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Power Series sits trip in SA opener

10/10/2012 8:28 PM
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Thursday's 1st race (1:00pm PT) from Santa Anita Park is a $16,000 claiming event for 3-year-olds and up traveling a mile and a sixteenth on the main track. 

#5 Power Series (4-1) has fired Trifecta shots in four straight and has been popular at the claim box recently. Bejarano is 2-for-2 with Dominguez recently and the sharp 5yo gelding could fall into the right stalking trip behind the speedsters at a hint of a price.

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In the 2nd race, an Optional Claiming dirt sprint, #2 Caminetto (7-5) earned the best last race number in a wire job graduation run at Del Mar and the show finisher came back to score. Bejarano sticks with Baffert's $500k early-pressing type and he meets a modest group in his first start vs. winners.

The Plays:

$18 to win #5

$12 Double 5-2

analysis by Jarrod Horak

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Older Comments about Power Series sits trip in SA opener...

As a handicapper, I like your knowledge and strategy Travel_Vic.
That was crazy. They called the second race a no contest.
The loose horse was Spinning Love.
A horse lost its rider and was running in the opposite direction. So the call went out to pull up. No one was hurt.
what happened in the 2nd at ANita to make it a no contest. That is usualy a mjor problem like half the field not finishing...
Why did you think Joe Carl would go wire to wire, tv?
Belmont 5th 7/3/2 a common pattern called the splitzacta. Top choices on top and bottom of the tote board.
Example in the Belmont 5th there is no value amongst the 2 5 7 so it is a pass
The vast majority of race goers, YOU included, do not seem to understand that there are TWO inherently and mutually exclusive games that we play at the track. The first is the relatie evaluation of the participants in the contest, ONCE the stage is set for that (after scratches and weather is KNOWN). The second, and infinittely harder game is to look at the odds board just the same way a commodities broker, stock market analyst or any rational gambler would: looking for the contestants that are underbet RELATIVE, to their probability of winning said contest. This latter skill takes minute to minute evaluation of thre "trading" going on on the board. Any logical wagers come in fidning the mismathces between real probability and the crowd's evaluation of those probabilities. It is that last frontier to which most never even consider.
I cannot see how ANYONE of any competence can evaluate can evaluate a race without knowing how the field will come together (a single scratch can dramtically alter any evaluation of a race) the weather can change, a bias can show up. It is illogical as heck to do that so far in advance.
I make it a habit to post against your evaluations every time I am here and will continue to.
SInce I NEVER make a wagering decision until I see the odds, WAGERS would be impossible. My evaluation software is tied to the odds board and is update very 60 seconds so most of the wagers are made at the last click when I have the actual odds to play with, the bias of the day if it evolves...CURRENCY my young inexpereinced friend is what the game is all about.
Conclusion? If the principles of understanding the game are so out of line, the regular handicapping sucess should not be, but that is not the case.
Is that a fact, travel_vic (aka humphrey)? If you think you are better, I challenge you to bring it on. I post plays daily, the night before and sometimes more than 24 hours in advance, in the HRN plays of the day section. After you see my plays posted, along with wagering strategies, post your own play in the written POD section, complete with wagering strategies, and we will see who picks the most winners and shows a profit. I have challenged you when you used to go by the name of humphrey on this site, but you never stepped up to the plate and never will.
Whatever happened YESTERDAY to this animal, his overal pace trend was to hang back a signficiant amount based upon the pojected pace of race yesterday........
Funny but I regulary beat your handicapping almost daily. That is a fact.
travel_vic is our resident politician. He talks alot but says nothing.
Why do I get the feeling that this is about me being right this time?
Segmental velocity is what determines pace interaction not postion which is totally subservient to it.