Super Screener Picks Crushed Kentucky Derby 2014

The Super Screener crushed Kentucky Derby 2014.
The Kentucky Derby Super Screener crushed the 2014 Kentucky Derby by cashing a $2 Exacta that paid $340, $7 in Trifectas worth $11,284 in total, and a $1 Superfecta worth $7,691. In total, the Super Screener tickets cashed for $19,315!  At the bottom is a full chart of the recommended tickets.

Rave reviews are already coming in from readers who hit the race, like these:

kentucky derby picks tweet

And this amazing score from NY!

Kentucky Derby winning picks

Here are the full list of recommended tickets:

2014 recommended tickets - Super Screener


Here is the Super Screener ranking of the Derby field:



 To learn more about the Super Screener and the amazing results over the last few years, visit



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Another thing not many people have that much do half of those picks lol
i'm going with a new strategy from now on in the derby. i'm going to box everyone with a. p. indy somewhere in their pedigree.
To be clear, if you played a medium ticket (around $50), you had a 2 in 7 chance to hit the trifecta. If you played 2 medium tickets (a $100 investment), then you had a 57% chance of hitting the trifecta. Not bad at all!
I used the super screener as ONE of my handicapping tools. It is a nice tool and helpful. I would not pay for the super screener if I was a $2 player. The super screener is a nice product and if you are going to wager significant coin then it is reasonably priced and has some good insight. However, you always want to use your own thought and opinions when formulating your plays. Super screener did a nice job on the aggressive plays. Congrats to all who cashed in on it.
I won using it and there's about 30 comments on from others who did. Are we saying that having the 17 as the top longshot and all four horses in the top 7 out of 19 horses counts for nothing? Of course not everyone won, I missed the Super myself, but it helped me immensely to zero in on the right horses.
have the Xerox on again??
Geldedridgling is 100% correct in his post. In no means did the Super Screener "crush" the Derby. The comments are basically suggesting that all customers made a profit by using this product, and that is simply not true. The majority of your losers most likely lost in the Kentucky Derby. Unless they played your "aggressive" section, in which they probably did well. As GR said, the statement is disingenuous and simply false. The picks were very strong, but picks and wagering are two very different things. The wager creation strategies were mainly flawed and did not work. I don't use the Super Screener, but I do know, they make a series of variables to handicap to pick the correct horses ... well, your "super screener" only covers 1/2 the battle. The next time, I would consider spending a little more time creating reasonable and more reliable wagering strategies to your exotics. I did not use the Super Screener, because I had something better for free over email ...
haha, no kidding Casino... I wasn't planning on buying it either, but I laughed when I saw that video promo.
Super screener made video picking " Candy Boy" Terrrible choice
I've used the SS before and it is not helpful.
Wow, nice job! I think the key was Commanding Curve - well done!
EASY SPLITFECTA... congrats on breaking even like the best of them >> Don't swallow the dogma next time :D
DRF comment p. 20 5/3/14 "He reamins a one-time winner who never has beaten one of the top members of hsi crop....... He has never hit even 90 on the Beyer Speed Figure scale and would need an epic leap in performance level to actually win the race. Commanding Curve
This race REQUIRED any one who logically covered it to go VERY DEEP into a ticket. I believe that he knew that . To capitalize this one logically, and illogically with the all button, was the only way to play it so a lot of people I know, myself included, simply watched it
No disrespect to you Mr. Shutty but this is a bit disingenuous. You’re saying, for example, if I randomly picked out 1 of your suggestions from the “Small” ticket list I would have won $340, when I’m sure most Super Screener players either picked the wrong suggestion or play all suggestions. If the former, they made $0; if the latter, they made $340-$187(the total cost of all “Small” ticket suggestions), returning a profit of $153. That still isn’t bad but it’s not “crushing” the Derby. If I played just the “Aggressive” tickets, you could consider that a “crush”, but either just the “Small”, “Medium”, or “Large” suggestions, not so much.

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