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Undercover PETA probe reveals cruel treatment at the racetrack (VIDEO)

PETA video


As reported in The New York TimesPETA (People for the ethical treatment of Animals), fired a blow to the core of the sport of horse racing with an undercover investigation into the practice of cruel methods in the training and running of thoroughbred race horses. Their nine-minute video, highlighting the dark side of their findings, which includes well-known members of the sport, can be viewed below.

While Horse Racing Nation does not agree with many of the tactics employed by PETA in their crusade against racing over the years, this video casts a shadow on aspects of the sport that we believe need to be addressed.

HRN stands by the majority of horsemen who treat their horses with care, dignity, and affection. This video is one-sided, and agenda driven in nature, but at the same time, it clearly shows that the sport still has many hurdles to overcome to move towards the sport we all want it to be.

Horse Racing is our passion. We fully support positive change, and invite racing fans, and bettors, to lobby for changes to rules that ultimately are good for the welfare of the horse. 



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Older Comments about Undercover PETA probe reveals cruel treatment at the racetrack (VIDEO)...

Read this article...http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/horses/horse-racing/2014/03/22/asmussens-top-assistant-blasi-barn-now/6739865/
and that does not even BEGIN to cover all those babies that broke down on the farm and never made it to the track at all.
Yep. And everyone lamented how Tank's Prospect, Lady's Secret, and Winning Colors closed out their careers.
Well Lukas got most of his grief from the way he handled Union City.
I just remember something else about Flanders, so I went and checked Bloodhorse to confirm: Flanders finished first in all five races during her championship 2-year-old season. After breaking her maiden by 7 1/2 lengths at Saratoga in her debut, she won the Spinaway Stakes (gr. I) at the historic track, then finished first in the Matron Stakes (gr. I) at Belmont Park. Prior to her next scheduled race, the Oct. 8 Frizette Stakes (gr. I) at Belmont, Flanders tested positive for the prohibited therapeutic drug isoxuprine and was disqualified from her Matron triumph and placed last. In the Frizette, Flanders scored by a staggering 21 lengths. Yeah, just another instance of gifted conditioning by the “coach.”
I'm a party poop: I've just never liked Stephens, and I don't think I can pinpoint why exactly. Maybe because he’s so dreadfully inarticulate, though he obviously doesn’t think so because he talks and talks and talks some more. I haven't liked Lukas since Flanders was injured in the '94 Juv. Fillies. To borrow a phrase, he rides them hard, puts them away wet. But you're right. The industry panders to the so-called ambassadors of the sport … who can do no wrong.
Viv,this is exactly what i was talking about Rudy yesterday and how some are looked at in a different way.If this were a lesser known trainer and jockey saying those things,the public would be outraged and call for their heads. But since it is the ever loved Stevens,we are all knocking over each other to give him a pass. Different strokes for different folks.
Fun? Amdaman, some jokes just aren't funny, especially when made by HOF professionals who’ve made a boatload of cash on running elite animals around an oval. Say the situation were likened to, oh, a couple of professional football players throwing around the "n" word, just for fun, you know, in private. Are we to believe that bad behavior isn't so bad when it's in private? That’s just horse shit. When the public’s money is involved, accountability is paramount. And because the safe and humane treatment of high-priced horses--that the tax-paying public wagers on--is at the heart of the situation, yeah, the end damn well justifies the means. Besides, joking about “shocking” horses isn’t funny, and if those professionals think that it is, they have little respect for the flesh and bones that made them rich.
I guess Asmussen's lawyers told him to disaccociate hiimself from Blaisi real quick...Now we'll have to wait for Blaisi to spill the beans on Asmussen...I don't and never would trust either of these two criminals again. Blaise learned what he knew from Steve.
I don't see any evidence of mistreatment. Just people talking trash and probably trying to impress a dumb-looking chick. As far as Stevens is concerned, you have to look at the context. They were out for drinks, and in those situations, people will say things to make others laugh, but that doesn't mean they are true. So you're going to believe that Lukas actually heard the devices buzzing? Please! Everyone is just having fun. They may brag about things they haven't actually done, embellish the facts, or exaggerate events to look good or to be funny, and I think it's disgraceful and a gross invasion of privacy to record these events and make them public. The end does not justify the means!
I'm not a PETA fan but this video was probably the least bias video they have ever made
Unfortunately others do not use your logic. They toss stones without a clue as to where they are aimed at.
Gotcha. That's why I like to look at the database; numbers don't lie?
Viv, i never questioned the validity of the rulings. Just how the clowns who wrote the article portrayed the trainers mentioned. When an author presents any point. You can't have 5 of the 6 graded one way and the other graded a different way. Smells of bias ,pro or con is irrelevant.
The Thoroughbred Regulatory Rulings database, maintained by the Jockey Club, at http://thoroughbredrulings.com/default.asp is a great resource for checking on infractions and rulings.
I'm not a Rudy hater. I listed about 6-7 trainers in my original post. You singled out Rudy. Also what part of reporting the facts is sensationalism. All it said was the amount of infractions and how often. Also there are dozens of articles about his suspensions, from the bloodhorse, drf.com,nydailynews, espn.com,nypost,bleachereport etc. Fool me once fool me twice but 6 times in four years? Come one. If it was an isolated incident I would buy your scapegoat arguement but 6?
Before you and Vinny Barbarino cry out that i am schilling for Rudy .Way off, you see when i read something .I also analyze it in the process and do not take it for face value.If he wrote the same article and substituted Jacobson,Matz,Motion, Pletcher ,Shug to give examples and not pointing fingers. My reaction would of been the same as to the context the way 1 trainers stat is portrayed in relations to the others in the article. Like i said>>Reeks of Sensationalism/Scapegoat.Not to defend Rudy,but look at his record closely since last My when they went to Belmont. He was awful there,and do you know why. Because he probably knows it better than anyone else. His stock is not good enough to compete at those venues when the good and better horses come back. Yet his winning percentage picked up at Aq when they returned and the better horses went south.
Tmallios the article said Rudy had 6 . Also to go back to your math, you should also know fractions and percentages. 4 infractions in 4 years is a 1 to 1 ratio. Same as 20 infractions over 20 years for example Baffert. That is why I mentioned him and Rudy. Also you continue to attack me for relaying info. Then you go on to attack the NY Times, problem is I also sighted a 3rd souce Ryan Goldberg an award winning freelance journalist. Google Rudy Rodriguez suspensions, articles arent hard to come by. I am being non biased, I just listed the guys that have been made public.
That and the hypocrits had to pick a scapegoat ,just to show how tough they were. Rudy was raked through the coals because of his relationshipwith Dutrow.These mental midgets actually accused him of speaking to Dutrow in the mornings. Rudy said that he excersized horses for him for years. He considered him a friend.What was he supposed to do,avoid him. Viv, let me not get sarted on the CD bunch. I will get cramps in my hands from all the typing.
Sheesh, I'm not a "biddy" by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm sure not "Vic" because I don't know EVERYTHING about horse racing. I'm thinking Rudy got the hard treatment at CD because he's not a big wig who trains for big wigs..

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