Super Screener Nets Three Derby Trifectas

Once again, the Kentucky Derby Super Screener came through, hitting the Derby Trifecta three times and achieving great results with this powerful system.  Blindly betting each of the recommended trifecta and superfecta tickets would have resulted in a net profit of $3,775! 

The experts universally agreed that 2011 was one of the most wide open and toughest Derby races in years to handicap.  Despite this fact, the Super Screener sorted through the 19 Kentucky Derby runners, and identified all of the top three finishers within the first seven choices.  Animal Kingdom was the fifth choice of the screener and runner-up Nehro was the second choice.  Mucho Macho Man, who ran third, was the seventh betting choice for the screener.

Part of the success of the Super Screener was it allowed us to take strong stands against low-priced horses such as Pants on Fire and Soldat.  Leaving these runners off all tickets allowed us to focus deeper tickets on the real contenders and bring in the big payoff!

The Super Screener’s recommended tickets also came through.  In the $60 budget section, there were three recommended trifectas that cost $60 each.  One of those three tickets came through for a $1,976 trifecta payoff!

In the $200 larger budget section, there were four recommended Trifecta tickets and two of those came in!  One was a $45 Trifecta wager, and the other was a larger $240 spread Trifecta ticket.  Each paid a generous $1,976!!! 

Below are the recommended tickets of the 2011 Kentucky Derby Super Screener:

Kentucky Derby Super Screener recommended tickets – statistics:

Trifecta tickets
Total tickets recommended – 13
Total tickets hit – 3
Total Trifecta ticket cost - $1,279
Total Trifecta ticket payoff - $5,928

Superfecta tickets
Total tickets recommended - 8
Total tickets hit – 0
Total Superfecta ticket cost - $874

Return on Investment
Total investment – $2,153
Total return – $5,928.60
Total profit - $3,775.60
ROI – 275%

Kentucky Derby Super Screener Fan Testimonials:


The Super Screener will be available for both the Preakness and Belmont Stakes at


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Older Comments about Super Screener Nets Three Derby Trifectas...

I liked the Super Screener selections going in ... I liked them even more after! :)
Thanks for all the great emails and comments. Glad to see so many people benefitted from the Super Screener this year. Just heard from someone who hit the Superfecta using the analysis in the Screener. Now that was a score! Many of you asked if there will be a Preakness Super Screener and, if so, when will it be released. We are producing a Preakness Super Screener and it will be available for distritbution early next week. Look for the announcements on our site later this week. Thanks to all who picked up a copy of the Derby SuperScreener, we'll keep working hard to create products for you that produce!
Despite winning on the recommended wagering tickets, I think the real value was in the analysis of the Screener. Very thorough and helpful in creating more conviction about horses you liked or didn't like before the Screener was sent. When is the Preakness Screener available?
yeah i won more then all these tickets with out ur super screener thanks tho
I hit on TWO of the three trifecta's recommended in the SuperScreener. Man, that was a tough race. No way I come up with that trifecta on my own. Shutty, get to work on the Super Screener for the Preakness. Will there be one for the Preakness? When will it come out?
Bravo again, Mike Shutty and congrats to all believers in the SuperScreener. Scary thing is, the SuperScreener will have even better years. Wide open race, and hitting with the never-raced-on-dirt Animal Kingdom is SOLID. Excellent work developing and sharing the Screener. Godspeed on taking it to even greater heights! HRNation for President

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