• Miss Sunset (3-1) grinds out the win over Chalon in the Grade 2 Raven Run Stakes.Posted 22 hours ago
  • Bonus Points (3-1) swings wide and draws clear to win the Maryland Million Classic.Posted 22 hours ago
  • La Coronel (5-1) leads them all the way in the Grade 1 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup.Posted 7 days ago
  • Rubilinda (6-5) finds the wire just in time to take the Pebbles Stakes.Posted 7 days ago
  • Engage (1-2) rolls home from last to win the Grade 3 Futurity Stakes.Posted 7 days ago
  • Bolt d'Oro is the 12-1 favorite in the current Las Vegas line for Kentucky Derby 2018.Posted 11 days ago
  • Romantic Vision (6-1) takes the sloppy Spinster (G1) at Keeneland.Posted 13 days ago
  • Unique Bella (1-5) returns with a clear victory in the L. A. Woman (G3) at Santa Anita.Posted 13 days ago
  • Flameaway (5-1) wins a three-horse photo finish in the Dixiana Bourbon (G3) at a wet Keeneland.Posted 13 days ago
  • War Flag (9-1) wins the stretch battle in Belmont's Flower Bowl (G1).Posted 13 days ago
Breeders' Cup 2017

Who is the Greatest Racehorse of All Time?

Zenyatta is the greatest racehorse of all time if she is your favorite. Rachel Alexandra is the greatest racehorse of all time if she is your favorite. Secretariat is the greatest racehorse of all time if he is your favorite. The list can go on and on and on. All of these statements are true; every horse that is your favorite was the greatest racehorse ever. That is a fact. I don’t need stats or opinions from anyone else. I know who my favorite is and you know who your favorite is. It does not matter what makes a horse YOUR favorite horse, but I will say that NOBODY has any right to tell me that their favorite is better and I have no right to tell someone that my favorite is better. This is what makes them my favorite and your favorite. Every time I check in on the site there is another bash Zenyatta, bash Blame or bash Rachel Alexandra thread going on. Come on folks, we are on here because we are racing fans. My favorite may not be the best horse ever, but so what! They do not have to break records or win Breeder’s Cups or be horse of the year to be our favorites, we can like them anyway.

Who is the greatest racehorse ever? The horse that left you wanting more; the horse that made you tune in next time on television; the horse that made you take that road trip to the track to catch a glimpse; the horse that left you with goose bumps. The greatest racehorse ever is the one that turned me into a passionate fan of racing. She did not win all of her races, but she made me stand up and pay attention to racing. She made me want more, more racing and more of her. When she left me, I was so hooked on racing that I had found another horse that I fell in love with. When he left, I found another horse. God willing, when my next favorite leaves I will find another horse. She did this for me and for that she is the greatest. You have your favorites that did that for you and for that, they are the greatest.

 Let me save you all the trouble and the suspense, the truth is we will never know who the greatest racehorse ever is; but fear not, we will never know who the greatest baseball player, football player or even president was. We don’t really know if Gone with the Wind is the greatest movie of all time and we will never know if Man O War really was the greatest racehorse of all time. I like it that way; my favorite is the greatest and your favorite is the greatest. There is no way to prove me wrong or to prove you right. It sucks, but it is fact. Period.

Now, I know you can pull out all of these stats and I can too, but does it matter? Will my stats change your mind? Will your stats change my mind? No, probably not and that is why we are all here to share our passion for horses and horseracing with others. I am so honored to be able to share my thoughts with you and for you to share your thoughts with me.


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2009 Rachel ran in six states on all types of tracks under all conditions and the Preakness under the 13 pole!
There will always be horses who have memorable seasons and remarkable Triple Crown victories. Another may come along later and best these achievements. You will never again see an American race horse who exemplifies the all around thoroughbred with such a stellar career. I wanted to pick Kelso or Kelso5 for my license plate. They were already taken. ClarenceFender and Buckpasser are spot on, he was exceptional.
Clarencefender. Couldn't agree more with your statement. He was always my favorite.
The greatest race horse of all tim set a two mile World record on dirt and set an American track record on grass for a mile and one half in a span of eleven days. His American record was one fifth of a second faster than Secretariat's mile and one half. Secretariat's was on a mile and a half running around two turns. This horse ran on a mile track and had to run around three turns. This horse won the Jockey Club Gold Cup five years in a row. He was also Horse of the Year for five consecutive years. If you know anything about horse racing you'll know who it was.
Not that you guys are saying anything about it. Just that needs to get out there.
OK! I hate this whole argument on who's better, Rachel Alexander or Zenyatta! Will you all just quit it! PLEASE. It's getting old. They are already retired, both in foal. If you want to argue, wait until their foals start racing.
They don't have to be the best to love them.They are beautiful creatures without the needfor our judgement.
@shadowno....Boowoo.....Typical American Horse racing Jargon between conditions/restricted. PS: Wow...I didn't know I was an expert. However, I do know that I don't come on this forum and type share rubbish. My opinions are the truth and I back my comments with facts. However, most of you make stupid comment and get very offended when someone prove you wrong. BTW...I'm not an expert, I'm a huge fan of horse racing. Feel free to point out where I proclaim myself as an expert.
@Skipthe Country. Are you aware you have been debating with an "expert" (zXswordxz) who until 4/15/11 did not know what a Restricted race was? Like who the hell doesn't know what a restricted race is or what conditions mean if you follow or bet horses? I was going to let his/her dirty little secret stay hidden in his/her electronic paper trail, but the recent spate of insults are ridiculous and in no way should this no nothing about racing individual be allowed to call anyone a "dumbass". Check out the electronic paper trail under his/her comments and you'll get the full picture. Enough of the insults!!
i agree with rohan, Have a set and state who you think is the best.
Nicely put rohan2reed....
to the original poster who said the greatest racehorse of all time = whoever your favorite racehorse is.. that's a moronic and ill-informed statement. Justin Bieber is a lot of people's favorite artist, but does that make him better than the Beatles? I think we would all agree it most certainly does not. Sorry, but you can't just write off your opinions as fact because you want to. Statistics, analysis, performance, championships, etc.. are what determines an athletes stature among the all-time greats. Not how much you love them.
sorry rohan2reed must have had a mental block.Curlin was a great one but I was talking 3yo season's best and Point Given is second only to Rachel as far as that goes.
icyhot.. no Curlin?
shadowno, thank you for sharing that with me. I actually have seen the replay before, but now with the belmont incident fresh in my mind it was interesting to watch it again and to also hear what came about afterwards. Interesting to note that not only did the stewards not think anything was intentional, but Rose came to the defense of Dominguez. I love it, thank you for sending that to me!
I believe Afleet Alex and Point Given were the best 3yo's of the last decade.Big Brown had foot problems or he would be there also
@RA Talk girl, Watch the 2005 Preakness with Afleet Alex. One of the most amazing recoveries ever. Wonderfully athletic animal. Shoulda, coulda, woulda won the triple crown with a little more J. Rose patience in the Kentucky Derby.
I don't have many friends who are really "racing fans", but I know I am. Some people may say it's Secretariat. Well, that's just fine and dandy to me. I go from one horse to another. I'm pretty new to racing, but I'm no stranger to horses. I think all horses should be qualified. My favorite is actually the recent Mucho Macho Man. He's a big boy, but a youngin'. I think he's got a lot of heart. I wanted more every time I watched him race. He may not be a top horse, but that's the beauty of being racing fans. You never who is the best of the best. Maybe, we should just say all racehorses deserve to be named the best. I think all horses should be appreciated no matter if they are racehorses or just regular farm horses. I think this little horse named Honey who had a real effect on my heart was one of the greatest horses ever.
Well, RaTalk_Girl, welcome to the sport. Since you mentioned that you're new to the game, I'll give you four races from the past that either are greatly-called, or breathtaking to behold. 1)Tom Durkin's call of the 2000 BC Classic stretch drive; 2)Tom Durkin's call of the 1994 Travers Stakes re: Concern's move to come up on Holy Bull; 3)I believe it was Dave Johnson's call of the 1989 Preakness between Easy Goer and Sunday Silence; 4)I happened to trip across this race when I was at the Horse Racing Hall of Fame @ Saratoga. Check out the 1962 Travers Stakes between Jaipur and Ridan. These 2 horses will go the entire length of the 1 1/4 race together. I had never seen two horses lock up for an entire race, especially one of this distance. If you get a chance to view them, I hope you them. They were awesome to me.
You have a great point, I have listened to the call many times and it is incredible. Although there are quite a few stretch calls that I have gotten emotional over, mostly recent as I am pretty new to the sport.

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