Vyjack Being Treated With Antibiotics

Vyjack, Joel Rosario up, wins the 2013 GIII Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct Racetrack.

Vyjack, whose four-race winning streak at the Big A ended with his third-place finish in the Wood, returned from his efforts in good order save for some mucous detected in a post-race examination, said trainer Rudy Rodriguez.


“He came back good, he ate good, he walked good this morning,” said Rodriguez of the Pick Six Racing color-bearer. “There was some mucous when we scoped him, nothing bad. I don’t want to use that as an excuse. I’m proud of the way he ran.”


Rodriguez said the gelding will be treated with antibiotics for a few days and remains on target for the Kentucky Derby.


“It’s like human beings, we get a little cold for a couple of days,” said Rodriguez. “We’ll clean it up, we’ll check him out again, and move forward. He ran a good race against a good horse.”




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Thank you. I have never used banamine for anything but colic.
The positives/overages were in other horses, not Vyjack. It's an NSAID; not for colic exclusively. Here's a fairly straightforward explanatory link. http://www.surgi-carecenter.com/resources/publications/articletype/articleview/articleid/31/banamine.aspx
banamine... so he colicked?
yes vic.so what does that tell you about the racing commission.they need a scapegoat.if they ever catch rudy or anyone else with serious drugs toss them out on their butts.when the 1rst positive was brought up.m.dubb a member of nyra trustees said.the book penalty calls for a $750 fine.how did they come up with a $7,500 fine and 40 days suspension.also to remove a trainer from prepping his horse for arguably the most important race of his life.as good a job his brother gustavo did in prepping him.the trainer is the trainer.if he were not important,any hack could train them.imagine if another top contender lost their trainer now for their upcoming preparation for the derby and got him back 2 days before the race. i am sure it would be no problem.buisiness as usual
Yes, it was flunixin/Banamine.
Don't know the DRUG involved in that suspension but was it Flunixin, an NSAID? That is a mild one
Isn't Rodriguez the trainer that just came off a 20 day suspension for drug violations?
RAO recurrent airway obstruction.
Excessive mucus accumulation in the airways is regarded as a hallmark of RAO. It is an nonspecific clinical sign, however, observed in a wide spectrum of equine lower airway diseases. Increased endoscopic mucus scores are associated with airway inflammation, decreased PO 2 , compromised lung function, coughing and poor racing performance, but not with bleeding (EIPH) and age. from the above article: MANY pathways lead to excessive mucin production and they should all be considered each time an investigation is made, or it a half assed one.
how real physicians look with no pre-determined diagnoses but with a high degree of clinical suspision...This article add much doubt to attributing ALL mucous accumulation to a single locus: infection....That is how a discerning physician approaches a SYMPTOM and then works backward to all the various pathologies that account for the findings. VERY good article..http://www.ivis.org/proceedings/weas/2001/Gerber.pdf
Lets see how this plays out. Remember, he is a gelding so his future at the track should be more important than the Derby. A BCC win can make up for it?? Lets hope the connection make a wise decision and until then, we should not make conclusion about them being dumb since we the fans know NOTHING that is going on with this horse medically. In additional, was Rudy just trying to get ride of the media with his answer? I'm assuming the vet would know that he/she have to run a test before treating the horse properly.
They should surely find out if he has an infection so it can be treated properly(which is what I think has been being said here) and then give him time to recover from it. I agree, it would be very tough to give up on a Derby dream.
Mary..No one but his connection knows what is going on with the horse but I'm assuming that they won't make stupid decision a horse that could be a future star in the sport. I don't believe the connection will give the full detail to the media about the horse. If his infection is very serious, I trust that the vet, trainers, owners can make a sensible judgement on the best future for the horse. However, I'm not stupid to know that Derby fever can lead one to make bias decision.
Bingo again, Lisa>>You're right, Mary, but Derby fever sometimes trumps all.
Looked like two adults were doing okay on their own zx, not that Monday morning ad hominem isn't welcome. Anyway, is this gelding going to miss the Derby? Not much time to be diagnosed and treated for an infection, if Vyjack has an infection, before the Derby, and won't there be missed training?
Anyone with a science background wouldn't use them on a blog to slander people that they have absolutely no basis to do so. Ciao.
Bingo>>What I did learn from reading this (phew) is that rafi and family need to take the full course of antibiotics when prescribed and not stop after 2-3 days when they "feel better".
Expensive words! what a joke, ANYONE with a science background has them as second nature....
Yes sword. Old adage from debating teams, use expensive words without merit and try to throw everyone off from the real subject. The need to show off intellegence at the expensive of anyone's reputation is pathetic.
Lisa, you can't win with this moron. He always find some malarkey(as he put it) to side step valid points. For example, Will= Expressing the future tense.

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