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Wise Dan Wins his Eighth in a Row

Horse of the Year Wise Dan won the Fourstardave Handicap (G2) for the second year in a row and I think the “Sultan of Saratoga” would approve. Fourstardave earned that nickname for having won at least one race at the Spa every year for eight years from 1987 to 1994. Fourstardave had been the only horse to win this race in consecutive years, which was then known as the Daryl’s Joy in 1990 and 1991.
Wise Dan used his long and relentless stride to pass King Kreesa for his eighth consecutive victory. That win streak began last year in this same race when Wise Dan carried only 119 pounds against six challengers.  This year Wise Dan was saddled with 129 pounds as six new horses went into the gate to try and beat the defending champ.
King Kreesa was on the lead as expected and he got to set soft early fractions of :24.24 and :47.48. Wise Dan saved ground on the rail in third position behind King Kreesa and Skyring. Rounding the final turn John Velazquez moved Wise Dan off the rail into the two path and just wore King Kreesa down. Velazquez easily passed the leader and looked over both shoulders to see if there was any other competition. The final time for Wise Dan’s win in the Fourstardave was 1:34.
In today’s handicap races, horses are rarely asked to carry 129 pounds and after the race Velazquez said of Wise Dan, “He’s amazing. With all the weight they put on him, he still ran the way he has always done it. To show up and do it the way that he did it today was incredible.”
Most likely that is last time that weight will be an issue for Wise Dan in 2013. If he competes in the same races as last year, Dan will face weight for age conditions.
A much more relaxed trainer Charlie LoPresti said of his champion, “I think he showed everyone what kind of horse he is, with the weight on his back and the fractions up front.  They went slow the first quarter. King Kreesa ran a great race and he just gunned him down. He showed everyone that under adversity that he can still run the way we think he can.”
Wise Dan has now won 17 out of 24 career races and over $4,500,000. It is appears that it is going to be up to the other older horses to put together a campaign that can rival what Wise Dan does race after race. There will be no room for the others to bobble and take a loss, if they are going to compete for the 2013 Horse of the Year title. 


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Brampton, not too far from me...You should drop in at Woodbine some weekend and I will take you up to the press box for a really fantastic view of the races.
In Brampton where I grew up, my WHOLE area were scots. Both neighbours on either side were Scots....I know what you mean..lol. Great people though.
Strange ones those Scotts, as my secretary was from there and it took me about a year to understand her way of speaking.
As the Glasgow Celtic fans would sing...."Here we go, 10 in a row!"
why is everyone so hell bent on the HOY voting.there are 3 months left of top racing to go.things will sort themselves out.trust me,the only way dan gets horse of the year honors again,is if all the other contenders in other divisions fall flat on their faces.nothing against dan.he is a worthy champ.but he got the sympathetic vote last year. there is not a chance he will get it again.like i posted earlier.in the fourstardave,he beat an above average ny bred by 1 hard fought length.that to me is not HOY worthy credentials.
if a WEST coast based and an EAST coast based horse are close, GUESS who has more votes?? It ain't the West coast horse.
And if Game On Dude goes undefeated and takes the BC classic if Wise Dan skips it to do the Mile again- I don't think it's enough to take the HOTY away from GOD
well said vic,i can't believe it.we are actually agreeing on things.hell of a lot better than going at each others throats.but not as much fun and entertaining to the soul.
Biomechanical evaluation of human locomotion, I am sure, has many correlates to quadreps. What they find in humans is that there is NO singular set or factors that indicate an effiecient gait, so even if we know the phenotypes that work well, there are always new combinations discovered.
I could show you TERMINALLY ILL peopl who looked no different than completely healthy ones...THe package does not suggest the contents.
vic i have never been one for physical confirmation.ever since i was involved in sales of horses and i was told that one of the most important features was the throat air passage ways.i leave that up to others to discern.outer appeaances with animals is similar to humans,just because they look good on the outside,you never know what is going on inside.like i was told,that is why they put tableclothes on old tables.it hides the cracks and scratches.if you feel it helps you.all the power to you.me,it does nothing to me.
He was certainly the physical specimen standout
vic,we finally agree on something.could not of said it any better myself.he got the job done.he did what was expected.the feat was not earthshattering.it was workmanlike.but one would expect more from a horse i would consider one of the 3 best turf milers in the world.mayybe he is not as good this year.racking up wins is irrelevant.there really is not another turf miler in the U.S that can be considered great.no disrespect to the others.just can't see anyone with above tier talent.
True no dominance akin to a Bid or Slew but he gets the job done
Personally,i do not see all of the hoopla surrounding Dans' victory yesterday.He ran a good race,that is it.Come back to reality,he beat an average NY State bred by 1 length. he was all out to do so,he also sat the perfect trip.Dan saved all the ground and never encountered any rtraffic problems or grounfd loss.Next you will tell me he spotted him 12 lbs.Well in the world of handicapping.5 lbs is equal to 1 length.SO Dan spotted him 2.5 lengths in weight and beat him by 1 length.He did it under a perfect ride.In my book,that means he beat an above average NY Bred by 3.5 lengths when the smoke clears.Far from having to write home about.Face it,the public has such a sympathetic attachment to this horse.All he had to do was win to get raves.It was an average performance by a superstar horse.nothing more nothing less.
TOO MUCH of the Horse of the Year depends upon a single randomly attained accomplishment that renders impotent, great moves throughout the year.
JOhn Henry had it wrapped in Novermber as it should be when one is that dominant
If winning the Classic means HOTY....Then Blame, and Awesome Again should have been HOTY for their respective years in which they won the classic. If Dan wins out and that includes the BC mile, he will get HOTY again. JMO.
Game On Dude and Wise Dan both have the same amount of graded stakes wins- so HOTY goes to whoever wins the Classic as Dan has to show up there to grab HOTY from Game on Dude in my opinion
  • Ruffianlover · Of course unless another horse pulls off the win but honestly these two are just too hot this year for me to see anyone else winning it as of now · 1563 days ago
Weight shifts of less than 10 don't mean a hill of beans at this level..Just look at what steeplechasers carry with ease....Ta Wee and others

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