2013 Cigar Mile (G1)

11/30/2013, Aqueduct Racetrack
Post Time:
3:20 PM ET
1 mile (Dirt)
3+ M

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Did anyone pay attention to the head on, when they left the gate? Poor Saratoga Snacks. Its wonder he didn't exit this race injured.
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  • Mary Z. · He was smooshed. · 3139 days ago
  • SSilence86 · I'd say. First he went to his knees and kissed the dirt and once he righted himself, he got slammed from both sides. · 3139 days ago
Flat Out / Clearly Now / Verrazano / Groupie Doll
  • CauseForConcern · Nice pick, SSilence. If you replaced Clearly Now with Private Zone, you got the Superfecta cold!!!!! Congrats!!!! · 3139 days ago
Final order- 1st Groupie Doll 2nd Goldencents 3rd Flat Out 4th Capo Bastone.
Johnny V. isn't riding in this race like last year on Stay Thirsty! Groupie Doll for the win.
The way i see this race playing out, Groupie Doll assumes the lead down the stretch fending off a hard charging Capo Bastone and Flat Out near the wire. Too much early speed, sets up for pressers and closers.
First to wish all a Happy Gobble Day.On this day of thanks,lets just hope those that really need get. Blabs,big weekend at Hollyrock. Tate of Handsome Mike has not left me,think will be a cubicle with ex Ram fave QB Gabriel. Real exciting news is In Saturdays 5th. SoCals own Lucky J Lane (making his long awaited debut) by whom ,i haven't a clue. Then Sunday,we have Marq and Gabriel.Decided to head to the Big Seedy on Saturday.Will Brave the overpopulated 5,000 people in attendence.Might even be on the prowl for a roomie.But at the rate we are going,that might come in a couple of years.In football,on day that the bird is celebrated,need all dogs.Enjoy all.
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  • tmallios1 · Then will have to build up some courage and venture into Couragr .Use the Guiti twins Jock/Trainer in cubical.Have a great one. Yes ,I DID MEAN A HORSE!!!! (LOL) · 3141 days ago
  • tmallios1 · To anyone home on this holiday,and venturing into betting Aqueduct. Wids are strong at 30 MPH in NW direction.Wat the track is situated,that means the strong gusts hit the front runners in the face down the backstretch. Normal wisdom usually aids closers and horses covered up inside . Good luck. · 3141 days ago
Post Position Draw- 1 Praetereo 2 Forty Tales 3 Clearly Now 4 Groupie Doll 5 Laugh Track 6 Capo Bastone 7 Saratoga Snacks 8 Goldencents 9 Flat Out 10 Verrazano 11 Private Zone
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  • amino998 · Well, that was easy :) >> In the 5th it’s the 9/10 box – Jimmy Soul Surfing U S A. · 3142 days ago
  • tmallios1 · You remember Surfing U.S.A Amino,that was the day Javie rode him overconfidently to his press clippings.I would assume he won't make that mistake again.Dossage Boy from the rail might get up for 2nd. · 3142 days ago
This could end up being the best non breeders cup field of horses this year
Us New Yorkers are always complaining that we never get picked to host the Breeders' Cup (sometimes for good reason), but I must say, this year's Cigar Mile is as close as it gets, so I hope the race lives up to its star billing.
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  • Sullivan · The track is in fine shape, what we need is Chip Tuttle's ass out of there, an advertising cmpaign and a product. Is going against the failed vote in Revere really the best idea? Ever been to Foxwoods? That neighborhood has been declining worse and worse. The MassCap is very expensive, I'd rather numerous stakes at $100, 000 than one at $450, 000 · 3150 days ago
  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · I have been to Foxwoods. Have you been to Revere and Eastie? How could it get worse? At least the Casino will keep the track open. · 3149 days ago
Wow. Groupie Doll, Verrazano, Goldencents, Capo Bastone, Golden Ticket, Alpha! This could turn out to be one of the most exciting races of the year!
Jump in class, but I think Saratoga Snacks has a shot here. To hit the board at least.
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  • GregRiessland · capo bastone could run back and with the pace in this field. also need to look out for forty tales · 3152 days ago
  • rafirox · I have not seen PP's yet, but if he is running, I will most likely be playing Goldencents, who I had in the BC Dirt Mile and bet him (win or lose) on several different occasions. He's such a solid colt and anyone showing up for the Cigar Mile better be on their "A-game" to defeat Goldy. · 3152 days ago
Goldencents should handle this group again. He is sharp form now.

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