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Shanghai Bobby Pedigree Profile

Shanghai Bobby BC 615 X 400
Photo: Eclipse Sportswire
After a day of fantastic racing, highlighted by the victories of Princess of Sylmar, Laughing, Ron the Greek, Mucho Macho Man and Graydar, the racing world was greeted with a low upon hearing the news of Shanghai Bobby's retirement. Last year's Two Year Old Champ, newly healed from a pelvic fracture, won the 6 ½ furlong Aljamin Stakes just ten days ago. Shanghai Bobby suffered a injury to a suspensory ligament after the race. This dashed the hopes of his owner Starlight Racing and trainer Todd Pletcher to take the brilliant colt back to the Breeders' Cup.

Suspensory ligament injuries are one of the most common injuries to race horses. These ligaments prevent excessive extension of the fetlock joint when a horse runs. When a suspensory ligament is injured, there is usually heat and swelling in the area, sometimes with pain and lameness. This damage takes months to heal. Often, thoroughbreds can race again, but they may not gain the same level of form and run the risk of re-injuring the area or braking down all together.

So what's next for the Eclipse Award winner? Shanghai Bobby will head to Coolmore's Ashford Stud where he'll be in elite company with former stablemate Uncle Mo, Hansen and Lookin At Lucky. All four earned Eclipse Awards as Juvenile Champs.

Race record: 8-6-1-0 ($1,857,000)
Shanghai Bobby
Career highlights:
1st – Breeders' Cup Juvenile (G-1) 1 1/16 miles
1st – Champagne Stakes (G-1) 1 mile
1st - Hopeful Stakes (G-2) 7F
1st – Track Barron Stakes 5 ½ F
1st - Aljamin Stakes 6 ½ F
2nd – Holy Bull Stakes (G-2) 1 1/16 miles

Harlan's HolidayShanghai Bobby is bred to be a precocious miler. He's the most talented runner by Harlan's Holiday on the track and the latest son of the young sire to retire to stud. The stallion's best son at stud is CashCall Futurity hero Into Mischief. The second crop sire has produced two graded stakes winners, the sprinter Goldencents and the miler Vyjack. Harlan's Harlan's Holiday's son Denis of Cork, who was third in the Kentucky Derby behind Big Brown and second in the Belmont Stakes behind D'Tara, is a 2013 first crop sire. So far, he has five starters, two winners and a stakes placed runner from a crop of only 12 foals. Holiday's other notable son, the Grade 1 winning sprinter Majesticperfection, will see his first crop of babies race next year.

Female Family:
Shanghai Bobby is the first foal produced by his dam. Steelin' didn't make her debut until February of her three year old season and needed six starts to win her maiden. She evolved into a versatile allowance class runner in California, winning races up to 1 1/6 miles over dirt, turf and Polytrack. As a four year old, Steelin' won a listed sprint stakes at Fairplex. Steelin is the best foal produced by her dam Steel Band (by Carson City). Steel Band is a full sister to City Band, heroine of the Oak Leaf (G-1) and Golden Rod Stakes (G-3). Shanghai Bobby's third dam Wedding Band (by Mighty Appealing) was a listed stakes winner. There are a few other minor blacktype runners sprinkled throughout this female family.

Shanghai Bobby Pedigree

OrientateOrientate (Mt. Livermore - Dream Team, by Cox's Ridge) is Shanghai Bobby's damsire. Although he won up to 1 1/16 miles, Orientate earned Champion Sprinter honors after a victory in the 2002 Breeders' Cup Sprint. He's a young damsire and besides Shanghai Bobby, is represented by only five other stakes winners, including this year's Test Stakes (G-1) heroine, Sweet Lulu (by Mr. Greeley).

The Harlan's Holiday/Orientate bloodline cross is working well. Only two foals have been produced by this cross, both are winners and one has won over $1 million.

How to bet his offspring:
So, what can we expect from Shanghai Bobby? Well, if it looks like a precocious sprinter-miler and runs like one...that's what we'll get. Shanghai Bobby was very fast and precocious. He ran just a tick off of the track records for 4 ½ furlongs at Aqueduct and 5 ½ furlongs at Belmont. Expect his babies to to come out running and make headlines in the sprint/miler division. A few may stretch their speed to 1 1/8 miles. Can Shanghai Bobby sire a classic horse? Anything is possible given the right genes, temperament, competition and race set up, but if he does, it will be the exception, not the norm.

Surface wise, Shanghai Bobby's babies will naturally take to the dirt. Both his sire and damsire's offspring are proficient over mud too. Not many of Harlan's Holiday's babies head to the turf or polytrack. He averages around 11% winners over turf and they are average synthetic track runners. 14% of Orientate's babies take to the lawn. We may see some decent runners by Shanghai Bobby over turf or synthetic tracks, especially if the distaff side is turf oriented, but they will be an exception.

Breeding Recommendations:
Shanghai Bobby ConformationShanghai Bobby has the conformation of a sprinter-miler. He isn't as compact as some sprinters, although he has a slightly upright shoulder. The leggy colt has a thick neck and defined muscular shoulder, balanced by powerful hindquarters. Overall, he resembles his damsire Orientate, rather than the fuller-bodied Harlan's Holiday. While racing, Shanghai Bobby's gait had slightly high knee action, no wasted motion, average reach for his build and no paddling of his forelegs.

Shanghai Bobby descends from the line of Northern Dancer through Storm Cat. He carries the blood of Brilliant/Classic Chef-de-race Blushing Groom on his distaff side through Orientate and his second damsire the Brilliant/Intermediate Chef-de-race Carson City, whose damsire is Blushing Groom. Blushing Groom was a Champion Juvenile in France, plus a leading sire and broodmare sire in Europe. The majority of his U.S. offspring inherited speed.

The great thing about milers is that they work with any type of mare, adding a little stamina to the sprinters and some speed to the two-turn types. Below is a list of sire lines that should work well with Shanghai Bobby. It isn't all-inclusive.
Harlan's Holiday and Orientate have been successful with mares from the Mr. Prospector sire line. Carson City (and sons City Zip, Five Star Day), Forty Niner (Distorted Humor, Not For Love) Miswaki, Quiet American, Smart Strike (Curlin, English Channel), Gulch (Thunder Gulch), Gone West (Grand Slam, Speightstown, ), Two Punch, Unbridled, etc.

Mares from Northern Dancer's descendants have also clicked with Harlan's Holiday, his son Into Mischief and Orientate. Deputy Minister (Dehere, French Deputy, etc.), Danzig (Belong to Me, Hard Spun, War Front, War Chant), Dixieland Band (Dixie Union), Nijinsky, Stravinsky, Sadler's Wells (El Prado) etc.

Mares by other sires and their sons that may work with Shanghai Bobby include Tiznow, The Bold Ruler line (A.P. Indy, Glitterman, Pulpit and his sons, etc.), Halo (Saint Ballado), Candy Ride and Wild Again.

Undoubtedly, Shanghai Bobby will be supported by Coolmore and the mares sent to him will have a resume filled with blacktype and accomplished progeny. It's up to Bobby to prove himself in a new career.



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i liked this colt a lot when he was on his roll last season i wish he could have capitalized more in the derby, i thik he could have a good furture in the breeding shead i like his bloodlines alot
the pharmacology of furosemide PARTICUALRY in a system where clinical levsls of the metabolites of phenybutazone are found CONTRAINDICATE one another...A human physician would be up for malpractice using the two together!
Mike,in regards to the Sport being on the wrong track.Your points to the Breeding game have validity,but that is not the reason for its' demise.To survive,the game needs gamblers,That is what fuels te purses and allows horses to be out there for the public to notice them.This way the Breeding industry prospers.Have the industry heads done all they can to make it grow.Hell No!.They have surrendered to the funding they get from the Racinos and try to take credit for it.Just wait til the local state governments get smart and legislate casinos(as they are trying to in NY) then the state will abandon the racing industry.Has nothing to do with Breeding.If you go to the tracks,do you see new blood.I do not,i see the same cast of charecters who have been there for a while. In defense to the idiots running the game.It is hard to cultivate a new clientele.When investing,and that is how one should look at beting horses or anything else.If you look at it as fun,you are not serious about it.So you must be a recreational player who will not be counted on to support the game.One mst be informed and know what tey are doing. Iam still learninng after all these years.My point,it takes to long to learnto handicap,then to stay at the track for 5 hrs to bet 9 or 10 races.People have better things to do with their time.That is why Poker has taken off.Forget about playing at high levels,someone can learn to play in 30 minutes and then perfect it much faster.
Mike , like i said earlier. We are all in this game for different reasons . I will first address your statement that i support lasix. Yes i do, am i a staunch supporter.I am not that smart to even consider it.There are people being paid great salaries to make those calls.I defer to them.The reason i am in favor of it.Maybe because when i was younger and was in the winners circle area after the races with my friends horses. This was before Lasix was legalized.It was not a pretty sight to see many of the brave horses come back to their handlers ,with blood dripping from their nostrils or mouth area. That is just me.As far as my enjoying the game back then as opposed to know. My friend ,one thing i am is blunt and honest about racing. I enjoy the quality of competition as much as the next person.But,i enjoy the game more from playing than being a fan. The best race for me personally,is a race where there are maybe 2 or 3 contenders and the rest are basically tosses.Call it selfish on my part.It is easier to win and make money in those races.The upcoming BC races and also in the past are good to watch.Terrible to bet.The reason,to many contenders in the race that can jump up and bite you in the ass.On the same token,through all that. Iam sympathetic to the health of horse and rider.Believe me Mike when i tell you,If they passed out a new ruling that Lasix would be abolished starting Jan. 1 2014 completely. Do you honestly think i would stop playing? My only wish is that,whatever direction they decide to go with.Please make an educated decision .Do not base it on which side screams the loudest. Also unfair question to compare the different eras.Iam a diferent person now,as i assume you and everyone else is.
Tmallios I have read a number of your posts on this site and noticed that you support the universal use of Lasix, long breaks between races and now shorter races. In other words you seem to be a strong defender of the status quo in racing. I have been a racing fan for a long time and am totally convinced that the sport in the United States is on the wrong track and needs to change to survive. You have said that you are also a long time fan, do you honestly think that racing today is better than it was in the 60's, 70's and 80's when horses raced much more often, ran without medication and every race in New York wasn't 1 1/8 miles? I just don't see how anyone who experienced racing in those days is happy with the direction the sport is headed today.
You cracking me up here tom.
Mike, i certainly appreciate your concern in maintainig its breeding integrity for the longer distances. I will not try to even venture an opinion ,because i never look at it from that angle.As a fan and a player, what attracts me to this game is the speed of the game. I have found it that the longer the race the less exciting it is to watch. Yes ,your Classic races will always be exciting because of their importance. But in general,a Marathon type race is ,whatever number of horses in the race. They go out and strategically slow down the pace to a crawl and look for positioning for the final 2 furlong sprint to the wire.I guess based on your comment and others here,i am definately in the minority. I enjoy watching and playing races , where speed duels and the jockeys talents come in to play.To me mile and a half races are like watching a merry go round.The only sure thing is that at the end ,they will eventually come to an end. Like i said ,i do understand your concern .
that has been the direction of breednind stupidity fro some time now
Hi Mike..1000 likes to your comment. You are dead on with your opinion.
American breeding, and the American Thoroughbred, is really changing and not for the better in my opinion. Today our Classic winners are sent to Japan or Australia or ignored, while the most important race for breeding purposes seems to be the Breeders Cup Juvenile. If this continues, along with the steady shortening of major races, the American Thoroughbred will be some new breed half way between the Quarter Horse and the Classic English Thoroughbred. This is not a good thing in my opinion.
Sad to see another good horse retired with less than 10 starts but that is the day we live in plus injuries happen frequently. I really enjoy your “how to bet his offspring” section. Most of us are gamblers at heart so that analysis is valuable. Only time will tell but you tell it straight to us.
Its a sad ending for me but, so glad the injury wasnt worse! I so wanted to see him avenge hisself after his hip injury! I believe he would have been king of the Track up to 1 1/8 and possibly up to the 1 1/4. I do believe he would have been in the race for 3yr old Horse of the Year! Now with this Pedigree we still might be seeing him in the Winners Circle! Bobby is a True Champion all the way!

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