2012 Travers Stakes (G1)

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The race has come and gone, but the memory of it will last a lifetime.
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  • US Bombs! · Mr. Thirsty and I were there for this race. One I'll never forget. Nor will my wallet forget it. · 3308 days ago
  • US Bombs! · travel_vic: I don't know how you can say that race wasn't memorable. It's January and I still think it was one of the best races I'd seen all year! Met Mile was awesome, Cotillian at PRX was Awesome too. That race stands out out though dispite the unfortunate way the contestants ended the year. · 3308 days ago
i don't care what people say alpha won that race by a millometer
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  • travel_vic · There was a course in England that did not have a proper alignment and a rider knew it to his advantage.Lester Piggot understood that the OUTSIDE at one course favored the camera and exploited it for years. Have not been able to substantiate that however. · 3368 days ago
  • travel_vic · Think of a xerox machine except in this case the PAPER (image of the horses live) move, and the camera stands still. You have to set the average speed of the scan to align with the average speed of the horse i.e. when the start car at the standardbreds goes by the camera, because is it faster than the horse scan rate, it is very short on the film representation...Likewise and horse pulling up, being slower, takes longer to get through the scan so its image becomes long flat and drawn out. A good example of a dead heat occure Satruday at Woodbine in the 9th race for show http://www.woodbineentertainment.com/Supplementary%20Race%20Documents/SB-Finish%20Photo%20Images/Woodbine%20-%2003%20Nov%202012%20-%20Evening%20-%20Race%2009%20-%20Show.bmp · 3368 days ago
Fantastic finish! One for the records!
Today one of these horses will win a G1 in 2012.
I just witnessed the best Travers in history!
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  • Southern.humor · I have been around horses my entire life- thanks much. I have even worked with several, It was an expression-As for the race today, Alpha could/have should have made his move earlier. I think Ramon is a bit too conservative, always have. He is a good Jockey, but he is not one to make a bold move. Some would call that smart .. I don't know. I think this time around it was just the horse not willing to run faster than absolutely necessary. It was an interesting race .. Not the best. · 3440 days ago
  • Southern.humor · *Worked with several in the racing arena. (Not that it makes me better than any one else, just psaying I kow the 'ins-&-outs' ) · 3440 days ago
'The Graveyard of Champions' - Sorry Alpha, I like Liason.
if your looking for a price Atigun looks like a nice shot...throw out the jim dandy and this horse has run very nicely agaisnt union and paynter...i like him and the payoff..maybe be able to pay the mortgage on this one...50 across the board would be a really nice chunk of change...good luck everyone my pick for the day
Who do you like?
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  • edgaropena · Alpha looks good. Nonios, Street Life, and Neck n Neck look good. My favorite to hit itm at a price is five sixteen if he gets a good trip. · 3442 days ago
  • platano.lajara · alpha looks great but i have look into the race more tonite with my postparade · 3441 days ago
With The Travers on Saturday I was just thinking of all the greats that have run in this race. This year's race may turn out to be a memorable one but I just got a look at the field and it looks like an allowance race from the 1960's. The headliners are 3rd string 3YO's Alpha & Liaison? The "class" of the 3YO's are all broken down before the end of August? This historic race appears relegated to a 2nd or 3rd class stake that has little impact on the 3YO of the Year. Does anyone doubt that for the 2nd year in a row, a retired, injured colt (I'll Have Another) will be declared 3YO of the Year without even making it to The Midsummer Derby? The Travers can no longer stand on it's history alone. It's time to raise the purse to $2 million, make it an invitational and attract a contingent of international champions. This race deserves more respect than what it's been getting from the American racing industry.
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  • Buckpasser · AmbitiousD. Yes if no govt relief is forthcoming, more will be done in 2012 probably. If the capital gains stay high, you may well see international partnerships that would take advantage of low taxes elsewhere. Also there is some thought that congress will retroactively lower the rates to where they are now or possibly just a little bit higher. If the gains taxes stay high, I am sure a good tax attorney and/or accountant will come up with a way to avoid or lessen the tax bite. · 3442 days ago
  • saratoga john · Some really great insight from Northport and Buckpasser. You took me in a different direction with the reduction of the 3YO purses. If only that could be accomplished it may improve things in the shed. Raising the purses for the older horses sounds like a great move. My next Saratoga trip will be for a Whitney, certainly not a Travers. The 3YO Division is just not as compelling as the 4YO+. Thanks to everyone who added content on this subject. · 3442 days ago
I'm betting Nonios. The ONLY thing I worry about is if he can get the full 10 furlongs. I'm not saying he can't run 10, but at 9 he seemed a little empty the last sixteenth. The thing I can't take my eyes off is his improvement. He improves EVERY race, so whether he can run 10 or not, he is gonna run gamer than last time, he's raw and talented, and he's yet to reach his pontential. In the Haskell, I bet him $10 across, because I loved how he was improving. I think I'll put Nonios $2 Win, $4 Place, $10 Show. Then, Street Life $4 to place. Street Life is raw too, and improving a lot.
alfa has something to prove for sure...as has liason who must get back on track to winning ways...
Atigun only one to run more than 1 1/8m...Alpha looks to win...
Will we have a new champion arise from this race to look forward towards next year? Time will tell...
Travers field set!
I like Alpha, Street Life, Liaison, and Nonios for the G1 Travers.
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  • vodkak · Nonios, Alpha, Neck n Neck, Liaison; box em. · 3444 days ago
  • vodkak · I would much rather have said Bodemeister, I'll Have Another, Paynter & Union Rags. Ah...One can dream can't they? · 3444 days ago
My choices are Stealcase, Neck 'N Neck, and Qukck Wit.
Rosie Napravnik will now have to choose to ride Five Sixteen or Fast Falcon. Joel Rosario will pick up the empty mount.
Can't see anyone beating alpha, although I will be rooting for Hansen and Liason.
Now that Paynter has been ruled out, I like Alpha, Street Life, Liaison, and Hansen(in order).
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  • northport · I like alpha, wish we would have had a chance to see him vs. paynter though! · 3451 days ago
  • Mary Z. · shores, I like your exacta. I'd include Liaison after that. He wasn't the best going into the Derby, but look how he did coming from the 20th spot. He's progressing nicely since then. I hope he gets Bejarano. · 3451 days ago
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  • northport · agreed. comparing team paynter (have the horse be fit and only put him in races he has a real chance to win) to team hansen (run him in the biggest races... who cares about distance?) gives me a headache · 3451 days ago
  • Mr. Thirsty · Your very classy mindy.dawson.5! · 3451 days ago

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