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Breeders' Cup 2017

Who Would You Pick???

For weeks I have been trying to give people a different look into horseracing. I wrote about why I decided to become a fan, I wrote about who the greatest horse of all time is and I tried to take everyone on a journey to remember their first trip to the track. In between, I got to talk about jockeys, horses, stakes races and (in my opinion) screw jobs. I appreciate you all reading, but I am about to try something different, hope you enjoy and be sure to leave a comment on who you are picking and why.
This week, we have a situation; let’s say for a minute you have the money to own racehorses, not for profit, but as a hobby. Now, I am selling three horses and I am going to tell you what they are predicted to do in their career. You tell me which one you would choose. Remember, you do not need the money and I am selling both horses for the same price.
Horse A, is going to race for 3 years. As a two year old, Horse A will break their maiden in their second race on synthetic, then will have a layoff of about 8 months. Following the layoff, the horse will turn 3 and lose their first race back, on dirt. The horse then wins the next allowance race on dirt. That win takes the horse into stakes races, 4 to be exact for the rest of the year. The horse loses only one of the stakes races. The following year, as a 4 year old, the horse will race in 5 stakes races, one grade 3 and four grade 1’s. The horse will lose one of the races, but finished their career as a winner of a Breeders Cup. The wins will come on dirt and synthetic.  The highest weight carried by this horse is 126 pounds. The highest speed figure the horse will receive in their career will be 111, and the horse will reach this level at least twice.
Horse B is going to race for 4 years. The horse will win the first 2 times out, a maiden race and an allowance race both on synthetic as a 3 year old. Then the horse will start their 4 year old campaign in stakes races, 1 on dirt and the rest on synthetic. The horse will win all 7 of them; those include 4 grade 1’s which include a Breeder’s Cup and 3 grade 2’s. Then come back during their 5 year old career and win 5 more races, 4 grade 1’s and 1 grade 2. This year will also include a Breeder’s Cup Classic win. At the age of 6, he horse will race in 6 grade 1 races, winning 5 of them and losing only to Horse A. The highest weight this horse will carry is 129 pounds and I believe the highest speed figure the horse earns is 112.
Horse C will race for 3 years. The horses’ 2 year old campaign includes 2 maiden races, over dirt then right into a grade 3 stakes where the horse comes in second. The horse will then win an allowance, finish second in a grade 3 and then finally win a grade 2 stakes race under a new jockey. There is a 10 week layoff taking the horse into its 3 year old campaign. The campaign will give the horse 8 wins in 8 races. The wins include 2 grade 2’s and 6 grade 1 races. Finally, there will be a 6 month layoff for the horse and then the horse comes back as a 4 year old to win 2 races and finish second twice before being retired. The highest weight carried by the horse is 124 pounds and the highest speed figure is 116.
These horses’ identity is no secret to any of us, I am just asking you to look simply at the stats and pick HONESTLY which horse you would want to own. Let me know, I am curious about who you would pick. I read the arguing that goes on and don’t normally comment, but I truly wanted to know based on these stats, which would be picked. I hear the arguments for picking a horse based on speed figures and weights carried, so here are some of the facts now you can choose. Also, what helped you choose the horse you did or what information is missing that is important to you. Maybe we can do this again.
These are not the only stats that I consider when I look at a horse and their career, but I consider myself a different fan. I like horses based on what I consider spectacular…a win by 20 lengths in graded company, never being the favorite in the field and finding the winners circle anyway or perhaps digging in and fighting when you are trying to overtake the leader-not giving up. Based on the stats I just provided, and only on these stats, I changed my own mind. I went into this blog thinking I would pick one horse and left this blog picking another. Who would you pick?


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Older Comments about Who Would You Pick???...

This was a great blog
Good point, if it is just a hobby and no money involved, I would choose any horse. Thank you for explaining your choice; reasons are what I am trying to get out of this.
What I am thinking here is that If its only a hobby, You would pick any one of the 3 horses. If You added criteria like wanting to see the horse race as much as possible, or how many times the horse gets in the Winner's Circle (excluding purse money) to get your picture taken. Based on the selections, If my math is correct, I would take Horse B.
Tim, I was trying to give people some facts and even though we all know the horses, trying to see what people are looking at when choosing the horse. Most people are saying the length of time they run is important to them, I like that they are using a reason. Also, when I had too look at the numbers I put in and take my emotional attachment out of it, I actually picked horse b and I did not plan on picking B when I started the blog. Thanks for posting and is there any reason you liked the last option I posted, Horse D? Is it the length of time or stakes wins??
Obviously if you were buying the horse as a fan you would want your horse to run often, with little down time. I would have to say B) Zenyatta.
I would just say there names .And Pick horse D
I pick horse c because they had the highest speed figure.
I am biased, and I could not help but deduce which horse was wich, but I pick horse #C. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!
ok, maybe I should add another horse...this was to be a debate on what people like, just wanted to know what they would look for in a horse. Here is another horse...Horse D will race for at least 5 years and win 17 races, they will include handicap races, grade 2 & 3's and allowance races. Any thoughts??
Oh, forgot about the graded wins comment...if you were to have another option based on the graded stakes win and I offer you a horse that will win about 30 stakes races, would give up Horse B??
P.S. I think Horse A didn't really race a full 3 years but a little over 2, Horse B didn't race for 4 years (just over 3), and Horse C raced about 2 years.
  • TraciPatrick · why are you so offended by the blog --- nothing bad was said in it, which horse would you want by what was written --- going little tooooo far maybe;) · 2331 days ago
Oh, forgot about the graded wins comment...if you were to have another option based on the graded stakes win and I offer you a horse that will win about 30 stakes races, would give up Horse B??
annmatt, I left out some very important stats just wanted to get in the basics and no details. This was done with the hopes that people would be able to go on the stats given and to see what stats I did not include that they wanted to see included. Guess you can't base on just the stats, I know I can't . I thought I would have picked one horse, but then looking at the numbers only I decided to pick another horse. I left out the distance, because I don't think that is as important. Some of my favorite horses are milers and sprinters. So, based on the facts I gave you who would you pick?? I did not include distance, but if I do this again with other horses, I may do that. Thanks for the suggestion.
Horse B....a few "facts" appear to be skewed....Horse B put it all together and competed at classic distances (1 1/4mi) (as did Horse A)....For Horse A you left out he got beat earlier in a G1 race by 4 lengths by a horse that finished last in Horse A's last race, a pretty important fact I would say. Horse B won 13 career G1 races, more than the other two combined. Finally, for me anyway, there's more to every horse than just the stats, and each horse A, B or C I would be honored to have owned. My heart went to B, but each can be appreciated and respected for their accomplishments.
Out of these three horses I would pick B. Give me a nother horse that ran a year longer or had more races and I would pick that one. If the money was not a concern I would just want my horse to run for enjoyment of the race.
  • RaTalk_Girl · Well, let's say there is another option. How about a horse that has raced for 5 years and has over 30 starts in mixed races some graded stakes, some handicaps and some allowance, would you then go with this option? · 2331 days ago
  • TraciPatrick · yes --- I want to see the horse happy and racing · 2331 days ago
As each of you pick a horse based on the length of time they raced, consider that the 1 year the horse ran more than the others only gave you one additional race...Does that make any difference??
horse B for the longivity and amount of wins esp g1's A LOT of good times owning this horse
  • RaTalk_Girl · I am finding the length of racing time is important...so I ask you...how about a horse that races for 8 years and has over 30 wins in mixed races including grade 1-2-3 and allowance races. Would this new horse be a better fit for you? · 2331 days ago
Try to let me know what about the horse that you picked appealed to you the most. I am trying to find out what types of things people take into account when choosing a one horse over the other. Thanks!!
I would pick C and as you see I did!
I like horse B. The fact that the horse will race a longer time and gain a following versus racing for 3 years and going to stud.
  • RaTalk_Girl · Great reasoning, but does that 1 extra race Horse B has over Horse C really make that much of a difference? Any other thoughts?? · 2331 days ago

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