Vanity Handicap Quotes



Vanity Handicap

Grade I

69th Running

1 1/8 Miles


Jockey Quotes


 MIKE SMITH, ZENYATTA, Winner: "It's just incredible.  It was a great, great race.  It was a gallant effort on St Trinians' part, she really ran huge.  When we headed for home I hit a real big gear and she hit another one right back at me and I said ‘Whoa, she's serious, she's going to make me run.’ I was working at it until the last hundred yards and then I knew I'd out grind her.  We're carrying a lot of weight and I just wanted to get that weight moving forward so I tried to tip out as we came off the turn and use that momentum to kind of slingshot me even though I was a little wide, to get her at least running.  I didn't want to take a chance splitting them because if Martin (Garcia) saw me do that he might make it tight on me.  If I had to steady just for a jump, to get that weight going again is asking an awful lot.  I knew he was probably going to take me out (wide), it was great race riding on his part.  But it was just me and him.  So as wide as he is, that's as wide as I'm going to be.  Nothing matters at that point."


MARTIN GARCIA, ST TRINIANS, Second: "I don't know what to say.  I can't say anything right now.  I couldn't have asked her for any more.  The other mare is just too much horse.  But mine is too."


VICTOR ESPINOZA, ZARDANA, Third: "Zenyatta is just an unbelievable horse to ride against.  Everything was good during the race, but to stay with her, it's impossible."     


Trainer Quotes

JOHN SHIRREFFS, ZENYATTA, Winner: “I was just watching the race unfold and hoping to see her make her big run. What I was watching was the distance between her and St. Trinians and it seemed to stay the same, so I thought, ‘Well, the margin is staying the same and Zenyatta hasn’t made her kick, so she should cut into it. (When asked if he ever had a doubt Zenyatta was going to win). “It’s a horse race and they have to fight it out down there at the wire. Her last couple of works were a little on the slow side, so we were kind of concerned about that. She was always finishing well in her works, they just didn’t set up the way we wanted in the morning. When it’s done perfectly, you say, ‘OK that’s done we’ve taken care of that and we go on to something else,’ but when you can’t completely close the book it leaves some uncertainty.’’



MIKE MITCHELL, ST. TRINIANS, Second: “I thought I had her just the way I wanted her and I knew John had his mare just the way he wanted her. It was a good horse race. What can you say. I wanted to be a little farther in front of her turning for home because I know the kick that Zenyatta’s got. My mare has a big kick, too. She just got outrun. I’m happy. I just wanted it to be a good race. We’re all big fans of Zenyatta in my family. I know that (St Trinians) didn’t shame herself.’’


Owner Quotes



JERRY MOSS, ZENYATTA: I’m going to be watching that (replay) 30 or 40 times. I had a feeling she was going to make it somehow like she always does, ever since she caught Anabaa’s Creation in that race at Del Mar (the 2009 Clement L. Hirsch when Zenyatta won by a head). She won, she got there, she gave away the nine pounds (129-120) and she came about seven wide. She’s just awesome. What can I say. The reaction of the crowd was amazing. She’s such a fan pleaser. Everybody here loves her.’’







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