2013 Preakness Stakes (G1)

5/18/2013, Pimlico Race Course
Post Time:
6:19 PM ET
1 3/16 m (Dirt)
3 M
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I remember saying history speaks for itself and I was told history doesn't matter. Well guess what history does matter and thats most of the reason why Orb lost. Orb ran his race and did a great job but the pressure got to him and just couldn't put it together.
1st- Orb, 2nd- Itmyluckyday, 3rd- Goldencents, 4th- Departing.
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  • gelded1 · Thanks. When he first told me today I took it he found it after the race and won almost a grand but finally got the story straight and saw how much better it could have been . 12 hour midnight shifts all weekend will make a guy crazy. lol I don't need an excuse like that and everybody knows it already . · 2130 days ago
  • rafirox · BY THE WAY (travel vic)... Bobcat Jim was posted BEFORE the race on my Preakness thread. So I don't want that crap. However, Itsmyluckyday wasn't posted, but I didn't put any money on him anyway. · 2130 days ago
thank god for the on line betting sites that stream live racing.if we depended on pin heads like NBC we would miss everything.are you kidding me.the sprint is going on,and i am watching these mental midgets discuss orb and the preakness.there are 2 hours to go.they could care less about racing.it is the ratings.when the racing heads realize that horse racing is fueled by gamblers and not the clueless who tune in 3 times a year.oh sure,nbc will gladly kick in money to fuel the purses.no folks,that is from the money wagered.no wonder the weather is bad again.it is like the track gods of old are looking down and saying.you incompetants do not desrve good weather to air the trash you put on.you must arn it by taking care of the public.who knows.these idiots might forget to show the preakness.maybe they will run a special on the infield party goers or compare the dresses of the derby as opposed to the preakness.
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  • sallyeastman · k, I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and can tell you that Turfway Park is a great place where lots of Cincinnati and go to watch racing and simulcasting.when I lived in the area we would go over a few times a year.also note worthy is the fact that Cincinnati TP market had the highest rating on the Kentucky Derby broadcast of any major US city 2 weeks ago. Cincinnati tends to be crazy for horse racing. · 2130 days ago
  • buckpasser · With the new River Downs facility being built and the other changes in Ohio, racing is on the upswing there. · 2130 days ago
Super(NotSo)Screener Gets Crushed AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
Hey, everyone. I had a wonderful time at the track today, watching the Black Eyed Susans card live. I was right near the finish line. The best part of the day was certainly watching my filly, Fiftyshadesofhay, win the Black Eyed Susans by a small margin. I had the 2nd place filly (what's the name?) in my super. Unfortunately, for me, Emollient is the only filly in by four horse Super box not to come in. It was a beautiful day today- nice, sunny and about 80 degrees. I didn't specifically like watching the racing through a glass, but I was right near the finish line. My two sons LOVED getting off of school. Funny story, they refused to wear pink... I finally told them: "Real men wear pink. And girls like guys who wear pink." :). The surface was pretty favorable to stalkers and off the pace types. As for betting standpoint, I finished at minus $21 (I believe that's the correct amount). I handicapped very well. In the final seven races, I had the winner 6 times. The one time was the Turf Sprint, I had Bridgetown, but my second horse Ben's Cat won the race. I handicapped very well, but I executed my bets very poorly. It was a really chalky day- I hope there are some payouts tomorrow. After the races, we went to the hotel and went swimming and stuff. Anyone ever been to the Baltimore Hilton? Very nice. Also watched part of the Rays-Orioles game from the hotel view. I'll stop blabbering about my day :). Fantastic day of racing tomorrow, I can't wait to see Optimizer, Zee Bros, Orb, etc. I won't be on (again) tomorrow. Enjoy the races, everyone. Good luck with any wagers :).
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  • Jay S. · It was also great that he is personable enough to give your boy a high five. I bet that made his day. · 2131 days ago
  • TREBOHJOE · Super(NotSo)Screener Gets Crushed AGAIN!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! · 2131 days ago
As of now, Departing and Will Take Charge are my upsetters...hope there is no rain in forecast.
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  • buds · Not titletown5 · 2132 days ago
  • jinlie01 · Oxbow! Made my weekend and made up for my KY Derby loss. Wish I had to exacta and trifecta. I thought Orb would finish in the money. · 2131 days ago
Very reminiscent of the 88 Derby - Stevens and Lucas worked the same tactics then
My predicted order of finish: Orb, Mylute, WTC, Departing, Oxbow, Itsmyluckyday, Goldencents, Govenor Charlie, Titletown Five.
No TC this year but two outstanding performances in both races, just goes to show how talenented a horse needs to be to win a triple crown, so many racing variablles to overcome
It's going to rain again..
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  • rafirox · "PS: D Wayne Lukas sucks"... Typical Cocoa. Just looking for a chilidsh argument, posting fraudulent claims, making terrible picks and bullying. · 2131 days ago
  • Cocoa · He attacked me and I made a swipe at him back in his own immature language. I haven't bullied anyone, rafi, I haven't made terrible picks I bet on, and I'm not looking for an argument. You can repeat it on every thread and you may convince quite a few people but regardless, it isn't going to come true · 2131 days ago
I think Orb will win the race, I also think that Myluteand Will Take Charge will fight for 2nd and 3rd with Itsmyluckyday rounding out the superfecta......departing will not be in the mix at the end......
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  • rafirox · Hmm... So, cocoa, you had Orb, Mylute, Will Take Charge and Itsmyluckyday just in a different order??? I wonder why you bet Oxbow $60 WPS, then? "Oh go fuck yourself, GO OXBOW! I had him $60 WPS, I'll post tickets later"... If anyone's a fraud on this site it is you and travel_vic. · 2131 days ago
  • Cocoa · I did not have Itsmyluckyday because when I told my dad's coworker to place the bet it was raining and I thought he wouldn't like the slop. Orb wasn't worth risking putting $ on. Mylute I had, WTC I had, albeit sadly, and then I had Oxbow because I remembered the Lecomte and he looked good. · 2131 days ago
1. Orb 2. Mylute 3. Will Take Charge 4. Govenor Charlie. The race will play out like the Derby.... a scorching pace battle between Goldencents, Titletown Five, Oxbow, Govenor Charlie. None of these will be able to hold off the closers Orb, Mylute, and WTC. Itsmyluckyday has not demonstrated that he can get the distance. Departing has beaten nothing of consequence and was well beaten by Mylute in the LaDerby... what reason is there to think he will do any better here? The only question mark in my mind is Govenor Charlie..... rapidly improving, training well, should be fresh. But he'll be caught up in the nasty pace duel so I doubt he can win. But I do think he may be the best of the early pacesetters and hang on for the exotics. I'm betting $150 but too many to list all here. A few are $1Super Box 1,5,7,8... $2Ex Box 1 with the field, $1 Tri boxes 1,5 with the field, many $1 Supers with 1 on top.
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  • Cocoa · Yes he was, I seem to remember you saying he would need to show serious improvement after the Risen Star. · 2131 days ago
  • Mary Z. · Congrats on your prediction, kaitlin. · 2131 days ago
Is there a station that will play the under card races on-line? (other than twin spires, because I can never get the sound to work) I will be away from home, and a TV with cable..
Final Picks: Departing, Orb, Mylute, and Oxbow/Will Take Charge to round out my superfecta.
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  • jmac500 · The annoucers and all those types of people. · 2132 days ago
  • Cocoa · There is a reason Rodman calls races instead of handicaps them · 2132 days ago
I like Orb in #1 just to see what he's made off!
Can I post my real,,,,
1 - Departing/Will Take Charge, 2 - Orb, 3 - Mylute, 4 - Govenor Charlie.
i do agree that ITSMYLUCKYDAY and GOLDENCENTS might bounce back in Preakness because it will be not a sloppy track as Churchill, they might achieve the place but they can not beat ORB despite his post position 1.
i am not considering Departing as a threat, he won Illnois derby which was Grade 3 race, and he came 3rd in Lousiana derby,G1, Kentucky Derby is Grade 1, the highest honour of all derbys, Mylute was 2nd in Lousian derby and Departing was 3 lenths behind Mylute and in K.DERBY , MYLUTE was 5th and the 6th horse OXBOW WAS 6 lengths behind Mylute, how you guys think that to create imossible into possible? it is a kind of joke ?
I hope Orb wins, but I can't afford to bet against the 1-1 odds. I am betting on "Will Take Charge". With a Dosage of 3.33/.69, a a C%, and he has a 2 Professional nbr.

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