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Remembering Storm Cat

Storm Cat & Young

We think they will live forever, the true legends of thoroughbred racing. We take for granted that we will wake up the next morning and horses like Storm Cat will be there enjoying the luxury of their retirement, just as they were the day before. Yet, today, wasn't like yesterday. Today, one of the great sires of our time, our beloved Storm Cat, had to to be humanely euthanized, due to the ailments associated with the aging of a 30 year old thoroughbred. I cried, as did so many others, for without him we wouldn't have such champions as Tale of the Cat, Tabasco Cat, Sardula, Giants Causeway and some 160 plus stakes winners.

Though he only raced 8 times, it was his genes that made him the great sire he was. Grand sires Secretariat and Northern Dancer coursed through his veins, to those he left behind. At one point, Storm Cat commanded $500,000 in stud fee's and he was booked full, making him North America's top sire in 1999 and 2000. 91 Storm Cat yearlings sold for over $1,000,000.

Storm Cat was buried today at Overbrook Farm, where he has lived since he was pensioned from stud duty in 2008.

Though he now lives only in our memories, his gifts to us, in the forms of his offspring, will continue to grace our tracks and our lives, for years to come.

Rest in Peace, Storm Cat..... 


~Written by Jody Lawrence 


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Older Comments about Remembering Storm Cat...

Storm Cat begat Forestry, who begat Shackleford. The Shack carried a lot of his Grandpa's determination, IMO.
Amen Cheers
We miss him, like we miss his mom and grandfather. He was a legend just like most of his family. We love you, Storm Cat, Terlinguas' greatest son.
We miss him, like we miss his mom and grandfather. He was a legend just like most of his family. We love you, Storm Cat, Terlinguas' greatest son.
Well said, Jody.
Very eloquent. RIP Storm Cat.
Kaitline, how are you doing today?
tv, I had forgotten you were also at the '85 BC. I just went to Tasso's profile and read our convo from 239 days ago. We're the only one's that have commented about Tasso, I believe.
Another one to join the legends up and above....
we were lucky here at having one of the very early Storm Cats running here named Senate Apointee...Good solid runner.
i loved Storm Cat. but like Jay said, Turkoman is still kicking at 31. both look good for the old age.
Well said SSilence. I felt the same way when I found-out what happened to Ferdinand. Felt like my heart was ripped out.
Very nice tribute. I cried today over his loss. Of all those we have lost in the last year or, his passing is the one that hurt me the most.
Ironic story. I have a 61 year old secretary that told me she didn't find horse racing exciting. Last Friday I told her she could leave an hour early if she picked the winner from two choices; Tasso or Storm Cat. She picked Storm Cat. I showed her the race. She was jumping-up and down and yelling for Storm Cat as they drove down the lane. She even put her hand on my computer screen to block Tasso. I said, "So Vicki, you don't find it exciting do you?" I still let her leave early.
Also sad to think, but 31 yr old Turkoman's days have to be drawing near as well.
right on the line to caputre his pace setting run on the rail at the Aqueduct Breeder's Cup im '85 with Tasso FLYING about 15 off the rail, actually closer to the outside fence!
Great BC Juvenile, 1985. Tasso and Storm Cat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acrg45fbxfc
Very eloquent.
Beautifully said, Jody!
Very nice sentiments.

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