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Ky Derby Preps(Pick 3 & assorted bets)

2/1/2013 8:02 PM
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Withers - Since Revolutionary is the stud muffin, we'll play him 5-10-20 across the board; hook him up with Siete De Oros in a double, and throw those two in with Long River and Amerigo Vespucci in the Tri. 

$5 exacta box 2-5; $2 Tri box- 2/5-1/2/4/5-1/2/4/5; and begin the Ky Derby preps with a $5 Win parlay, Robert B Lewis Stakes(5:03 PM EST) - #2 Flashback; Withers Stakes(5:18PM EST)#2 Revolutionary; Sam F Davis Stakes(5:23 PM EST) - #3 Divine Ambition.

Sam F Davis Stakes - $1 Tri box - #3(Divine Ambition)/#4(My Name Is Michael)-#1(Dynamic Sky)/3/4/#7(Balino)/#9(Midnite Poppa)-1/3/4/7/9.  TOTAL BET - $98. 

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ANYONE on the north side of the US/Canadian border
tv, I'm not sure who "we" are, but, the OTB that I referenced, was in So Illinois which, by the way, is now out of business(go figure).
Well, Tv, that is calling me, mdracing, gelded1, and countless others dumb because we have posted a play of the day.
that is shameful. We have NO TAX or fees on ANY winnings ANY size...Even lotteries are tax free winnings.
A rural OTB had a 10% cut. There was a sprint stakes, in which the overwhelming favorite was Xtra Heat, in Maryland. He won the race, and paid $2.10 at the track. After the OTB took out their 10%(20 cents), you got back $1.90. If you bet $2, you got back $1.90. Net loss - 10 cents, on a winning horse. For the day, in the whole $52.50. Taco Bell tonight. 4 tacos for a buck. Whoo Hoo!!!!!
Boo hoo!!! All around, and nothing to show for it. Hit the first two legs of the Pick 3 Win Parlay; 1st & 3rd in the Exacta; 1st and 3rd in the Tri Part-wheel; 2nd and 3rd in the other Tri Part-wheel. Only hit the across-the-board, of the 3-4 shot!!! Which brings me to a sad, but true facts, story: How could you bet on a horse to win; then the horse wins, and, with no disqualification, you lose. How can this happen? Answer at 11 PM EST.
***Odds. Not odss.
I 99% of the time have REAL odds when I bet a race. Only when I have a play of the day, or another circumstance do I NOT have real odss.
How can anyone, who knows ANTYING about parimutuel wagering already have a bet set up WITHOUT KNOWING THE ODDS. Would you bet a sproting event without the over under or points? Amazingly disconnected from the realities of gambling.
AQU in order or preference before scratches 2 Revolutionary 1 Valid 5 Siete de Oros 4 Amerigo Vespucci
2nd Correction - I meant Tri part wheel, and not Tri box. I wonder if that's an omen, not to bet?
Correction - In the Withers, hooking up Revolutionary in an Exacta with Siete De Oros.