Watch: PBS’ ‘Story of the Horse’ brings science to life

January 20, 2019 10:51am

While racing fans are well acquainted with the speed and beauty of horses, a new two-part PBS Nature program, "Equus: Story of the Horse,” delves into how our favorite athletes have evolved to move so fast, with apparent ease, and brings the science to stunning life.

Host Niobe Thompson takes viewers back 50 million years, to the horse's four-toed, cat-like ancestor, known as "dawn horse," and forward to the present, when the Kentucky Thoroughbreds we know best demonstrate the horse's unique evolutionary adaptations.

Of particular interest to racing fans is the horse's interconnected stride and breathing system, as it is eye-opening how a horse can handle the stresses of taking a single breath with each stride, going 40 miles per hour.

Scenes from the 2017 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, the Thoroughbred Center, and an interview with trainer Michael Dickinson at his Tapeta Farm make this show a must-see.

And you can watch it on demand right here:

Equus: Story of the Horse continues Wednesday on your local PBS station.


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