Stakes Schedule

Upcoming Stakes

Date Tr Race Dist. Sf. Cnd Probable/Possible
06/26/21APChicago Handicap-G37 fD3+Club Car, W W Fitzy, Mind Out, Compelling Smile, Mariafoot, Abby Hatcher, She Can't Sing, Our Bay B Ruth, Amazima
06/26/21CDFleur de Lis-G21 1/8 mD4+Point of Honor, Letruska, Singita Dreams, Vault, Spice Is Nice, Envoutante
06/26/21WOTrillium -G31 1/16 mS4+
06/26/21BelMother Goose-G21 1/16 mD3Illiogami, Clairiere, Zaajel, Always Carina
06/26/21CDStephen Foster-G21 1/8 mD4+Warrior's Charge, Silver Dust, American Dubai, Visitant, Maxfield, Empty Tomb
06/26/21CDWise Dan-G21 1/16 mT4+Field Pass, Set Piece, Ride a Comet, Spooky Channel, Somelikeithotbrown, In Love
06/26/21TdnOhio Derby-G31 1/8 mD3Keepmeinmind, Masqueparade, King Fury, Hozier, Channel Fury, Ethical Judgement, The Reds, Proxy, Hello Hot Rod, Promise Keeper, Falcons Fury
06/26/21CDBashford Manor-G36 fD2Whatstheconnection, Double Thunder, Whistlewhileyoumow, Glacial, Lansdowne, Kavod
07/01/21WODominion Day-G31 1/16 mS4+
07/03/21BelSuburban Handicap-G21 1/4 mD4+Country Grammer, Mystic Guide, Happy Saver
07/04/21BelJohn A. Nerud-G27 fD4+Mind Control
07/05/21BelDwyer-G31 mileD3Following Sea, Stage Raider, Mahaamel, First Captain
07/10/21BelBelmont Derby-G11 1/4 mT3Hard Love, Sainthood, Rombauer, Du Jour
07/10/21BelVictory Ride-G36 1/2 fD3
07/10/21WOSelene-G31 1/16 mS3
07/10/21BelBelmont Oaks-G11 1/4 mT3Higher Truth
07/11/21WOMarine-G31 1/16 mS3
07/15/21SarSchuylerville-G36 fD2Happy Soul
07/15/21SarQuick Call-G35 1/2 fT3
07/16/21SarForbidden Apple-G31 mileT4+
07/17/21SarDiana-G11 1/8 mT4+Pocket Square
07/17/21MthMatchmaker Stakes-G31 1/8 mT3+
07/17/21MthUnited Nations-G11 3/8 m T3+Master Piece
07/17/21MthHaskell Stakes-G11 1/8 mD3Following Sea, Medina Spirit, Mandaloun, Rombauer, Hot Rod Charlie, Weyburn, Midnight Bourbon
07/17/21MthMolly Pitcher-G31 1/16 mD3+
07/17/21DmrSan Diego Handicap-G21 1/16 mD3+Independence Hall
07/17/21MthMonmouth Cup-G31 1/8 mD3+
07/17/21SarSanford-G36 fD2Wit
07/18/21DmrCougar II Handicap-G31 1/2mD3+
07/18/21WOConnaught Cup-G27 fT4+
07/23/21SarLake George-G31 mileT3
07/24/21DmrSan Clemente Stakes-G21 mileT3
07/24/21DmrEddie Read-G21 1/8 mT3+
07/24/21SarCoaching Club American Oaks-G11 1/8 mD3Search Results, Malathaat
07/24/21WONassau-G21 mileT4+
07/25/21SarShuvee-G31 1/8 mD4+Swiss Skydiver
07/28/21SarHonorable Miss Handicap-G26 fD4+Kimari
07/31/21SarAlfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap-G16 fD3+Whitmore
07/31/21DmrBing Crosby Stakes-G16 fD3+C Z Rocket
07/31/21SarBowling Green-G21 3/8 m T4+
07/31/21SarJim Dandy-G21 1/8 mD3Harvard, Essential Quality, King Fury, Midnight Bourbon
07/31/21MthMonmouth Oaks-G31 1/16 mD3
08/01/21WOVigil-G36 fS4+
08/01/21DmrClement L. Hirsch-G11 1/16 mD3+
08/01/21SarAmsterdam-G26 1/2 fD3
08/01/21WORoyal North-G26 fT4+
08/06/21SarTroy-G35 1/2 fT4+
08/06/21DmrSorrento-G26 fD2
08/06/21SarNational Museum of Racing Hall of Fame-G21 mileT3
08/07/21SarWhitney-G11 1/8 mD4+By My Standards, Code of Honor
08/07/21SarGlens Falls-G21 1/2mT4+
08/07/21DmrYellow Ribbon Handicap-G21 1/16 mT3+
08/07/21DmrBest Pal-G26 fD2
08/07/21SarSaratoga Derby-G11 3/16 mT3
08/07/21SarTest-G17 fD3Search Results, Obligatory, Red Ghost
08/08/21DmrLa Jolla Handicap-G31 1/16 mT3Rock Your World
08/08/21SarAdirondack-G26 1/2 fD2
08/08/21SarSaratoga Oaks-G31 3/16 mT3
08/14/21SarFourstardave Handicap-G11 mileT3+
08/14/21SarSaratoga Special-G26 1/2 fD2
08/14/21APMister D-G11 1/4 mT3+Domestic Spending
08/15/21WOKing Edward-G21 mileT3+
08/20/21DmrRancho Bernardo Handicap-G36 1/2 fD3+
08/21/21DmrDel Mar Handicap-G21 3/8 m T3+
08/21/21DmrDel Mar Oaks-G11 1/8 mT3
08/21/21WOSeaway-G37 fS3+
08/21/21DmrDel Mar Mile -G21 mileT3+
08/21/21MthPhilip H. Iselin-G31 1/16 mD3+
08/21/21SarLake Placid-G21 1/16 mT3
08/21/21SarAlabama-G11 1/4 mD3
08/21/21DmrPacific Classic-G11 1/4 mD3+Country Grammer, Rombauer, Idol, Hot Rod Charlie
08/21/21WOSingspiel Stakes-G31 1/4 mT3+
08/21/21DmrTorrey Pines-G31 mileD3
08/22/21WOHighlander-G16 fT3+
08/22/21DmrGreen Flash Handicap-G35 fT3+
08/22/21WOOntario Colleen-G31 mileT3
08/22/21WODance Smartly-G21 1/4 mT3+
08/28/21SarTravers Stakes-G11 1/4 mD3Harvard, Dynamic One, Essential Quality, Mandaloun, King Fury, Rombauer, Hot Rod Charlie, Midnight Bourbon, First Captain
08/28/21SarPersonal Ensign-G11 1/8 mD4+Letruska, Swiss Skydiver
08/28/21SarH. Allen Jerkens Memorial-G17 fD3Drain the Clock