Will You Survive ZATT’s Breeders’ Cup Contest???

It's that time again ... Back by popular demand, everyone is cordially invited to participate in the third annual ZATT Breeders’ Cup Survivor Contest. We’re bringing back the most popular contest of last year and doing it again on Zipse at the Track … and the last person left standing will be the big winner! The rules are simple: Pick one horse in each BC race as your survivor selection, if that horse finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you survive and move on to the next race. The person who survives the longest will be crowned ZATT’s 2012 Champion.



As you may recall, I like to add a little strategy to the contest, so you are only allowed to pick the morning line favorite in one race in a row. In other words, if you pick the morning line favorite in the first race, you are prohibited from picking the morning line favorite in the next race, but could go back to the chalk in the third race, and so on. In the event of a late scratch, it is dependent on the player to have either listed an alternate choice, or submit your new survivor selection prior to post time. In the event of a tie, the player who picks the most winning horses will be declared the winner. If still tied, total payoffs for the winning horses will be the final tie-breaker.



The 2012 Champion will take their deserving place on ZATT’s Hall of Champions beside last year’s Survivor superstar Mike Tartaglia, aka mjtags11. The winner will also have the option of authoring a guest blog on Zipse at the Track on a racing subject, and at a time, of their choosing. Be fair warned though, it will not be easy ... I'm playing in this one! All entries should be made as a comment on this blog, must include your name, and be submitted by Friday at 12pm Pacific. Have fun and good luck to all!


[And for even bigger Survivor stakes, try DerbyWars's $5,000 Graded Stakes Survivor next weekend!]


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Older Comments about Will You Survive ZATT’s Breeders’ Cup Contest??? ...

Congrats to HRN's own Alex Fawell ... winner, winner, filet mignon dinner!
JuvenileSprint-MeritMan (alternate is South Floyd), Marathon-Atigun (Eldaafer) Juv.FilliesTurf-tarafromthecape(springventure) Juv. Fillies-Executiveprivilege(sp?) (dreamingofjulia) fmturf-ladyofshamrock(thefugue) ladiesclassic-royaldelta(awesoemfeather) JuvTurf-knowmore(balancethebooks) fmsprint-groupiedoll (switch) dirtmile-emcee(fedbiz) turfsprint-californiaflag juvenile-powerbroker turf-slimshadey sprint-coil classic-muchomachoman
UPDATED:Juvenile Sprint - Merit Man, Marathon - Commander, Juvenile Fillies Turf - Waterway Run, Juvenile Fillies - Executiveprivilege, F&M Turf - Nahrain, Ladies' Classic - Questing, Juvenile Turf - Joha, F&M Sprint - Groupie Doll, Dirt Mile - Emcee, Turf Sprint - Corporate Jungle, Juvenile - Fortify, Turf - Trailblazer, Sprint - Jimmy Creed, Mile - Excelebration, Classic - Game On Dude
I've gotta change my first two picks due to the scratch of Super Ninety Nine - I'll go with Merit Man in the Juvy. Sprint and now replace Atigun in the Marathon with Commander. Merit Man and Commander.
Merit Man, Fame and Glory, Spring Venture, Executiveprivilege, The Fugue, Questing, Balance the books, Musical Romance, Shackleford, Bridgetown, Shanghai Bobby, Point of Entry, Coil, Excelebration, Game on Dude
Luck more than skill is on parade in wagering on the majority of these contests
Juvenile Sprint-South Floyd,Not Abroad, Juv Fil Turf,Spring Venture,Juv Fillies, Dreaming of Julia,Filly and mare turf, The Fugue,Ladies Classic, My Miss Aurelia---SATURDAY---Dry Summer, GROUPIE DOLL, Jersey Town,Unbridles Note (2nd choiceCorporate Jungle,) Point of Entry,Jimmy Creed, Animal Kingdom, Game on Dude. Anne Shaw
Replace my scratch from super 99 to merit man
Merit Man,Worth Repeating,Sky Lantern,Dreaming of Julia,Ridasiyna,Royal Delta,Artigiano,Groupie Doll,Emcee,Unbridled's Note,Shanghai Bobby,St Nicholas Abbey,Gantry,Excelebration,Ron the Greek
oops Worth Repeating scratched, my alternate is Eldaafer
Hmm Infanta Blanca draws in... too late to doubt. I knew I should have waited til 11:45 PT to post.
Merit Man is my alternate in the Juv. Sprint
I'll replace him with Merit Man.
Juv Sprint-Super99, Marathon-Not Abroad, Juv Filly Turf-Tara from the Cape, Juv Filly-Executivepivilege, F&M Turf-The Fugue, Ladies Clasic-Awesome Feather, Juv Turf-Artigiano, F&M Sprint- dust and diamonds, Dirt Mile-Emcee, Turf Sprint- Next Question, Juvenile-Power Broker, Turf-St Nick's Abbey, Sprint-Coil, Turf Mile-Wise Dan, Classic-Flat Out
Wait brian if atigun is the morning line favorite I will go with El Daafer in the breeders cup marathon, if he is not the morning line favorite im sticking with atigun okay just want to get this in before i get locked out.
  • Capper · Hilton, I'm monitoring the picks today, so I got you down, but Merit Man & Atigun are both ML favs, so 1 of them needs to be changed. · 1844 days ago
Super Ninety Nine has been scratched, if you picked him and DID NOT send an alternate pick, please do so.
Brian my marathon pick has been scratched so I pick Atigun Now in the breeders cup marathon, and remember my sprint pick is capital account
Super Ninety Nine (Sweet Shirley Mae), Eldaafer (Worth Repeating), Spring Venture (Sky Lantern), Executiveprivilege (Kauai Katie), Marketing Mix (Ridasiyna), Royal Delta (Awesome Feather), Joha (George Vancouver), Groupie Doll (Musical Romance), Shackleford (Fed Biz), Bridgetown (Mizdirection), Power Broker (Capo Bastone), Trailblazer (St. Nicholas Abbey), Coil (Amazombie), Excelebration (Wise Dan), Game On Dude (Ron the Greek)
  • Capper · Can't have 2 ML favs in a row, so gotta do some switching between Groupie Doll, Shacklefore & Bridgetown. · 1844 days ago
Juv Sprint-Super99, Marathon-Not Abroad, Juv Filly Turf-Watsdachances, Juv Filly-Executivepivilege, Ladies Clasic-Awesome Feather, F&M Sprint- Groupie Doll, Juv Turf-Artigiano, Dirt Mile-Jersey Town, Turf Sprint- Bidgetown, Juvenile-Title Contender, Turf-Point of Entry, Sprint- Trinniburg, Turf Mile-Mr.Commons, Classic-GOD
Super Ninety Nine (Merit Man), Atigun (Jaycito), Watsdachances (Sky Lanturn), Executiveprivilege (Kauai Katie), Marketing Mix (The Fugue), Awesome Feather (Royal Delta), Brown Almighty (Dundonnell), Groupie Doll (Musical Romance), Emcee (Shackleford), California Flag (Bridgetown), Power Broker (Shanghai Bobby), Point of Entry (St Nicholas Abbey), The Lumber Guy (Amazombie), Execelebration (Wise Dan), Mucho Macho Man (Game On Dude)

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