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Velazquez Creeping Up On Bailey at Saratoga

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Hall of Fame jockey John Velazquez entered Saturday’s card five wins behind Jerry Bailey on the all-time win list at Saratoga Race Course.


Velazquez, 41, named to ride in 10 of the 11 races on the second day of the race meet, began the day with 688 wins from 4,168 mounts. Bailey, who retired in 2006, finished his career with 693 victories.


Velazquez’s agent, Angel Cordero, called the “King of Saratoga,” ranks third with 649 career victories at the Spa.


Among his mounts Saturday, Velazquez is scheduled to ride Unlimited Budget, the 2-1 second choice on the morning line, in the 97th running of the Grade 1, $300,000 Coaching Club American Oaks. He had three wins on the opening-day card and is scheduled to ride eight horses on Sunday.




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Diego's horse was named "Snippy." Heck rafi, Limpy is a big ole' sweetheart buddy.
@SSilence, haha. I don't know. I'd like too, eventually, but probably not now. I didn't mean tomorrow, but maybe in a year or two, and see if the rest of my family would like one. I've never owned a cat, so I'd like to have one. @Jay, haha. You guys make cats sound so mean, haha. I really liked Diego's story about his horse. I forgot the name of him.
Monkey's already assembling one of those- if it fits, it ships boxes....
SSilence, you sound like you might know just where rafi could get one. :)
Rafi- i. Abbi. As you can see, hand raised from a day old. She's a mess. You gonna get a cat? Serious?
Long time pal Jeff. That's cool tv. Rafi, my youngest daughter had a miniature wiener dog. The first time she saw Limpy she ran up to him. He just sat there like he was gonna be all calm...until he whipped-out the overhand club on her. She never made that mistake again. My daughter had named her "Lady Biscuit." How could she help but get her roof caved in!?!
Haha, SSilence. My dog is a little Weiner named Buster. We named him after the baseball player, Buster Posey, because of his performances in the 2010 World Series. Of course, I'm a die-hard Giants fan. Perhaps I could name a cat Pablo, for Pablo Sandoval, and make him wear a sombraro just like Pablo Sandoval :D.
Nice Tv! I love them too.
SSilence, Abbi (i or y?) looks adorable in the photos you have posted in the past. I've never owned a cat, only a handful of horses (quarter, T-bred and oldenburg) and some dogs. My favorite pet I ever had was a Palomino horse named Mr. Ed. He looked like Mr. Ed, because of his Palomino coat, but also because we shared a name. He had a hilarious personality... @Travel_vic, like the name Noah. My friend's son is named Noah. CUTEST 2 year old of all time. What up with the name Mocha? :D. @Jay, I'm convinced to get a cat, because everyone on here adores them so much, haha. I've always been more of a dog person.
Monkey quite often stalks the dog. He outweighs her too. Abbi is learning the fine art of stalking the dog as well. The dog loves the cats. The cats view her as a toy.
Love cats: currently live with Noah, Mocha and my long time pal Jeff
Okay, so I'm supposing Timmy, I would name a cat Timmy because of my man Tim Lincecum, would absolutely hate Buster the Weiner. Oh well, Buster the Weiner is quite a wimp, so maybe he'll be scared as hell around Timmy..haha.
Rafi- they are amazing "people" because cats don't view themselves as animals. You want Abbi????
BTW, For four years the "Limpster" has yet to show affinity for anything canine. He hates dogs, but will absolutely hang-out with raccoons and possums.
rafi, YES I AM!!! *LOVE* your use of the goatee/dunce hat combo! Hahahaha!
@SSilence, Jay, and Buckpasser. Y'all are really making me tempted to get a cat! Especially viewing SSilence's pictures of Abby (right name?) through the links she has posted. I must admit, I'm always lost when trying to follow your guy's conversations about the cats.... I have a dog named Buster... Wonder how the cat and the dog would get along? :).
Haha. Jay, are you ready for the epic Will Take Charge vs. Palace Malice showdown??? <:)>? haha.
Hey, the goatee has pazazz...huh? :)> How 'bout the goatee while wearing the Dunce hat <:)> ?
Jay, I'm liking the :) with the goatee :).
Johnny V is the man...... On and off the track.

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