2011 Arkansas Derby (G1)

4/16/2011, Oaklawn Park
1 1/8 m (Dirt)
3 M

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..Scratchedmy Uncle Mo :(
Arch was brilliant and I would take NOTHING away from him. As for The Factor though, he literally gave his all in his last 3 races and I think the tank was empty on Saturday. His performace rose meteorically and just wasn't sustainable.
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  • Thoroughbred44 · I've always like Archarcharch, but I agree, The Factor should have had more to show. · 3838 days ago
  • iThoroughbred · the factor just tuckered out..hes run so well recently. this loose takes nothing away from him in my eyes. hes a great horse...as for arch...glad a horse such as he won....a · 3838 days ago
I have a feeling were in for a huge surprise!!!!!
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  • blooy · oh ya jerry i know the factor did what the other war front horse did. i had that feeling history repeat it's self. · 3838 days ago
  • bigbrown2332 · Haha, there you go Jerry12939, go with your gut in this game and it often pays off. cleclair1994 was the one who was wrong in the end I guess, I don't mean to be disrespectful but I don't like it when people are like that on this site, so you can express your opinion but don't tell someone they are wrong with something like that....Please and thanks · 3838 days ago
I'm trying to think of a favorite who won when he was supposed to win recently, and except for Dialed In winning the Fl Derby as a favorite, did I miss one somewhere? This is my first year to follow the Derby Prep trail all the way from the start of the year, and so far, not sure what I've learned except none of the so-called experts (apologies to Brian :)) even come close 90% of the time!!! Who the heck is Brilliant Speed (Blue Grass)? I'm stickin with my Derby pick because I don't see any reason not to!!! At least I have some reason to support him (I think he's cute!!!) DUH!!! It's sure been fun. I'm thinking that the light racing that these horses are doing in the lead-up are causing all the wrong guesses...I mean, what is there to judge these horses by when there are so few starts. Sure makes my dart board look better and better as a handicapping tool!!!
  • brianalanvh · picking winners isn't easy. · 3838 days ago
  • railbird1 · I think you got it right annmatt: Your dartboard looks like as good a tool as any this year. At least you won't have to waste your time looking at past performances that seem to mean nothing this year.I've never seen a more sorry group of pretnders in my life. I recommend a blindfold when you throw those darts, because this years derby is simply a shot in the dark !! · 3838 days ago
I don't like to be negative. But if you watch this video, and listen to the race call, you can't even understand what's going on.
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  • icyhotboo · should have a "like" " dislike" button.since we don't "very nice post,spot on." · 3838 days ago
  • arazi · Apparently, I wasn't the only one to notice. Yeah, like they say, it's best to go out on top with your "A" game. Well, his "C" game has passed him by. It's a shame, too, because he was a pretty good announcer in his day, and if he keeps this up, that's what people will remember him by. · 3838 days ago
I Knew it! I knew Archarcharch would win! I have followed him and had hope in him since he was a yearling! I love love LOVE him! Woohoo! I knew he was awesome from the start! OMG I am so happy!
Wow another cover colt off the favorite list, my first derby following the horses and there is no 1 horse that is stealing the show...
Wow another cover colt off the favorite list, my first derby following the horses and there is no 1 horse that is stealing the show...
Wow another cover colt off the favorite list, my first derby following the horses and there is no 1 horse that is stealing the show...
Nehro sits chilly on The Factor's right side and nails him at the wire.... The "Commish"
The race is at 7:10 est on hrtv
J P;s Gusto
What time will this race start at???
Wow, would like to hit my superfecta!
Wow, would like to hit my superfecta!
I'm taking The Factor,with Truman's Commander,Nehro,Alternation,Dance City,Caleb's Posse and Archarcharch
Does anyone know what the record is for the Arkansas Derby? My hunch is that record is about to get smashed!
  • LDP19 · 1.46.8. That will be hard to smash. · 3842 days ago
  • bigbrown2332 · Well I do agree but I think we may be in for a fast time. possibly 48 or so. · 3842 days ago
After Nehro takes the Ark. Derby, he's my pick in Kentucky.
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  • commatothetop · why is that, dubby? it's you who is listing the horse by pedigree only and probably what Borel believes in. It's you who have believe in the horse that has won only once, in his maiden. Maybe Comma won't take the Derby, but Elite Alex won't take it to. Someday you'll repeat my words. · 3844 days ago
  • Badgercourt · It will be interesting to see what Elite Alex does adding blinkers. I could see this helping but dont think he has the talent to win Arkansas Derby. I really liked Premier Pegasus' and was going to player her to beat Uncle Mo before even though i thought and still think that Uncle Mo is going to win the Kentucky Derby. Now will bet on Dialed In or The Factor to beat Uncle Mo if Mo is a large favorite. · 3844 days ago
I'm surpised that Elite Alex isn't on this list. He has no choice but to run back at Oaklawn for the Arkansas Derby if he wants the graded earnings to get into the Derby. While he was never a factor in the Louisiana Derby, he ran his last 3/8ths in 35 3/5, that's not bad since he had to swing so wide on that final turn. I'm not giving up on him just yet, maybe this next race he will have a better trip and then we can see what he is really made of.
  • arazi · They probably haven't decided yet, but you're correct that it's the logical spot. With Uncle Mo in the Wood, the Kee polytrack and the SA dirt highway, I would expect the Arkansas Derby to draw a ton of interest this year. · 3857 days ago

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