Top 10 Derby Losers-to-Be List

The Kentucky Derby flu season is starting. In a few weeks, the fever will sweep thoroughbred racing. In a month, the disease will be everywhere. You can get a shot at your corner Walgreens to prevent it. But you’re probably better off taking two aspirin and waiting three months for the condition to pass.

Someone has designated Super Bowl week as the time to begin listing the horses with the best chances at Triple Crown glory, or else there’s more than meets the eye to the Holy Bull Stakes. Maybe the Florida mile is significant because it is run at a track where the most Triple Crown hopefuls are stabled. Yet, there are only two winners, Barbaro and Go for Gin, to suggest in its provenance that the horse that can win it will triumph in Louisville.
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Wow I wish I would have read this before the derby!! Hard to believe none of the major players on the trail were even on the radar.
They were right about Uncle Mo. I think he had gas problems. Not so fun.
Well said humphrey. Despite Mo's dominant BC victory, it's still way too early to predict the Derby contenders.
Any more the run for the roses is so far out of line to the direction of North American breeding, that in the very near future, I suggest that IF THEY REALLY made the effort, European bred colts, IF they are trained HERE up to the race, are going to dominate down the line. Even the three year of old had a major step up carrying a hefty 126 10 furlongs the 5th month of their third year where many are just turning three. Stamina takes maturity whereas speed is inborn...Precocius animals, many of which top out ability wise late in their two year old season, often dominate the early buzz for the Derby because they simply maxed out maturation wise, ahead of their associates whose best races are still ahead of them. Year in and year out, the majority of the two year old monsters (just like teenagers that are great head of the list athletes at 12 and also rans by 16) wom many of their contest on pure speed. It is rare to find a colt akin to Street Sense who expressed his maturation very early at three. It is not until they all hit the graded test at 9 panels unitl youi begin to see the pretenders to the thrown stand out...The traditional road the Wood, Blue Grass Ark/SA/and LA Derbies are no longer the guaranteed road to the roses like they once were particularly the NYRA and Keeneland routes as those two track represent the expression of the extremes in racing surfaces Early and Late respectively...then there is injury...What would Buddha, Cahill Road, I Want Revenge, AP Indy and a host of others have done that first Saturday in May??? At this point it is more than just a crap shoot it is pure guesswork for there are more Canoneros and Little E T's out there to mess up the prognostication.

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