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97 BSF for Amy’s Challenge❤️
12/28/2017. Date that both Curlin’s Honor and Solomini last worked. There were several horses that came down with that fever at Santa Anita so I’m not too worried yet about Solomini. But Curlin’s Honor- Casse hasn’t really said much other than “there was a minor issue” but “he’ll be back”. Doesn’t look good.
Seeking the Soul can handle the sprint BEWARE
well now that all the Hype is out of the way = this race is not 1 1/2 mile's = this race sets up for the one and only Seeking The Soul most have forgotten about Creator
wow he come's from out of that 1 m !/2 that Creator smashed back in 2016 grrrrr
Well good luck with that. Shug is just too "laid back" with the Phipps horses. How much longer shall we wait to see Domain,PersonalTime,My Dream,Fast Talking,On Patrol,Bail Out run. It's the same story year after year. I'm just talking out of frustration, but he needs to do something different. All these horses simply cannot be that far behind in their development. I could be wrong.Not to mention Home It Tiz and Breaking the Rules. The latter just made it back to training but really!!!! Let's see what happens.
So ready :)
West Coast worked 5f, Jan 21st, in 1:00.00 (h) finishing 6/110.
Unique Bella worked 5f, Jan 21st, in 59.00 (H) finishing 1/110.
McKinzie worked 4f, Jan 21st, in 49.00 (h) finishing 45/87.
Collected worked 4f, Jan 21st, in 46.20 (h) finishing 1/87.
Amis Gizmo worked 5f, Jan 21st, in 1:02.20 (b) finishing 13/20.
Off Limits worked 3f, Jan 21st, in 39.00 (b) finishing 7/10.
Unbridled Mo worked 5f, Jan 21st, in 1:02.72 (b) finishing 3/6.
Valadorna worked 4f, Jan 21st, in 48.00 (b) finishing 1/163.
Seeking the Soul worked 4f, Jan 21st, in 48.60 (b) finishing 14/163.
California Chrome's foals are coming!! Looking back at the historical comparison of his 2016 campaign, here is a list of average RPRs (for that particular year) of several top older horses who started in at least 5 or more stakes races in their respective years: California Chrome (2016) = 128 Cigar (1996) = 128 Gun Runner (2017) = 126 Curlin in (2008) = 124 Zenyatta (2009) = 123 Zenyatta (2010) = 121 Zenyatta (2008) = 119 A Comparison of CC's 3YO campaign, here are the average RPRs of several 3YOs who started in 5 or more stakes races over the past decade: Rachel Alexandra (2009) = 125 [this shows that on average RA was better than Zenyatta in 2009] Smarty Jones = 123* Bernardini = 123 Shared Belief = 122 Curlin = 122* California Chrome = 119* Tonalist = 116 Nyquist = 115* Frosted = 113* Dortmund = 113* Gun Runner = 112* Practical Joke = 111* Exaggerator = 108* (averaged 122 RPR for the races on wet tracks!!!) "*" = prepped and started in the Kentucky Derby
Any word on which race they're targeting for his 2018 debut?
I haven't heard any news of JD foals. Anyone hear otherwise? According to Ocala's website he covered 122 mares last season.
Thought this would be fun to share, a Verrazano filly born January 19th was born with a question mark on her face. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/87a79f9831a46f4a753563db875d96f17eb85f896c0d4037277458d056f9ac71.jpg

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