Verrazano Victorious in Pegasus Return

The $150,000, Grade 3 Pegasus Stakes at Monmouth Park was billed as a battle between Verrazano and Itsmyluckyday, two of the Derby Trail favorites. Verrazano was returning to the races after his poor showing in the Derby and Itsmyluckyday had skipped the Belmont Stakes after his strong second place finish in the Preakness. 


The race started just as was expected. John Velazquez put Verrazano on the lead in an easy first quarter of :24-4. At that point Mike Smith sensed the slow pace and moved Itsmyluckyday into contention with the leader. Shortly after, however, Smith felt something go wrong his colt, and he pulled him up on the backstretch.

As Verrazano cruised to an effortless 9¼ length victory, attention turned to the welfare of Itsmyluckyday. Smith described what happened, “It felt like a left hind.  He actually broke really sharp and was just about to go up to press Verrazano and I felt something behind. I wasn’t going to take a chance and decided it was better to be safe than sorry so I just took the cautious road.” 
Thanks to the fast and prudent decision of the Hall of Fame jockey, Itsmyluckyday was able to walk onto the van to be further evaluated in his stall in Eddie Plesa’s barn.
Verrazano recorded his fifth win in six career starts. Velazquez, who has been aboard the Todd Pletcher trainee in all of those races, recorded his 5,002nd career win in the Pegasus. “It feels good to have him back,” said Johnny V.  “There didn’t look to be that much speed on paper at all.  I talked to Todd this morning and he said just to come out running and make them chase you.  His ears were wagging every step of the way and around the 3/8ths pole I gave him a little nudge and he knew it was time to go.” 
Brian Sullivan, a partner in Let’s Go Racing, said, “It was what we were looking for. I think we got exactly what we wanted to set us up for the Haskell. I think it makes the next six months interesting with a sprint to see who’s Horse of the Year. I think we’re squarely within that picture. He’ll train at the Spa and bring him back for the Haskell (July 28).”
Verrazano will leave for Saratoga at 5am on Monday morning. At the same time, we all await further good news on the status of Itsmyluckyday.  


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mike did everything right that day. no amount of mony is worth a horses life.
How else do you think they banned almost 100 riders in a single day?......guessing?
Here you
Your arguing still?. Go email the British Racing Authority then and ask them. They should provide you with all the proper guidlines they follow to make their judgements.
listen to yourself for once and ask yourself if you make sense.there are sometimes 15 horses in a race.there are 4 angles to watch a you honestly think that the stewards review every single horse with every single angle.after all ,it is not only the first 3 is the entire sometimes have to review it more than you know how long this would cannot be that gullable to believe that they do this for every race.
As far as the minimums and maximum's for lashes, I did not make up the rule or determine the exact number they settled on, so go blow smoke elsewhere.
The Stewards will review the race and decide if the whip was over used, they then look at all the circumstances during the race and see if the whip was used to urge the horse, or for other purposes such as simply lead change, or guiding the horse. Most of the time it is still a ban, but they review all purposes of use.
Any other questions?
This was last year on one day alone....
Proof - Just recenlty Joseph O'brien was banned and had to miss his mount in the Irish guineas.
Yes they do monitor the riders, and punishment will be dished out if that is the case. Only the high profile riders get in the papers for infractions, other less known riders will not. i took the time to watch races from europe.i wanted to see the difference.i saw the 4th race from thirsk.the #4 horse in pink who finished 4th.i counted him whipping his horse at least 10 times while he was on the screen.since you feel so confidant that tis rule is being enforrced and you know so much about it.tell me,do they have someone watch every replay from every angle about 15 times to insure accuracy.that is how many horses are in the they have to isolate each horse individually from the pan,to the head on and from the rear.sure is an expensive proposition to have an experienced horseman sitting in front of a video tape all day reviewing these things.i am really interested to know how they enforse the rule to in sure accuracy.maybe it is the trust system.they ask each jock as they dismount.they believe i said,i saw 1 horse get hit over the 7 times,and that was while he was on the screen.
You will never read a comment from me blaming the jockey for a horse's loss due to not hitting him/her with the whip enough
plural very with singular object:not right
WHEN are anyone going to believe, what has been known about horses since time immemorial: IF they don't respond after a few pops, they ARE NOT GOING TO!
gallop listewn to shadows post.i am sure many riders follow suit.the fact you are trying to sell me at a minimum number is what is making it hilarious.either ban it or legislate a whip as shadow is mentioning.but do not give me this nonsense it is accepted by the jocks.
Also it is not 7 lashes in the lane, it is the entire race.
Also like I said in my oother comment " The rule was enforced with the FULL backing of the Riders.....
no,if you want to limit the use of the whip,it is not because you think it is beneficial up to a certain far as european races go.i never watch them,so i do not know their mentality. but the limit of 7 times i find hilarious and could care less if they are doing it in other i said.answer me the question i posed.what is the difference between 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 me if over 7 hurt a horse.up to 7 hurt a horse.personally,i would have no problem with the whip being banned completely.if all play by the same rules ,who cares.lets say for argument sake,the whip means 2 seconds time at a you think i care if a horse goes 1:35 instead of 1:33. no way,as long as they pay the same.that is what i care about.but the breeders and owners woul disagree,because speed and fast times are golden.they impress people.they add value to their product.and that my friend is the bottom line.
Mike Smith has used the soft popper whip since 2009. Whack them 7 times or 70 they are not going to be covered in welts.

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