Trainer Doug O'Neill Suspended

Doug O'Neill, trainer of Derby & Preakness winner I'll Have Another, has been suspended for 180 days by the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB). The suspension stems from a 2010 race where his horse tested positive for elevated TCO2, an indicator of "milkshaking," a banned practice.

O'Neill denied the "milkshaking" allegations, and the CHRB agreed that the evidence was not strong enough to prove any wrongdoing. However, the rule in the state of California says that horses must not test above a certain threshold for TCO2, and suspension is required when that occurs.

O'Neill will serve 45 days, with the remaining 135 days stayed for 18 months. He was also hit with a $15,000 fine. 

The suspension will not affect I'll Have Another's Triple Crown run, as it is not slated to go into effect until after July 1.

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What a brilliant idea to use a trainer on the verge of winning the TC, he's the one they can use for an example. A strong message being sent to the many trainers doping their horses.
@LaneFukuda. Do you truly believe that a recidivist violator with multiple suspensions like Asmussen whose violations make O'Neill look like a saint, would not have recieved same or similar treatment?
thanks, Travel_vic for always saying the intelligent. Get rid of the drugs! We should have no tolerance for the drugs or the people that use them. Killing our quality horses.
I think if this were any other trainer such as Baffert or Assmussen or the like.The CRHB would have waited and not smeared the trainer's name before the big race.Do they know that the guy is going for the triple crown.The NYRB just banned nasel strips for the IHA.Why are they putting the trainer and the horse in such negative light when the sport should be promoting this almost impossble feat.Even when IHA beat Bode after the derby Bode and Baffert had more press and most experts were saying Bode is still the beteer horse after just losing.Then after the preakness the press still said Bode is the better horse.I thought the object to prove your better is cross the wire first not second twice.I am just saying that IHA and O'Neill are not geeting the credit they are due.I have not seen one commercial promoting IHA going for the crown from either Hollywood park or Santa Anita.If this was Bode there would be all out promoting going on.This is sad.Remember this horse is going for the TRIPLE CROWN.
Imagine a drug that would keep a nasty genetic trait from causing too much harm in Humans. The gene complex, inheiritable but not often fully espressed because of the drug, increases its prominance in the gene pool. Eventully it spreads to include a significant proportion of the population. Lasiz is doing the same to the point that many European stallions have to have it in their pedigree info that they ran on furosemiide.......GET RID OF THE CRAP
I don't care if the guy has a possible Triple Crown winner here. A guy with as many drug violations as he has shouldn't be allowed near a horse let alone training anymore. We say this is about the horses, but is it? Thank you for suspending him CHRB, but I wish it was done sooner. One positive drug test- okay, small suspension and make sure it doesn't happen again. Two positive tests- further suspensions and very close monitoring. Three and they should be out of there. Keep our horses safe!
ruffed grouse- I'm not sure younger trainers know how to train without meds anymore. They have come up in the medicated era. I was not a supporter of Lasix, but some guys on the Thoro-graph site cited many studies and also said how many stables and horses would not be running if not for it. There have been numerous studies that have stated that it is healthier for the horse's lungs, so I have switched buy stance on it. But, i also feel that the Lasix era has allowed many horses to go to stud who otherwise would not have as they would not have had the performance record otherwise. It is a double-edged sword to be sure.
I don't usually agree, but Junebug719 is right. If this was the only incident in his career it would be one thing. But there have been too many. Sorry, but there are trainers who do not have the violations that he has. They cannot all be coincidence.
All about the horse's lfe; all about the horse's health and well-being. I'm not trying to condone or justify past transgressions, but the hearing officer clearly stated there was no evidence and no intent (in this case), so why would the CHRB emphasize the negative at such a critical time for the sport??
Low around 12% over time but I would only take 5 horses at a time as I also galloped all my own horses. All were NY Breds and some were graded stakes placed. I was an assistant to many, Mike Hushion being an example and Farm Manager as well as assistant trainer for Jeffrey Tuckers Stonebridge Farm here in Saratoga where we had multiple graded stakes winner Acey Duecey. I am no Alan Jerkins but I have been in the game a long time and just wanted an even playing field, hay, oats and water with the only drug I am still on the fence about is lasix. If you had ever seen one bleed out you would know where I am coming from.
How was your win rate?
Trainer O'neill otherwise known as Drug O'neill who has twice the average injury/breakdown rate as well as having 14 drug violations in 14 states. This is the type of guy representing the sport in it's time of need ? I trained horses in N.Y. for over 20 years and never had a positive test so running clean can be done. I think he is getting off easy.
Come on people.. The trainer makes the big bucks and he is ultimately responsible for the horse. He has 14 violations in 4 states.. to think he is totally innocent is dumb. It is a horses life,, really!!
The CHRB doesn't have a brain among them. Doug is on the dime for a two-year old infraction; got it. But these morons elect to act now--as horse racing is on the verge of assuming it's long lost place in the national spotlight--to purposely cast yet another a shodow on an already struggling industry. They elect to take action now?? As the excitemnet begins to build and talk of a Triple Crown winner opens the door for renewed interest in the game, leave it to the CHRB to throw a wet blanket on the party, and crush the national horse racing buzz. There is a greater good; a greater need here, but once again, the games leadership can't get out of it;s own way.
training I'll Have Another must be like running for President, someone always diggin somethin up to spoil your good run!
wow knocking down a person well trying to just because actually he is good at his job the trainer of a potential triple crown winner or recipient. sometnhing is up to cause trouble but like adults are respinsible for their children until a certain age he is responsible for his horse or this horse. i dont believe he has done no wrong this is a hard working trainer with alot of heart just like his horses, my prayers are with you mr. O'neil.
or her horses.
The trainer is responsible for his horses.
Bucky your an idiot lol your just whining it has nothing to do with his middle class status. Plus he's not in the middle class he's rich.
There was no finding of milk-shaking having occurred at all. The board found him responsible for TCO2 levels above the legal limit, regardless of the reason why. That is the law in more than one state--not just California. There are several factors that can cause increased TCO2 levels and the trainer is considered responsible for knowing and controlling those circumstances.

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