Verrazano wins by ten … Hyperbole explosion follows

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Oh how we love to see a horse win by the length of the stretch. It makes us all warm and tingly inside.

Verrazano won by a country mile today in a big race. He was quickly crowned three-year-old champ. Not so fast my friends.

Remember the Derby winner, Orb? Remember the Belmont winner, Palace Malice? I know … he hasn’t raced since yesterday. Both of those colts are proven at classic distances. Verrazano, not so much.

Huge daylight wins are not always what they seem. It often means one horse felt his oats, while no one else in the race picked up all four legs. 

In the Haskell, this was true. Oxbow was not right. I’m just hoping the brave little colt leaves New Jersey with his health. Power Broker and Micromanage are just not grade one horses. Verrazano’s margin of victory had a lot to do with what was happening behind him.

Think about other horses over the years that you saw win by dizzying margins the race before a championship type of race. How many of them came back to win that big race? How many came back to get beat as the favorite?

By all means, give the Travers trophy to Verrazano right now. Bet him like he’s going out of style. Give him the Eclipse Award right now, while you’re at it … I will wait.

I will wait for the Travers where Palace Malice (the horse I believe to be the best three-year-old colt in Todd Pletcher’s barn), and Orb are my top two picks.

Credit to Verrazano. Today’s win was excellent, but assuming he will beat a pair of classic colts in Palace Malice and Orb in the ten furlong Travers, just because of what you saw today, will likely turn out to be a mistake. 


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I agree! jlp
THANK YOU! Went out for a run and came back to the ability to see entire threads again!! For this one, I have no further comment ;)
I had that problem and I clean the cache and history off my browser and it work.
Mine is working again Brian.
It's all working normally for me, but I will pass these issues on to our web guy.
I had the same problem as Yuki yesterday, but today it's working. @Yukichan. If let's say it's a Secretariat thread, instead of clicking "show all comments" on the homepage, try going to the horse's individual page. It worked for me yesterday.
I still have that problem as well. I think Lava Man must've seen his power ranking and launched a virus.
I cannot see comments beyond last two posted no matter if 4 comment or 44 :/ I've tried from Home page, from clicking on subject line, clicking on the banner above, nothing works thus far... :/
Last night I was having the problem described by yukichan. Today I cannot use the "like" function on comments most of the time. Absolutely nothing happens when "like" is clicked.
From the homepage, click on comment and you will see every comment. Unfortunately, individual pages cannot handle this many comments.
*can't follow--though I guess it also can be hard when you can follow too :)
Maybe Brian can chime in--I don't think it is intentional, but an IT issue? Hard to answer or contribute to a thread when you can follow the history...
noticed that on many posts
They are deleting comments to
Is it just me or are others here having problems with having full thread appear? When I click on , in this case, 90 comment link--only last 2 appear. It is that way with all threads. Anyone else?
No ;/ I like mares to much.
Don't you think you should be gelded, EPB? Would that help you concentrate on racing? Not to mention you'd lose weight.
what about me? I did run a mile behind Varrazano I am the 5th best 3 YO.
oh Brian so agree with you until Orb gets back I like he and thr son of the mighty Curlin! !
EVERYONE ran, did not walk, away from Bellamy Road after that sham of a Wood. Normal early/late at Aqueudct for that distance is -4 to 0 and he ran something like a +15..That rolled surfce was as hard as ice.

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