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With the launch of the new International Power Ranking on HRN, we though it would be cool to rate the best horses from Europe, Asia and Australia to grace the turf in this young century.


Setting the parameter to only those who've raced in 2000 and beyond was no challenge for Euroblogger Dan Munn, who has turned in a great countdown of recent greats! Some you may have heard of, and others might be new to you - check out the list to discover the horses who've thrilled our international neighbors!


Click here to see the full Top 10 International Stars Since 2000!


Did he leave anyone off? Would you rate them differently?  Let us know in the comments!


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now my problem seems to be spelling-lol
Laz- my last sentance should have implied that both Frankel and Zarkava leaves and left the impression that there was much more left in the tank. But differences in opinion and judgement are fine. Also, Frankel's internal fractions are unreal. Dancing Brave also ran some wild quarters, and his finishing fraction at Epsom and in the Arc are almost legend, but Frankel seems to be able to uncork them at will. I feel he would be just too much for Giant's Causeway when push came to shove in Europe.
now tha tI'm on mu MacBook I can comment without going to the page.
Well, Freddie had to say something as his star was easily defeated by Zarkava twice. He also made the statement that Goldikova was better than Miesque, but then backed down and said actually Miesque was better at two and three. I feel sometimes a horse can show their greatness in 7 starts. Especially if they are the quality of races Zarkava ran in. Your criteria is different and that is fine.
  • karen.sweatman.9 · Mileage is something a horse like Zarkava never faced in her life. Mileage is race after race, little time in between to recover, mileage is body sore and body pain, mileage is running tired. Each race takes a little more from the horse. Why don't we see horses run 50 or 60 races anymore? If you think you can fairly compare a horse who's raced 30 times {to cut it short} to one who's raced 7, your thought process is different than mine. I've seen countless horses look brilliant through their first 7 races, then fall flat. No one knows, that's the point. Longevity is the only marker to determine greatness, anything else is speculation. · 1878 days ago
My problem stopped but it took some time. It seems to be only with the iPad. My desktop which runs windows had no problem. I put it down to the new operating system. Good luck Footy. It will stop
Just tried and it didn't yet. At least I can comment like this.
Yes it did. I now can reply under the comments properly. When I had the problem I clicked on whatever story I wanted to comment on and the comment page came up and I was able to state my opinion. Hope it works. It does stop, but it may take awhile
Thanks, Buckpasser. Did it resolve itself?
It stopped when I rebooted my iPad and prior to that I deleted HRN website and redownloaded it after rebooting
Yes I had the same problem after downloading the new operating system for apple
BTW, the only way I can comment is to comment from my page. If I try from my home page, iI get told to sign in again, and the process is repeated every time I try to comment. Anyone else having this issue? Is it because I'm on an iPad?
Just a thought, Laz. Sakhee pulled a muscle in that race and then had surgery for knee chips. And Montjeu was not in his best form for either that Arc nor the BCT. I'm not saying that Giant's Causeway was not a good horse. He was very good. I don't pay that much attention to Timeform or Racing Post. The reason that I would rank Frankel better is that he just destroys his opposition with such ease. It gives you the impression that he would step up his game to whatever level he needed to. As with Zarkava, there is much more there than they are showing
Footlick, you and IluvTurfRacing are my conduits to European and International racing and I always respect your opinions. I rate Zarkava and Sea the Stars in the same way I would rate Zenyatta and Ruffian, right next to each other, and it would make no difference to me which one was ahead of the other, I believe that they’re that close. In terms of pure talent, I don’t know if I would rate Frankel ahead of Giant’s Causeway, but then I’m not that informed about Euro racing. I’m not totally buying his 147 Time Form Rating, but then once again I’m no expert on TFR’s so maybe I should reserve my opinion on that matter. I do know that a lot of people rate Nijinsky as one of the best ever in Europe and yet his highest TFR was a 138 so maybe TFR’ s don’t mean all that much when trying to determine where a horse fits all-time…..GC did win G1 races at four different distances, though I can’t ascertain the overall quality of his competition in some those races, and he did run an exceptional race in the BCC against a good field and his first time on dirt. One of his more impressive races to me was his 2000 Guineas at a mile when he led a 27 horse field home only to be caught a furlong or so out and finished 2nd. His most impressive race, however, and the one that makes me feel that he is better than Frankel, was his Juddmount International. In that race he ran Sakhee, one of the writer’s top ten and a future Arc winner the following year, into the ground (though to be fair Sakhee was probably better at longer distances) then ran one of the most impressive stretch duals we’ll ever see in being passed in deep stretch then coming on again to head Kalanisi, a BC Turf, Champion Stakes and Queen Anne Stakes winner (and victor of Montjeu the 1999 Arc winner and multiple G1 winner). In the beaten field was another top horse, Fantastic Light, and he won G1 races in Europe, North America and Hong Kong. I don’t believe that Frankel has yet faced such a deep field.
Sea the Stars had a tough schedule, no doubt. But, just my opinion, I think Zarkava would have run him down just like she did everyone else. Her Arc run was stronger. I can'r see Giant's Causeway being as good as Frankel even on his best day, but also just my opinion.
Without a doubt I rate Sea the Stars on top with Zarkava a very close second. Dubai Millenium in a close race for third with Giant’s Causeway and Frankel.
Zarkava was very impressive, could've been great. I don't know, never will. Head called it "mileage", and to me it's a marker to determine greatness. The greatest horses on earth did not win all of their races, but they stood the test of time and endurance. I can't fairly rate a horse with a handful of races on their resume. That's all I'm saying.
I think we got your point, Karen-lol. It has happened to me posting too. I've given up defending Zarkava to people who can only see how many times she ran and who discount the quality and ease of her victories, especially the Pouliches, the Vermeille where she spotted the field 5 lengths at the start, and the Arc, where she cam from 17th with a rough trip to win going away with Soumillon not even unlocking his whip. Just watch the replays and enjoy. You can rank her wherever you want, but you cannot deny how good she was
I won't argue the Frankel rating, but Zarkava and 7 races is too much, really.
  • MarcelloMarocco · So Blame the Aga Khan for that. No Filly could run with her from this last decade aside from Makybe Diva. She is a true great even with seven starts. · 1879 days ago
I don't mind the list BUT. Sea the Stars IMO is TOP of that list with out a doubt. His resume smokes ANY of these others on the list. STS #1 Frankel #2, Makybe Diva #3, Zarkava #4 Sinndar #5 Ouija Board, #6 Dylan Thomas , #7 So You Think #8 ,Orfevre #9, and Snow Fairy #10,
Zarkava number 2, 7 races in her entire career. Frankel number 1, 12 races. OMG doesn't longevity count for anything? It's a joke. Take a horse like Red Rum, I know he was before 2000, but 110 races. 5 Grand Nationals, toughest race in the world, won 3 placed in 2. THAT my friends, will never be equaled by any horse ever again. If 7 races makes you the second best, I'd say racing is in poor shape.

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