2011 Belmont Stakes (G1)

6/11/2011, Belmont Park
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6:35 PM ET
1 1/2m (Dirt)
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Wow! $8000 trifecta. Not all that difficult to hit either.
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  • MichaelPavelick · My earliest days started out with some friction here. I was the earliest believer (I think) of both Stay thirsty and Brilliant Speed. · 3852 days ago
  • MichaelPavelick · Brillaint Speed also hit the gate and broke slow according to the chart. Great effort with a difficult start, racing wide, and maybe a premature move. · 3852 days ago
5 horses that make me happy... Goldikova, Black Caviar, Animal Kingdom, Big Brown, Eight Belles. 5 Horses that make me sad.. Zenyatta and her fans, Rachel and her fans, Dialed In, Uncle Mo, Premier Pegasus.
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  • horsisars · Just horses that I would like to watch again, and put a smile on my face... vs horses I have seen enough of or haven't seen enough of.. Premier Pegasus being one of the have not seen. Not a follower of Eight Belles just enjoyed the gutsy second place finish.. Nothing fancy about the list lets hear yours.... 5 and 5. · 3996 days ago
  • icyhotboo · When a beautiful creature like a horse makes you sad I pity you. · 3996 days ago
I have been spotlighting some of my favorite Belmont Stakes in history over the past few weeks leading up to this year’s edition. Animal Kingdom, Shackelford, Nehro, Master of Hounds, and Brilliant Speed were all poised to add another favorite to my list. They failed. Read more at: http://bitsnbunny.blogspot.com/
  • rohan2reed · you have an amazing depth of knowledge for someone so young. I like your initial take on the Belmont and the reasons you gave pre-race for having Brilliant Speed in the top 3. keep up the good work. · 3996 days ago
  • Bunny Hinzman · Thank you for your positive feedback! Glad you enjoyed reading my blog! · 3996 days ago
Guess it's a year for firsts... At least for the jockeys. With Velazquez getting his first Derby win, Castanon with the Preakness, and Valdivia with his Belmont...
  • ruffian75 · I noticed, in hindsight(of course) that this was the only mount for Jose Valdivia, and the only entry for Kelly Breen, on the entire card. They were on a singular mission this day. · 3999 days ago
Just wondering what the nation thinks of Santiva and his chances at getting this distance?
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  • horsisars · I like this horse... I like his fight and I like that he had a layoff. It is a real crapshoot, but I am boxing for horses and they are Santiva, Animal Kingdom, Nehro, and Master of Hounds... I like many others, but I need some odds and I need some upsets.. Good luck on your betting. · 4000 days ago
  • MichaelPavelick · Another recent comment regarding my focus on Brilliant Speed.l · 3999 days ago
Based upon this Brooklyn/Belmont Daily Double payout, looks like the New York racing fans are showing NO respect for Stay Thirsty: No. 2 – Stay Thirsty, $237; No. 5 – Brilliant Speed, $71.50; No. 9 – Animal Kingdom, $34.20
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  • arazi · The poll is on the HRN homepage. No link, but you can take a screenshot. · 4000 days ago
  • MichaelPavelick · I've heard critical remarks about my $8000 trifecta comment not being that difficult to hit. Here's a recent post regarding my focus on Brilliant Speed, & Stay Thirsty. · 3999 days ago
Belmont Stakes always will be unpredictable as i said before, i was looking for upset horses in my superfecta, but i got only Santiva, Brilliant Speed, Prime Cut , Animal kingdom, Nehro and Sahackleford, i picked all garbages.
Maye we should go to virtual racing where the weather is always perfect.And people make fun of virtual racing results look at the payoffs in each of the triple races.Bring Dutrow back at least he cheated honestly
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  • blooy · oops ruler on ice. damn case on ice is the cheapo horse my error · 3999 days ago
  • icyhotboo · I was just kidding with this post.These are growing 3yr olds at the beginning of June on a sloppy track anything could happen.In racing just like life the unexpected seems to happen on a regular basis so to a great degree it should be anticipated. · 3999 days ago
some body has mentioned about Ruler on Ice, i remember that, i was very lucky that i bet only $100.00 to Animal Kingdom , so i lost little but ib superfaect i lost $260.00 but i won the previous race 21/1 to shot where i bet $100.00 and won $2200.00 so it was not that bad, but this Belmont Stakes was very unpredictable, i never thought of Stay Thirsty and Ruler on Ice, but my Brilliant Speed and Nehro came in places.
Im trying to pick a winner for the Belmont stakes. I read the track may be sloppy. Does anyone know what horses in the race like sloppy tracks?
whoops sorry about that i hit enter instead of backspace. :O animal kingdom and mucho macho man round out my top five. My favorite is nehro!
so i can only narrow it down to five. my picks are nehro, shackleford, master of hounds, animal kin
look the odds right now.... master of hounds getting a massive support..european horses always do go in belmont.plus this horse is so fresh...no have a lot races...in kentucky derby traffic was huge and he was in rail what for kentucky is the worst place to be .,but in belmont # 1 post have the most winner of belmont with 23 winners...he also have the best distance pedigree and have the factor taht is 3 race of yaer each race going for more distance...3 race always is the best one...also he have a decent beyer...i know shake and animal have better beyer but i think they are just good horses ..this group of horses are one of the worse group ever...you are no talking about a smarty jones ...animal kingdom is good but i dont thin he can make huge here ..just coz he run 2 big races already same sha...this 2 will bounced back like is usual in horse racing....well also master of hound just have a short travel trip just 12 hours and next quaretine he go to track to strech legs..this travel trip from europe take more hour..they do a good trip for this horse...also this horse have the most succeful traiiner in this distance..i know all his horses are turf but master of hounds was coming in derby in just a short and a lot tarffic race...also when he was coming in derby ,he was doing a lot zip zap movement...left and right...i know garret gomez know him more now...they skip preakness coz this horse just need more distance...look dubai race 1 mile 16 and he was close to pace..pace was slow but he is not a fast horse..and he still in the race from begining to final...am 100% this horse will win this race..he have all in his flavor ..
what do you think of santiva?
  • MichaelPavelick · Santiva has a great racing past. My hesitation about him is, he hasn't been training at Belmont park. No official work outs at the track. Is the race just a work out? · 4000 days ago
On paper, Animal Kingdom is the obvious horse to beat, kind of like Mine that Bird, Ice Box, Big Brown, and others that didn't win the Belmont. In fact, 5 of the last 5 Belmont winners were NOT won by the obvious favorite. So we need to look at other options, such as the top 5 LP horses, for example. http://horseracebetwin.com/belmont.htm
6 Graded Stakes at Belmont ... Turbulent Descent - This One's For Phil - Bold Warrior - Gypsy's Warning - Prince Will I Am - Santiva.
I can't wait to see who wins tomorrow! All the horses will give it their all. Twelve horses go into the starting gate as competitiors, but only one can come across the finish line as the victorian. It will be a great race. I have high hopes for Nehro, but Shackleford has set a high bar. Not to mention Animal Kingdom who won the Kentucky Derby and came second in the Preakness. Mucho Macho Man, the Georgia horse, shows a lot of promise. It's all really fair game for any horse. No telling who will win, but I know this will be a race to remember.
i know that Prime Cut is a very class horse, and specially Prado mount, but still i believe that he is not ready yet. but i will put in my superfecta betting just in case come in place,?

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