Wise Dan Will Run in Breeders' Cup Mile

Wise Dan has been pre-entered in the Breeders' Cup Mile, and will not be pre-entered in any other BC race, owner Morton Fink said on Wednesday from his home in Chicago.

Horses can be pre-entered in more than one BC race on Monday, but Fink said there was no chance Wise Dan would be pre-entered in the Classic, let alone even be considered to run in that race.
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Tim, I like Mr C as well but love the Irish, Obviously whom just missed breaking the track record may just do it this time and Excelebration holds tons of class.
interesting, Tim. He certainly is one of the horses I am looking at also.
IHA why knock WD? Hes Run all year and put on quite a show.. Icy nailed it and the Mile will still be an extremely tough race. PS Im looking for a Mr commons upset,
That is a good point, Icy
illhaveanothertriplecrown, If he was a stallion he'd be in the classic, he isn't so he isn't. His connection besides looking out for his safety as he has at least two yrs to run feel he fits very nicely here. His photo loss to RTG when RTG was in top form tells you he's at least as good as any of the others. I might add he got a bad trip that day or he would have an unbeaten season so far.
This will be one of the most discussed BC races all the way through BC Day. What a game we so enjoy.
Illhaveanothertriplecrown if that was the case then Frankel shouldn't be worthy of his many accolades because he didn't run in the Arc and Rachel shouldn’t have been HOY because she didn’t run in a BC race of any kind. It doesn’t make sense.
Like I said, second tier. If he was worthy of HOY he'd be in the classic. i know he's won races on different surfaces, but which top tier horses has he beaten?
They're racing him where he has his best chancer to win. I would think that three consecutive G1 and G2 mile turf wins and all as the easiest of winners gives him the credentials to run in this race.
Although they would like to win the connections are running him on turf as he has shipped and run well on turf all year. This is a 5yo gelding his safety and soundness is the main priority as he has years of running ahead of him. Wise move for Wise Dan.
Connections of this talented athlete are weak! so worried about the Classic distance, better be worried about the horses he'll go against in the mile, distance specialists.
How's the air, tv? :)
best closer I have seen of late, often more impressive that Zenyatta, was Court Vision.
Likes SA turf. Should go off at good odds.
Jeranimo closes damn fast.
Final time on turf is often an illusion of both WHERE and HOW a horse ran.
I'm for the Cali turf milers, too, not just Obviously. Thinking of the closing fractions of Jeranimo.
Wise Dan most likely will get upset in the Mile Turf, he will be facing the likes of Obviously who is on a tear and will take some beating, Wise Dan has not ever run close to the times that Obviously has been posting in his race's and we'll find out real soon if he is the real deal, something tells me we are looking at a freak in the making at this One Mile on Turf.
I really like this spot for Wise Dan. Personally, had he run in the Classic, I would have been more likely to say to myself "I wonder how he would have faired in the Mile?" as opposed to the other way around. If the top notch Euros don't make the trip, can we say they are ducking Wise Dan? ;)
I think this is where he belongs, Charles Lopresti is a good trainer and horseman and he must think this is Wise Dans best surface and distance. Wise Dan is the best American Turf miler in many years and I would love to see him beat the Europeans at Santa Anita. It will be a great race and with the Ladies Class, Classic, Dirt Mile and Mile all looking strong, this should be a great Breeders Cup.

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