Oxbow, 2nd- Palace Malice, 3rd- Normandy Invasion, 4th- Code West.
1st - Code West, 2nd - Normandy Invasion, 3rd - Departing, 4th - Bethel.
now you all know im a big dwayne lukas fan but I strongly believe that what oxbow did in the lecomte wasnt a fluke. Now im saying hes gonna win but after a win like that on the same track i gotta beleive hes gonna hit the board somewhere hopefully first
This race was a tough one. I like Palace Malice, Proud Strike, Oxbow. Those are my top 3. This one was VERY hard to handicap, but there is money to be made with such a big field full of young horses. I'd say about 8 or 9 of these could go home a winner.
win- oxbow place- bethel show- normandy invasion 4th palace malice
if the space is slow like Remsen, i will go for Normandy Invasion?
It's still early, I would like to see the final post and participants but I love Normandy Invasion, I think Oxbow is a threat, I would like He's Had Enough to bounce back and I think Bethel Has promise.
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  • cocoa2 · Mylute will run right past them all · 3382 days ago
  • goblin · Heavy rain is forecast for New Orleans beginning Thurs. and extending through Sun. I think we may see another case of who can run in the mud... · 3382 days ago
I'm going with Departing, Normandy Invasion, and Code West.
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  • goblin · ihatc, BH characterizes HHE as "having drawn poorly" in both races, referring to his #12 post in the Risen Star and his #9 post in the FOY. So, yes, based on that. · 3382 days ago
  • jinlie01 · real early but improving Proud Strike, Departing and Oxbow look good. Probably narrow it down in the week. · 3382 days ago

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