2013 Jockey Club Gold Cup (G1)

9/28/2013, Belmont Park
Post Time:
5:49 PM ET
1 1/4 m (Dirt)
3+ M

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On Saturday September 28, 2013, Jockey Gold Cup Day, I had one of the most memorable days of my life. I was finally able to meet and spend time with new friends, Tom, Jenna and Lisa. I met Rudy Rodriguez and I saws others trainers at work like Todd Pletcher, Chad Brown, Shug and many more. In addition, I saw many spectacular Jockeys in the Paddock... Lezcano, Maragh, Bravo, Castellano, Ortiz Jr. , Smith, Prado, Garcia and so many more. What really made my day was getting to shake hands and talked with one of my favorite jockeys of all time, John V Velazquez. I was able to see Grade 1 caliber horses such as Princess of Sylmar, Royal Delta, Greydar, Hymn Book, Justin Philips, Private Zone, Jackson Bend, Laughing, Little Mike, Orb, Ron the Greek, Alpha, Flat Out, Cross Traffic and many more. Seeing Royal Delta for the first time, put me in a state of awe. She is simply beautiful, absolutely breath-taking. She portrayed herself like the G1 horse that she is. I just loved the way she carried herself. In the Beldame, I was confident Royal Delta was going to run away with the race because Princess of Sylmar appeared so calm. She did not flicker an ear or even prance around like her foe, Royal Delta. What I didn't realize was that it was the calm before the storm. During the race, The Princess was ridden beautifully by Javier as they settled about 4 lengths back, just stalking Royal Delta. As the field turned for home, I saw The Princess sneaking up alongside Royal Delta and at that point, I was jumping for joy for the younger and smaller filly. She was magnificent in her win. After the race, I just couldn't help but notice how the filly had suddenly transformed. She had that raw look of a Champion. I do hope that this is not the last time both of them do battle against each other and I’m pretty sure Royal Delta is going to have something to say about that loss. It just wasn't her day. Prior to the JCGC Invitational, I was able to come eye to eye with all the contenders in the paddock and they all carried themselves like G1 horses. They all looked fantastic. However, the day's end is bitter sweet for me as my beloved Orb failed to cross the finish line first, but I was able to witness an incredible show by Ron the Greek. Orb didn't run his true race but I still love him and hope he comes back stronger and better as a four year old. I just want to give a special thanks to Tom Mallios for making this day happen. It was a pleasure meeting him and also Jenna and Lisa. I took so many pictures throughout the day and would like to share them with all the horse racing fans at HRN. Click on the below link to view the pictures. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/101517416079537400664/albums -Anthony
Any one see the head on replay? Not only did Cross Traffic badly stumble out of the gate, but Flat Out stumbled pretty significantly too.
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  • tmallios1 · SS i just finally saw the head on.We were alive to close the P4 with CT and FO. Great picking,instead of picking the winners, we picked the 2 horses that stumbled. I still can't see why CT stumbled so badly.but all i know is that when i saw PMs' green silks with the best outside break. I knew something was wrong. SS,we will make amends with your boy at Monmouth tommorrow. · 3161 days ago
  • SSilence86 · Flat Outs stumble was significant, and he still got 3rd. Love him! And yes I am excited to see my other boy tomorrow. He's breaking from post 7. · 3161 days ago
The toteboard is beyond backwards lol The 3 YO as the favorites eh.
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  • Mary Z. · "The Brain" also liked RTG, so that helped with the decision. · 3161 days ago
  • Mary Z. · *The Brain is an entity I have not met or spoken with, but it knows things no one else usually thinks of. · 3161 days ago
This is how the race will go, Cross Traffic and Palace Malice will both go for the lead and will set quick fractions. in the far stretch palace malice will fade and last gunfighter and flat out will move up closer to cross traffic. Through the stretch Flat Out will come charging down the stretch and get Cross Traffic by 1 1/4 lenghts while last gunfighter will lose to Cross Traffic by a neck
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  • Dressage3295 · Ruffina- Yep, RTG is a talented horse, but I think his form had deteriorated- just my opinion from what I've seen of him. I don't think he's physically capable of winning right now. Wondering if he's already peaked and starting to slow down. @jonathan- I am using Flat Out, this is his race to lose. Last Gunfighter one of my longshots. If he's having a good day, he could win it. My final decisions will be made the day off · 3163 days ago
  • Sully · Hope 21-1 was good enough odds for you to use him, Dressage. · 3161 days ago
toni arias von hohenzollern.tengo la completa seguridad de que ganará "palace malice"..belmont jockey club gold cup... "1 milla 1/4 mejor que orb y los otros".no es un handicap. ok ?.. y paga 4/1 nada mal... "el güeverop de belmont"..6 de octubre arco de triunfo.. "esta carrera le toca a pletcher..no van a ser todas para jhon wayne.. y macgaughey.. que espere a hierba con point of entry... "si puedo estaré en la breeder's..mi trabajo hoy en españa es horrible,todo retraso,"vergonzoso"...el dia 6 arco de triunfo y después breeder's santa anita... "saludos a los museistas americanos".. belmont best of the best... y europe.."longchamp"..bois de boulogne.. "best of the best"... en el arco.. "orf".. f.
  • Mary Z. · Isn't it funny that he calls D.Wayne Lukas John Wayne? · 3163 days ago
  • toni arias von hohenzollern · espectaculo garantizado belmont... 2º "narigudo cross"... timido ó no estará.. emoción..ok ?.. the "güevero te a_claras" · 3162 days ago
jockey club gold cup... orb & palace malice... "cross traffic... " belmont best organitation".. siempre los mismos no... y no handicap...así está bien... "belmont tanto manhatam como jockey club.. "... lo mejor..ya se vio ganar a point of entry.. una carrera que si bien no tiene una gran dotación..es bajo mi punto de vista de lo mejor que hay en el turf americano... finales de junio fiesta nacional 4 julio.. pista..tiempo.. un clasico ... y la jockey club gold cup.. igual,ademas del derby... por lo demas estamos cansados de ver siempre los mismos.. "last gunfighter & flat out..que demuestren si pueden estar al nivel de palace malice ó de orb... "respecto a la distancia.. siempre mejor valoracion para un caballo 2.000/2.800 resistencia,aceleración,rush final... potencia..y para el espectador.. "belmont es un clasico de siempre y un ejemplo en organización".. "the güevero de belmont.. mas yemas"
Who like Belmont better? Cross Traffic, Palace, Flat Out, Alpha? This is tough..
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  • racingfactions.com · Wow, okay Flat Out then. After watching the Metropolitan Hcp. from earlier this year I think you guys are right. Flat Out runs through horses to Show, and that is his worst finish at Belmont. For the trifecta, how about Flat Out/C-T/Palace straight? · 3163 days ago
  • jinlie01 · Last Gunfighter and Flat Out...repeat of Suburban Handicap..I'd box them and bet each to win. · 3163 days ago
Watch out for Last Gunfighter in this race!
  • buds · Its defined as the estimated start of a given race. · 3164 days ago
  • goblin · LOL,buds. mark, the JCGC is scheduled to go off at 5:49 P.M. ET. These things are easy to find---try the Belmont site. http://www.nyra.com/belmont/entries/20130928/ · 3164 days ago
Last Gunfighter and Flat Out
Hello Buckpasser, hope all is well ? Just to give you a heads up for Saturday at Belmont. Point o Entrys half brother Survival is running in Saturdays 3rd race on the turf . I guess they gave him his one shot on te dirt,Now they are getting serious.
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  • Buckpasser · SS. Thanks. I really did have a great time. Had to leave the sales pavilion or I would have had too good a time and bought a horse. · 3164 days ago
  • LAZMANNICK · SOme great posts guys. Read them all. Very informative. I'm also waiting anxiously for Survival on Saturday. · 3164 days ago
Flat out has has his work cut out for him
Last Gunfighter longshot here even tho hes been near perfect this year

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