2012 Belmont Stakes (G1)

6/9/2012, Belmont Park
Post Time:
6:30 PM ET
1 1/2m (Dirt)
3 M

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Older Comments about the 2012 Belmont Stakes (G1)...

even i'll have another ran in belmomt stakes, he would have not won the belmomt simple because he has no distance runner in his pedigree,my choice was paynter and union rags and dullahan although i have some doubt about dullahan staying power because coming from behind horse might have loose gas at some point, that's what he did,
I am having trouble getting excited over this years belmont . In the future iwill use this as a yardstick to make money betting against most of this field.Dullahan is agood horse ,who likes softer or off surfaces (I am only pointing to romans comments before the derby)So it was easy to broom him!Here is the absolute fact ,slow fractions or not,this was the 14 th slowest belmont since 1925(not even sure they used gates then)and out of the 13 slower most of them were on muddy or sloppy or off tracks!This track has been playing fast for weeks now! Study the charts on 6-9 and you will make alot of money in the future if all these horses continue to try to run against higher level horses!Cant wait to see this beyer!!!!!
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  • gelded1 · I have and I still don't see a win on it by Dullahan. · 3766 days ago
  • gelded1 · 5 dirt races and 1- 3rd place finish in a MSW @5 1/2 f. · 3766 days ago
Not a bad day once again... I hit the exacta, trifecta and super a couple times over....
A favorite won this year, most likely next year a longshot will win.
I never gamble but today I decided to give it a shot and this was my bet. Superfecta: 3, 9, 5, 1 TriFecta: 3, 9, 5. The funny thing is, I made a mistake when I was placing the bet and put: 3, 9, 4, 1 and then realize when I was reviewing the bet and change the 4 back to the 5.
nobody lookes back 2004 to smartty jones,,, he could have it all,,, but we will rember I"LL HAVE ANOTHER
It took a lot of heart to pull I'll Have Another of the Belmont..it's about the love of horses and the game..and.. Looking out for the horses well being was the honest, thing to do! It is so easy to be selfish and greedy! hats off to the owner !
it is unfortunate to have IHA scratch, but the connections did the right thing. Here are my revised picks for the Belmont Stakes http://handicrapper.blogspot.com/
My hear breaks! I was at the Preakness, and I saw his amazing run. I pray the horse will not be euthanized, and he can go on to a stud career
  • buds · he has tendonitis not a broken leg · 3768 days ago
  • Buckpasser · Sounds like a bow to me with the time they said he needed to recover. · 3768 days ago
with horses 50-1 this race is a joke a fake.
  • jmac500 · Your an idiot!! People like you are the reason why horse racing doesn't grow in popularity. · 3768 days ago
Belmont ML: Dullahan 9-5, Union Rags 3-1, Paynter 7-2, Street Life 8-1, Atigun/Optimizer/My Adonis 15-1, Unstoppable U 20-1, the rest 30-1.
good luck to ill have another:(
My HEART breaks!!!
IHA out of the belmont .News conf 1 o clock
Leave it to new york racing management to screw things up again! Lucas -oneill -matz and others are having all kinds of trouble with the newly founded detention barn idea. Oneill and matz were told they could not feed their horses boiled oats that prevents colic.Matz and oneill calmly but firmly argued their point to the people running the detention barn area until finally oneill said- either you let me feed my horse or we will pull the horse out of the race !!!! With all of the detention barns dazzling brillance (and a decision by somebody that knew something about horses) the trainers were able to feed the horses. If horse racing is looking for away to fix the sport ,Igot news for them,this isnt it!!!Like lucas said, just post a guard at every stall instead letting horses act up,possibly for 2-3 days with no one their to calm them down THAT WILL REALLY HELP IF TOU WANT TO BET ON A STRESSED OUT HORSE!!!!THANKS BELMONT!!!!
there will be no tripple crown?
I think Union Rags is going to win the belmont....
I say that I'll Have Anonther would win the Belmont Stakes this weekend I hope, because I know he'll do really well their so he is the best so far and I know it too!
I say that I'll Have Anonther would win the Belmont Stakes this weekend I hope, because I know he'll do really well their so he is the best so far and I know it too!
If I was a gambler, this would be my bet. $20 box on the 11, 3, 5, 1 and 3,5,9,11 and 1, 3, 9 ,11. What you guys think?

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