Amanda can steal 6th at Santa Anita

2/19/2014 9:46 PM
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Thursday's 6th race (3:34pm PT) from Santa Anita Park is a Starter Allowance event for fillies and mares traveling one mile on the turf course (rail at 24 feet). 

#9 Amanda (7-2) ran well to finish 2nd from the negative inside post in a local downhill turf sprint Feb. 2. She graduated in romping fashion around two turns on Cushion Track and set the pace and finished a solid 3rd at this course/distance on opening day. She might get brave if able to sneak away early under Talamo and speed can be dangerous with the turf rail at this setting.       

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#5 Indygo F M A (5-2) was nabbed out of her last by Drysdale. The consistent purse nibbler is 1-for-10 on turf and hard to trust on the win end but picks up Stevens and can improve for new barn.  

#4 Feline Forum (3-1) shows up in the Cerin barn off a long layoff and his $$ rider Nakatani hops aboard. She will be heard from late if she is cranked up for her first start since last March.        

#7 Chilada (8-1) exits a troubled 10th in the Cal Cup Oaks and the show finisher from that heat came back to score. New pilot Bejarano does business with O'Neill.

The Plays:

$18 to win #9

$2 Exacta 9/4-5-7 ($6)

$2 Exacta 4-5-7/9 ($6)

analysis by Jarrod Horak

For suggested Pick 4 and Pick 6 plays from Santa Anita Park, check out Pick 6blog. com for free selections and tickets.     
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oops >>Risen Star. Dan Blocker {Newfound Gold} and I erred.
Product Description -- What is it? The Horse Street Handicapper, or HSH as it is known to our users, is a powerful handicapping software product. It is based upon the concept that the best way to handicap is to know what wins "races like this one." –-- we’re on the same page there. I don’t pretend that my pea brain can crunch #s like a computer, although going over the PP’s was/is always enjoyable. Growing up in the *bet your home track only* era, you really did get to know the horses racing at all levels. >> Nathan, maybe you could post your services 3-4 top numbers in the FOY and Rebel.
#5Newfound Gold/ claimed for 20k first time back in for 10k??????? SA
especially useful against a random odds-on 1ster.
most baby races are won by the horse(s) that have learned how to apporton their speed. FInd the horse(s) hat will arrive at the 2nd call on top and you have your winner OFTEN.
Thank you, t_v!
Also it (the program )is not cheap......Monthly dowloads are around $137
It does not use TIME in the way I have always used it......More fractional and final but independent of each other and that is just a SMALL portion of the total assessment
that is what is great about it: YOU chose amongst hunderds of different combinations AFTER you do stiudies of what works at each oval and what the crowd does not bet. The factors are combined in what they call objects and then ranked in a Fibonnachi distribution and then combined together, so the program "out of the box" as the programmer calls it, has over 120 factors. It has a special function called the Pickmaster that allows updates DURING a racing season that actively reflects what is NOT being bet by the crowd so it allows your regular updating of those factors on a weekly basis. If you go to Horsestreet Handicapper on line, the system is described there. This week I am visiting one of the programmers in Phoenix for a one on one session to update my understandings of several asapects that I have not conquered even though I have had it for almost 2 years. IT has severed admirably to my quet of a system that attacked the WAGERING side of the coin and NOT JUST the handicapping. The main programmer has update ON LINE seminars to introduce new aspects of the program from time to time and accepts inputs (many of which make it to updated versions) from his user groups. It is, the most powerful program I have EVER seen or used and I praise it hightly to everyone. WARNING: It has a very steep learning curve.
Before scratches the order of whichever program you are now using reflects a descending investment value incorporating the morning line, is that right?
Also, if I may inquire, you mentioned once that the New Pace program is very good and amazingly does not even use time. What does it use?
If anything it is ordered in the "attractiveness" of the wager AT THE TIME I update the odds on those entires. That can change which I have stated over and over. An A+ wager morning line may degenerate to a B- by post time.
Do you know if the order of the computer printout order does show ANY sort of preference?
I never ever consider them ONE over the other. I find WHO can win, not who will win. ORder represents a computer print out which does not show how well the bet on that horse is based upon an evaluation of the quality of the wager on that horse. THAT information is updated as the odds change and evaluated right up until the race goes.
Then why are they listed in 5-1-9-4 order?
Contenders are contenders they are just listed nor ranked. The odds board ranks them for me
I have bet on and cashed with 6 y/o old geldings if they were good enough in the match up of the field.
"waste" is used satirically... as for jibberish, how did a 1-27 pony make the 2nd spot in your contenders list in this race?
yes follow that jibberish and you will be more confused than you were before
Here’s an idea Luckyvic, waste more time understanding the race, narrow it down from the arbitrary 4 or 5 horses that some think covers all contenders. Bet when the price is right, watch when it’s not.