Trinniberg decision makes little sense

Life is full of decisions. Big and small, each decision helps shape the path we travel down a day from now, a month from now, and even for years to come. Unlike humans, thoroughbred race horses have a majority of their decisions made for them. The path they ultimately lead is shaped by their connections. Today, the racing career of the talented sprinter, Trinniberg, took an unexpected detour when owner Shivananda Parbhoo announced that the son of Teuflesberg will bypass next week’s Derby Trial in favor of the 2012 Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately for the horse, as decisions go, this one was a real stinker.
This is horse that has never been beyond seven furlongs and is bred to sprint. The last time Trinniberg ventured to Churchill Downs for a big race, he set a blistering pace in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Sprint before packing it in to finish 7th by 13 ½ lengths. He should be so lucky in the Kentucky Derby.
Of course, he won’t be. This will be a sprinter running against the best three-year-olds in the nation at the demanding distance of 1 ¼ miles. Chances are he will not fair as well as his sire did when he finished 17th five years ago. The only thing Trinniberg will accomplish, other than adding to the early pace, is to allow his connections to live the Kentucky Derby experience. It really is a shame, because in his first two races of 2012, he was looking like one of the best young sprinters in the nation.
What will become of Trinniberg after he drops anchor somewhere during the run for the roses? You never know, sometimes horses can bounce back from this type of mismanagement with little to no ill effects, but … often they are not so lucky.


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If you want to write an article about something that not only makes no sense but is seriously wrong with a particular horse entered in the Kentucky Derby that could not only be injured but killed along with the jockey's you could have picked Bodemeister or Hansen these are two far better horses to pick than Trinniberg. Neither horse can rate. If either of these horses draw the #1 PP they will be running straight into a solid metal fence. Why is this when everyone is so concerned with the horses welfare? Let me take a guess, money. I think so, otherwise there are remedies to fix this serious situation that haven't and won't be applied. How about an article on this since were all so concerned about the horses welfare but not anything as mundane as money. Why not close HRN down for the Kentucky Derby week prior including the weekend of the running in protest of this extremely serious situation. Now this makes sense to me a first step by a responsible organization for the welfare of the horses. Sure you'll lose money but what's that compared to possibly saving lives. The membership will only esteem you all the more.
  • skipaway2000 · icy, Churchill Downs employs the safety rail, which, while appearing solid & immovable, is actually engineered to give when hit with the force of a horse at racing speed. The top part of the rail is plastic. Churchill installed the safety rail in 2001. · 2036 days ago
I missed your earliest comment, icy, but to get likes I either add drop dead stupid comments and get "likes of pity", or I add some funny content. Rarely I will like myself, like when I compared the '57 derby and this one by the fact that just like Shoemaker screwed up on the best horse Leparoux might as well. Apparently nobody shares my bad humor.
Race HORSE.....ok? So you do what? Race them. Insert Sarcasm anywhere.
Good points, icy. Why is there a post position that horses can't or at least haven't won out of in a 20 horse field? Or has there been a winner out of the 1 hole since the fields got so large? And yes, there are many comments about it being abusive to run a horse for one reason or the next. Some valid, others not. Why can't Who knows if Trinniberg might not lope along for most of the race, then do his sprinting in the last 4-5f? Not what I'm hoping for, which is that he adds fuel to the burn out fire, but it could happen that way.
Think you hit with the Kentucky Derby human factor, hpe he recovers
Shackleford should have never won the Preakness after just about stopping in the KD. Bad decision to run him, he never won again to the best of my knowledge. Just a terrible thing to do to a racehorse, actually race him.
should have got him for the preakness...he could have pulled off a shackelford
While the derby is one of those races that pretty much anything can happen, I would still think this is a ridiculous idea. Sure no other horse may have run this far either but the fact remains that they are much better equipped to run this distance. Being one of the biggest races in America its just a bad decision both for business and for the horse to test his endurance in such a big race. Sure they have a small chance of all conditions permit, to win, but he has a much bigger chance to showcase the bad decisions of the stable in front of millions of people. I count him out but I think if Hansen's "entourage" doesn't co
  • RettaYoung · ...come up with a n · 2038 days ago
  • RettaYoung · ...come up with a new strategy then Hansen could be counted out as well. Seeing the Gotham stakes I do believe they could have a successful run even by holding him back just a little bit. Like said before closets could benefit should the frontrunners run out of steam. Essentially I agree with comments stating this is essentially a rabbit and nothing more. Of course anything is possible I just think the owner/trainer is entering because they can and not because they are doing good for anybody. · 2038 days ago
Probably not the best place to try him at a longer distance, but who knows?,he might be able to do it
Just for a little historical perspective, Morvich who was considered a speed horse won all of his races as a two yr old and earned top honors. His first start as a threeyr old was the Kentucky Derby. Ben Block and ER Bradley had a private bet that Morvich could not get the distance as he was just a sprinter. Bradley sent out three horses and Morvich took the lead at the start and sprinted home. He developed leg problems and lost his next starts and was later retired. So why shouldn't Trinniberg run. Maybe he will win. Maybe he won't . Why shouldn't his connections try. He is a nice horse. I am sure everyone laughed at Lil e tee, Mine that bird, proud Clarion, Cananero II, Dark Star beating Native Dancer, Gallhadion beating Bimelech. The history of the Kentucky Derby is filled with the names of the wrong horses who won. After all Aristedes sprinted to win the first derby. He was a rabbit brought in to set the pace for his stablemate Chesapeake .
@icyhotboo, so you are saying the #1 post is extremely dangerous?
NEWS FLASH..not 1 single horse has run a mile and a quarter.. And lets be realistic half the field may not have a chance. Does he have less of a shot than done talking or liason? He has the earnings so He is In.
This makes absolutely no sense on the owners part... I definitely understand the owner's wanting to be a part of the derby... But why with a horse that has zero chance of winning. I will abmit to being a strong believer in Uncle Mo, a horse that many on here claim to have no shot at 10f, he at least worked towards the distance some in his spring preps, what Repole/Pletcher did in the BC Classic was just stupid. And that is exactly what these owners are. As Mary said, this horse will only be able to set a fast early pace, there is no way he can hang on to it the entire race. These are animals, not robots, they have limits. I'm not saying this horse will never be able to get 10f, just not on the first Saturday in May, he has not been trained to be able to get it.
To all the people saying "who cares" and "let him run," you're right. It's the decision of the owner and he may never get to the Derby again. BUT, the race is 2 turns at a mile and a quarter...something this horse has YET to do. You don't just throw a horse to the wolves first time going 2 turns in the Kentucky Derby of all races! I can't stand when owners say they have the best interest of their horse at heart and then pull something like this just to get the fame. This horse can get you a TON of fame if you let him run in Graded Sprints for the rest of the year! Oh, but people don't want to hear that their horse is a sprinter. It just makes me angry. Hopefully, they don't break this horse down and crush his spirit in their 15 minutes of fame.
Who cares..19 will lose. Icy said that. He has the Earnings .. All the others who never qualified should have chose smarter races if thay wanted there horse in.
The answer to all the "why not"s is this: Because he has NO shot. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. This horse will be searching for an oxygen tent after 7/8 of a mile. Do any of you TRULY believe he can finish any better than 15th? Really? C'mon.....get serious.
This makes me think that someone who has a horse that likes to come from behind on a fast pace may have influenced the owners to enter Trinniberg in the Derby.
On paper it is a terrible decision. But I'm not in their shoes. If I was the owner of a horse who had some talent the chance as slim as it might be to run in The Derby might never come again. Keep in mind just when we think we have everything figured out horses as recent as Giacomo and Mine That Bird win this race. Results like these give these owners to opportunity to dream
I shouldn't have to refresh the page to give myself a "like." Cocao2 how do you do it so easy?
Not one horse entered has gone that far yet. Therefore not one horse is guaranteed to get the distance in a time suitable for winning. What if he goes 2:04.0 and not one horse can get there faster, he wins. The worst that an happen is to discover, hey this guy can,t get the classic n/a distance. Since 19 other horses are going to lose why single him out since as of now their all unknown quantities. Let him try, he qualified as opposed to a clunker like Optimizer who couldn't and his trainer still wants in with no credible threat. If races were run on paper you'd have a valid point but since theey are not, let them run it out.

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