Zenyatta in Dream Race vs. Ruffian, Cigar, Seabiscuit & Affirmed

Zenyatta simulation race
Horse Racing Simulation created a dream matchup race of Zenyatta vs. nine other all-time greats: Cigar, Affirmed, Citation, Seabiscuit, Ruffian, Barbaro and others. 


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Older Comments about Zenyatta in Dream Race vs. Ruffian, Cigar, Seabiscuit & Affirmed...

Recall a match up, in their primes, between Rock Marciano and Muhammed ALi and the computer picked Marciano. Come on now he was too slow to even get close to Ali
Actually Ruffian was challenged in one race.
This gave me quite the laugh!
It's always a stretch to compare horse by fantasy matchups but, if you ask me, the other 9 would have been run into the ground by Ruffian. Top Thoroughbreds can only run top speed for about 3/8ths of a mile. Ruffian could run top speed for at least 1 1/8th. I mean, does anyone remember what she did to Foolish Pleasure until she oyran her own body? She was a singular animal. I do think Zenyatta would have closed mightily and Cigar, Citation and Affirmed would have been there in a blanket 2nd but, no horse could outrun Ruffian except Ruffian. Unfortunately, she did just that. What a waste, for human ego.
last I remember they were dead even with Foolish Pleasure already prove himself at 11/4 mile and Ruffian still at 1 1/8.Rachel was a ton faster than Ruffian.Just look at the charts
LOL Fun to watch but who knows what would happen.
I think Ruffian would have run till her dang heart burst. It's an insult to her memory to suggest that she'd fade like that
Ruffian was no doubt a phenomenal horse, but against the best, she would get caught, eaten, and shitted out
Terri i agree with you so much. Comments border on hilarious from those basing opinions and never saw the Greatest filly / Mare since she ran. I will not even bother to comment on Zenyatta aginst the great Ruffian. Lets just say that we are talking an adult woman and comparing her to a teenage girl. Many look at the accomplishments of not only Zennyata and other top fillies over the years,and think that they far exceed those of Ruffian. Ruffian was never afforded the chance of strutting her stuff. If anyone saw the speed and grace that she just glided over the surface would know. This is in no way downgrading the accomplishments of the others. But that is the only edge they hold over her. The only other 2 Athletes i can ever compare her to. That would be Gayle Sayers(in the NFL) and Bobby Orr (of the NHL) . They to were never afforded the chance for longevity. But at their peak,they never looked up to anyone. The pedastil is a very lonely place ,when they are standing on it.
  • https://www.facebook.com/patti.shanaberg · Ruffian was never even challenged! She brok or equalled stakes and track records with no competition. We'll never know how fast she would have been if she ever had worthy opponents. The match is not a valid comparison to anything and she was pulling away even then.. · 1265 days ago
Impressive dicey, remember this? Rachel was a ton faster than Ruffian.Just look at the charts • 1106 days ago LOL >> Guess Majestic Prince was just a dream from another lifetime. My birthday wish is for a crown, favorite color is chestnut chrome… 2nd favorite color is sky blue pink :D
Booooo! No Fair!!! Comparison to Ruffian is impossible - she was never beaten and never challenged, jockey never even went to the whip (except once in 1 race when she was ailing). Broke or equalled stakes and track records (at times including colts!) every time she ran!!! I think Ruffian would have won for sure - she certainly would have been much further up the field - 2nd at least!
I had Emotional Kitten as my win pick. "Steadied"
…guess I better rethink :D >> Thanks Mary… yes, the 2014 Gamely {for future archeologists}
figure this is about the SA f&m stakes w/Emollient.
She looked like a Euro rider. Too much movement
TRUE! I agree, amino.
Rosie’s post-race epiphany notwithstanding, when Brice came to her in the shadow of the wire she started jumping up and down enough to flip that foto, imo.
In the Woodford Dan was pinned in for his life. When was Rosie going to pull the trigger ? She was 2nd as they approached the top of the stretch and the horse was running comfortably. It is not as though she lost by open lengths. She lost by the slightest of margins. How can a rider be held reponsible for that. Yet i am almost positive that had Emo drawn off and won by open lengths ,The comments would of been it was all Horse and Rosie was an overpriced passenger.
Tom...In addition to position their horse, they also have to adjust the horse pace at times. For example, Wise Dan Woodford, Johnny had to hold them when he see running room, Dan think it was time to go all out but Johnny had to contain him. Difference horse, difference stroke.
Rosie is correct,based on her talents she has been a major underachiever. Since it is the horse,maybe this is a job for TV Vic.

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