Where Am I?

Where Am I?

This is a test to see how well you know your racetracks! If it’s a  hit I’ll keep doing it! The first one to comment the correct track wins! Feedback is appreciated as well.This first one is a little easy, so good luck!

1.This racetrack has had many legends run at it, including a young jockey’s first win. This upcoming rider was Steve Cauthen, one of horse racing’s most familiar faces, most known for riding the 1978 Triple Crown winner Affirmed. Also, famed California jockey Rafael Bejarano got his start at this track.
 2.Giving away this track’s state would serve as a giveaway, so I’ll say it is in one of the Midwest states.
 3.Once you walk into the track, you will see an open grandstand painted a gleaming white, one that shines in the sunlight.
 4.It opened in 1925 after the demise of another track similar to it.
 5.This track was once home to the richest 2 year old race not only in it’s state, but in all of North America. The new owners of 2011 ridded the track of its keepsake after the running that year.           
 6.One of horse racing’s most known horses raced here, but didn’t win either of them. He ran in the Western and Eastern Hills Handicaps.
 7.The first horse ever to gallop past the finish line was the legendary Black Gold, the horse who still holds the record for most "Derby" wins in North America. In addition, he also won the famed Kentucky Derby.
 8.In January of 2011, Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. purchased this racetrack.
 9.This beautiful track accommodates 9,350 in it’s grandstand and other trackside benches and seats.
 10.After surviving a traumatic flood in the 1900’s, the racing ovals opened under a new name altogether. It also then survived another flood of the same destruction in the same century.
 11.There is a 8 furlong dirt oval and a 7 furlong turf course to go along with this track. It also has 2 chutes, one leading to the backstretch and one leading to the beginning of the homestretch. The making of the grass stretch made it the 13th in America to do so.
 12.In 1988, the owners of this racetrack paid $16 to remake the grandstand, and in addition to that, the paddock was doubled in size.
 13.If you have rowdy kids not into racing, get a friend or caretaker to haul them over to the amusement park right next to this course.
So, can you guess what track I’ve described?


Written by Madison Jackson


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Thanks guys
Ohio racing, both thoroughbred and harness are getting a huge shot in the arm with slots revenues. Tracks are moving to new locations, rebuilding facilities that are desperately needed. In harness racing, many top sires will be standing in Ohio to take advantage of better sires stakes purses. Scioto Downs has seen better attendance and wagering. Thanks for the Quiz TBDF. Good idea
wow I could make out big in this quest
Nothing wrong with your quiz, TBDF.
Well I said since it was the first one, it would be a little easy.
I had it at Rafael Bejarano. Looked up at the 1/16 pole seats at the BC races, ten rows up--nothing. Shrug.
Maybe you're right Cocoa...
Perhaps less clues would make it harder.
Dang that was fast! Fast yet right... :)
River Downs. I've never been there, but "heard" much about it. I'll just go hit the forbidden sugar now :(
Please let the record stand that the new owners paid 16 million dollars to rebuild the grandstand.
Once again, I'd love to have everybody's opinions!

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