2012 Kentucky Derby (G1)

5/5/2012, Churchill Downs
Post Time:
6:24 PM ET
1 1/4 m (Dirt)
3 M

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Belmont entries and results | Keeneland entries and results

*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next StartHRN
1st I'll Have Another
Flower Alley
D. O'Neill
M. Gutierrez
1st, 2012 Preakness Stakes (G1) View Video
2nd Bodemeister
Empire Maker
B. Baffert
M. Smith
2nd, 2012 Preakness Stakes (G1) View Video
3rd Dullahan
Even the Score
D. Romans
K. Desormeaux
8th, 2013 Pacific Classic (G1) View Video
4th Went the Day Well
Proud Citizen
H. Motion
J. Velazquez
7th, Aqu AlwOC (4/22/2015-R8)
5th Creative Cause
Giant's Causeway
M. Harrington
J. Rosario
3rd, 2012 Preakness Stakes (G1) View Video
6th Liaison
Indian Charlie
B. Baffert
M. Garcia
6th, 2013 Awesome Again (G1) View Video
7th Union Rags
Dixie Union
M. Matz
J. Leparoux
1st, 2012 Belmont Stakes (G1) View Video
8th Rousing Sermon
Lucky Pulpit
J. Hollendorfer
J. Lezcano
9th, 2015 Bertrando Stakes (LS)
9th Hansen
M. Maker
R. Dominguez
4th, 2012 West Virginia Derby (G2) View Video
10th Daddy Nose Best
Scat Daddy
S. Asmussen
G. Gomez
3rd, 2014 Fair Grounds Stakes (G3)
11th Optimizer
English Channel
D. Lukas
J. Court
7th, 2015 Turf Classic (G1) View Video
12th Alpha
K. McLaughlin
R. Maragh
5th, 2014 Left Bank (LS) View Video
13th El Padrino
T. Pletcher
R. Bejarano
2nd, GP AlwOC (12/19/2012-R4)
14th Done Talking
Broken Vow
H. Smith
S. Russell
2nd, Lrl AlwOC (2/28/2013-R8)
15th Sabercat
Bluegrass Cat
S. Asmussen
C. Nakatani
7th, CD AlwOC (9/19/2014-R8)
16th Gemologist
T. Pletcher
J. Castellano
6th, 2012 Haskell Stakes (G1) View Video
17th Trinniberg
B. Parboo
W. Martinez
9th, 2013 Breeders' Cup Sprint (G1) View Video
18th Prospective
Malibu Moon
M. Casse
L. Contreras
7th, 2013 King Edward (G2)
19th Take Charge Indy
A. P. Indy
P. Byrne
C. Borel
7th, 2013 Monmouth Cup (G2) View Video
20th Daddy Long Legs
Scat Daddy
A. O'Brien
C. O'Donoghue
12th, 2014 Handicap View Video
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Older Comments about the 2012 Kentucky Derby (G1)...

And after one year, 1/2 of this derby field are no longer racing. Of those 10 horses who are still racing, 9 are expected to run next year. Of those nine, only 5 have started or publicly worked since June. In those five are graded stakes horses Optimizer and Alpha, stakes horse Daddy Nose Best, and allowance horses Sabercat and Rousing Sermon. FYI: That is not good for the handicap division!
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  • ruffianlover · Rafi- add Verrazano, Normandy Invasion, Goldencents to your list of who will hopefully be back next year · 2920 days ago
  • ruffianlover · oops nevermind already saw you included NI · 2920 days ago
Wow this field is retireing like crazy!
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  • tmallios1 · Unfortunately Ruffian,i have to disagree with you about Optimizr. I think he danced 1 to many dance in the Spring.Alpha is a nice horse,very small in build.He is one that if he is spaced properly can do damage.I think he might need a couple of months between efforts. Trinniberg,i have never been a fan,maybe because he took so much money from me by winning and ,my not playing him. · 2929 days ago
  • tmallios1 · Also Ruffian,do not forget Nov. 30th. 4 Graded Stakes at AQUEDUCT. Remsen,Demoiselle,Cigar Mile and the Comely. · 2929 days ago
If you had a mare who could breed to any horse that ran in the Kentucky Derby this year, who would you breed her to?
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  • shores · IHA. He was the most consistent of all the horses that ran, and was able to handle distances from 5.5 furlongs to 10 furlongs, and he was able to do it consistently. · 3312 days ago
  • shores · That was kind of redundant, sorry. · 3312 days ago
is this field cursed or what? Ill Have Another, Bodemeister, Hansen, Union Rags all retired. Went the Day Well was injured for the year. Creative Cause, Sabre Cat, El Padrino and Take Charge Indy seem to have been abducted by aliens and are MIA. Then you have Daddy Longlegs, Gemologist, Prospective, Optimizer, Done Talking and Dullahan running horribly. The only ones that have managed to dodge this curse are Alpha, Trinniberg, Daddy Nose Best and Rousing Sermon.
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  • likin sparks · Don't forget Secret Circle who was also being pointed towards the Derby before getting injured in the Arkansas. · 3347 days ago
  • TerrikMcCoy · And what happened to Algorithms? · 3347 days ago
Anyone know if Mike Shutty's super screener picked any winners this year. I havent seen him advertise that it cashed any tickets this year, so Im guessing it didnt.
I am sad to hear Tom Durkin will no longer call the Triple Crown races. As my biggest idol and inspritation I will miss his calls, no one got my blood hotter and the race more exciting.
Winner scored a 112 cocoa.
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  • buckpasser · AnnaK. Your description is quite apt. Yes I am a repository of a lot information, much of it useless I am afraid · 3449 days ago
  • TampaBayDowns Fan · I doubt its completely useless. Go on Jeopardy see how you do. · 3449 days ago
Did anyone see Mike Battaglia's final pick for winner of the Derby prior to the race? I thought he chose I'll Have another, but not sure
When I got home from work and turned on NBC, why was Bob Costas interviewing Eli Manning about hosting Saturday Night Live? Kentucky Derby related?
The 1-2 horses gave most of the action in the oaks, so how does this affect the Derby? (if track conditions are similar) Does this give those speed horses anymore of a chance?
I love this time of year. The Derby of course! Many different likes and theories on how its going to play out. I guess that's the fun of it all. Trying to figure out how the race is going to play out. A bad judgement here and slight mistake there and horse you liked is nowhere to be found at the finish line. Nobody can predict exactly how a race will happen. But that's all a part of the fun of it. For me I have won and lost on past derbys. But that's really not what the derby is all about. It's about weeks before leading up to the deby. It's about hanging out with friends and relatives who have the same passion as you do for racing. if your lucky enough to be there it's about the atmosphere of churchill downs. I can't think of a better time than watching the races all day with others that feel the same. Whatever the derby means to you I hope you have as much fun as I'm going to have. And as fast as it came it will be over. Of course the preakness and belmont stakes will soon follow. So I hope everbody enjoys saturday and win lose or draw. Just remeber you were apart of it all regardless if you were actually there or not. And if your horse doesn't pan out remember that there is always the next race. Good luck to all!
1. DULLAHAN, I loved his last, though over synthetic. But, it was a large field, he had to maneuver the whole way and get thru at the head of the stretch. One thing that no one's mentioned yet is that he was carrying 123 lbs to Bodemeisters' 118 in his AR Derby dirt romp. Now they both get 126 and that 8 lbs is going to "bode" well for the Irishman in the stretch.
My Adonis is the official "also eligible" entrant.
I like Went the Day Well but I think his problem is going to be a speed issue. In his win at the spiral he laid 5th for 3/4 of the race then made his move in the last turn and was able to get the lead and outlast the rest. The fractions in the race were simular than last years winner Animal Kingdom. But the 1/4 and 1/2 mile times were slower. Animal Kingdom closed off a faster 1/4 and 1/2 from farther back. So the question mark is can he lay 4th or 5th in the derby and have something left at the end. Because the 1/4 and 1/2 and probably more will be very fast fractions which he has not seen yet. I like him but can he handle the early pace of the race and have something left for home!
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  • gelded1 · Chances are the pace will be hot ,very hot. Sometimes with a pace like this the field will have 2-3 flights of horses that are very strung out from front to back which I think this will be the case. This may make it easier for a deep or middle pack closer to navigate traffic.Just my opinion.. · 3460 days ago
  • arazi · Icy - I agree, it's about finding the right closers. Which ones do you think will best get the distance? · 3460 days ago
I think part of what makes this year's derby so exciting for me, is that if it were run 5 times, we would likely get 5 different winners. And not because of lack of talent like the last few years, but because so many of these horses are good enough to win
Kentucky Derby Stat Sheets on my blog now!! Free to help you all on your path to glory!! Enjoy and Good Luck!
For all the talks of no horse has won the Ky Derby since Apollo won it in 1882. I think the statistic is skewed by the fact that most Derby field entrants are horses who raced at 2 but a very small number of entrants, less than 2%, are horses who hadn't raced as a 2yo. Therefore, the odds are stacked against horses that never raced as 2yo by the shear fact of number alone. To compound the problem, owners and trainers usually rushed to enter their derby horses on the basis of 'A-Chance-Of-Lifetime' opportunity to participate in the world's greatest race whether their horses have a realistic chance ind the derby or not. So to judge the factor of "Not Raced As A 2YO" as a true paradym of handicapping method is misleading at best and foolish at your own peril. I digged through the record of past horses who hadn't raced as a 2yo going back as far as 1920 and found out that most of the [with the exception to Curlin] were high-priced longshots and looked like a 2nd Allowance or Grade II or III group of horses and judging by their subsequent racing careers after their Ky Derby experienced, most of them failed to win a graded stakes and lots of them failed to win their next two or three races at much lower levels. So the idea that horses that never raced as 2yo is having hard to win the Ky Derby is a statistical falacy skewed by putting unqualified horses in the Ky Derby.Let's put it this way: if favorites in the Ky Derby who the public thinks they have a real chance to win but rarely win the Derby, then why on earth anyone expect horses at long odds that got thrown in the Derby by their connections to win the Ky Derby more often the favorites? If you really do your handicapping correctly thoroughly, then you would use the notion that any horse who hasn't raced as a 2yo as bad horse for your selection in the Ky Derby. So this year, people seems to think that Bodemeister is at a disvadvantage because he hasn't raced as a 2yo, but I beg to differ to those who thinks that, because Bodemeister is not among the majority statistic that got included in the horses since Apollo in 1182. He's a post time favourtie and he's not a horse that his owners/trainer are putting in the derby just to have a chance to have their horse in the Ky Derby. He's a real chance horse and not just an ordinary racehorse. Personally, after digging the past record of horses who ran in the Ky Derby who hadn't raced as a 2yo, I am convinced that statistic is way overblown and misleading; therefore, I think Bodemeister will win the Ky Derby and the Triple Crown. lol!!! lol!!! lol!!!
  • cocoa2 · You have plenty to say. · 3462 days ago
  • railbird33 · Nice post, I backed Curlin after his AK Derby romp, then came the KY Derby. Bode goes on my gimmicks, but not on top. Bob Baffert might have the magic, but I'll need to see it- Saturday · 3462 days ago
I really think any horse within a few lengths of the front is probably toast if the pace is fast. I really dont understand how some can like Hansen but not Dullahan. He did run him down last race. I really think that Union Rags should get it done but he really had no excuse last race. He was in a little traffic and failed to win getting 3rd. That was a small field also. No small field for the derby so leparoux better not make any mistakes. So I personally think either Union Rags or Dullahan should win. Those are the two best closers in a field full of front runners. But if the track is sloppy or muddy then the front may produce the winner!
  • icyhotboo · If Bodemeiste can rate he has a good chance to win unless he draws #1 post which has plagued Baffert. He lays over this group big time. · 3463 days ago
  • The Freak · icyhotboo -- No worry neither #1 post nor Bodemeister's ability to rate because he's a special horse that has special ability that can overcomethose two factors; plus, he's trained by the sprots' best in Bob Baffert. So head to the betting windows and bet your house on this rising star. · 3463 days ago
Getting more interesting by the day. Not that the front runners didn't already have it tough enough. Add one more in trinniberg. He will be most likely setting the early pace in a field that already had a bunch of front runners in it. All I can say is closers!
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  • railbird33 · This year could set up like the 2001 Derby, wicked fast early fractions- 44.4 at the half, 1.09.1 at six furlongs, Monarchos closed late to win by five lengths in a great sub 2 minute time. We just need t figure out this years Monarchos, any thoughts Patrick ? Very early forecast, 30% chance of thunderstorms. · 3463 days ago
  • icyhotboo · I'll Have Another and Gemologist. Natually the PP wll make a huge diference in the dynamics of the race such as is Trinniberg Gets the #1 Post and runs into the fence. Whole new ballgame then. · 3463 days ago
This KY Derby will be a tough one to pick! My top three are 1. Creative Cause 2. Union Rags 3. Dullahan

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