Kentucky Oaks 2024 Fillies

Kentucky Derby 2024The Kentucky Oaks celebrates its 150th running on Friday, May 3rd, 2024. Track the 2024 Oaks fillies and Kentucky Derby contenders with us here at Horse Racing Nation! Fillies are added to the list as they make their first starts. Check back often to see the newest runners and watch as the contenders move up the rankings. Is there another Pretty Mischievous or Monomoy Girl among them? The road to the Kentucky Oaks kicks off soon, so get a head start with these contenders.

Rank Rating Silks Horse / Sire Trainer / Jockey Last Start (Speed), Race / Next Start
1 7.94 Horse Silk Tamara Tamara
Bolt d'Oro
R. Mandella
M. Smith
7th (78), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
2 7.07 Horse Silk Candied Candied
Candy Ride
T. Pletcher
T. tla
3rd (88), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
3 6.67 Horse Silk V V's Dream V V's Dream
K. McPeek
B. Hernandez, Jr.
3rd (80), 2023 Rags to Riches Stakes LS
4 6.59 Horse Silk Brightwork Brightwork
J. Ortiz
R. Santana, Jr.
6th (80), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
5 6.34 Horse Silk Chatalas Chatalas
Gun Runner
M. dup
A. Fresu
9th (66), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
2023 Starlet G2
6 6.12 Horse Silk Mystic Lake Mystic Lake
Mo Town
S. Joseph, Jr.
T. Conner
3rd (87), 2023 Mazarine G3
7 6.12 Horse Silk Flattery Flattery
P. Eurton
J. Hernandez
12th (90), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf G1
8 6.12 Horse Silk Practicallyelusive Practicallyelusive
Practical Joke
D. Wolochuk
C. Keiser
3rd (77), 2023 Glacial Princess Stakes RS
9 6.12 Horse Silk Living Magic Living Magic
P. Schoenthal
R. Silvera
1st , 2023 Chelsey Flower LS
10 6.06 Horse Silk Crimson Advocate Crimson Advocate
G. Weaver
J. Velazquez
6th (99), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint G1
11 5.84 Horse Silk Just F Y I Just F Y I
W. Mott
J. stop
1st (89), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
2024 Kentucky Oaks G1
12 5.59 Horse Silk Laurent Laurent
Practical Joke
13 5.45 Horse Silk Time to Dazzle Time to Dazzle
Not This Time
M. Casse
L. Saez
9th (79), 2023 Jessamine G2
14 5.45 Horse Silk Kiss Kiss
Army Mule
J. Alvarado
P. Lopez
5th (59), 2023 Our Dear Peggy LS
15 5.45 Horse Silk Astonesthrowaway Astonesthrowaway
Bustin Stones
T. Pletcher
L. Saez
5th (82), 2023 Bolton Landing LS
16 5.45 Horse Silk Ways and Means Ways and Means
Practical Joke
C. Brown
F. Prat
2nd (93), 2023 Spinaway G1
17 5.45 Trending Up Horse Silk Zona Verde Zona Verde
P. D'Amato
J. Hernandez
1st , 2023 Jimmy Durante G3
18 5.45 Horse Silk Wonder Ride Wonder Ride
Gun Runner
K. McPeek
J. Leparoux
3rd (83), 2023 Spinaway G1
19 5.12 Horse Silk Life Talk Life Talk
Gun Runner
T. Pletcher
I. Ortiz, Jr.
1st , 2023 Demoiselle G2
20 5.12 Horse Silk Esprit Enchante Esprit Enchante
P. Miller
J. Hernandez
11th (62), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
21 5.12 Horse Silk Tap Your Dream Tap Your Dream
T. Yakteen
H. Berrios
1st (85), Dmr MSW (9/3/23-R9)
22 5.12 Horse Silk Omaha Girl Omaha Girl
Omaha Beach
J. Delgado
U. Rispoli
12th (34), 2023 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies G1
23 5.12 Horse Silk Sky Victory Sky Victory
Sky Mesa
B. Russell
J. Rodriguez
1st (85), Del MSW (11/4/23-R7)
24 5.12 Horse Silk Kamikaze Umagi Kamikaze Umagi
E. West
A. Achard
7th (72), Kee Allow (10/25/23-R6)
25 5.12 Horse Silk Alys Beach Alys Beach
Omaha Beach
T. Amoss
F. Prat
3rd (84), 2023 Alcibiades G1
26 5.12 Horse Silk Ocean Mermaid Ocean Mermaid
W. Ward
W. Rodriguez
3rd , Sar MSW (8/12/23-R2)
27 4.79 Horse Silk Gate to Paradise Gate to Paradise
J. Shirreffs
K. Desormeaux
5th (77), 2023 Chandelier G2
28 4.79 Horse Silk Lady Moscato Lady Moscato
Quality Road
D. Lukas
L. Saez
6th (71), CD MSW (11/23/23-R12)
29 4.79 Horse Silk Zadorsky Zadorsky
W. Catalano
R. Santana, Jr.
10th (60), CD AlwOC (11/25/23-R4)
30 4.79 Horse Silk Closing Act Closing Act
S. Asmussen
J. Lezcano
5th (71), 2023 Spinaway G1
31 4.79 Horse Silk Sugar Hi Sugar Hi
Twirling Candy
W. Mott
J. Alvarado
4th , 2023 Matron G3
32 4.79 Horse Silk Hot Beach Hot Beach
Omaha Beach
B. Lynch
F. Prat
2nd (79), 2023 Myrtlewood LS
33 4.79 Horse Silk Alexandra's Song Alexandra's Song
City of Light
W. Ward
P. Lopez
5th (65), GP Mcl (11/11/23-R1)
34 4.45 Horse Silk Stairstep Toheaven Stairstep Toheaven
M. Sims
S. Elliott
2nd (70), 2023 Slide Show RS
35 4.45 Horse Silk Laurent Laurent
Practical Joke
P. Eurton
E. Maldonado
9th , 2023 Chandelier G2
36 4.45 Horse Silk Mourne Mountains Mourne Mountains
Malibu Moon
W. Ward
J. Velazquez
10th (56), KD MSW (9/10/23-R7)
37 4.45 Horse Silk Youalmosthadme Youalmosthadme
B. Cox
T. Gaffalione
1st (89), 2023 Fern Creek LS
38 4.45 Horse Silk Grand Slam Smile Grand Slam Smile
Smiling Tiger
S. Specht
F. Alvarado
2nd (84), 2023 Golden Gate Debutante LS
39 4.45 Horse Silk Bxxxxxa Bxxxxxa
[Add Data]
40 4.45 Horse Silk Green Chile Green Chile
J. Hancock
V. Lebron
6th (61), TP Mcl (12/1/23-R9)
41 4.45 Horse Silk Lemorian Lemorian
Coal Front
M. Elliott
F. De La Cruz
7th (48), Kee AlwOC (10/6/23-R4)
42 4.12 Horse Silk Becky's Dream Becky's Dream
City of Light
J. Valdez
T. Pereira
5th (69), Dmr AlwOC (11/10/23-R3)
43 4.12 Horse Silk Ringy Dingy Ringy Dingy
Dialed In
D. Gargan
K. Davis
7th , 2023 Demoiselle G2
44 4.12 Horse Silk Cat's Cave Cat's Cave
P. McEntee
J. Rocco, Jr.
1st (85), CD Str (11/18/23-R6)
45 4.12 Horse Silk Saratoga Secret Saratoga Secret
D. Lukas
J. Castellano
4th (74), 2023 Fern Creek LS
2023 Year's End LS
46 4.12 Horse Silk Becky's Joker Becky's Joker
Practical Joke
G. Contessa
J. Castellano
7th (77), 2023 Adirondack G2
47 4.12 Horse Silk Wee Bit O Mischief Wee Bit O Mischief
Maximus Mischief
D. Romans
M. Chuan
3rd (80), CD AlwOC (11/25/23-R4)
48 4.12 Horse Silk Edistrudis Edistrudis
Practical Joke
F. Gutierrez
M. Pedroza
1st (86), IND Allow (10/30/23-R4)
49 4.12 Horse Silk Crazy Hot Crazy Hot
J. Bonde
M. Smith
1st (73), 2023 Generous Portion RS
50 3.84 Horse Silk Vino Rouge Vino Rouge
Vino Rosso
A. Dutrow
D. Davis
6th , 2023 Demoiselle G2