Remembering ... Snow Chief

Snow Chief was a Classic winner and an American champion. The California bred, near black colt was a consistent and dominant star in 1985 through 1987. He was the all-time leading California bred earner until surpassed by Best Pal, and still is fourth only behind Tiznow, Best Pal and Lava Man...
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that of course was 14 WAGERS in a row, not 14 races in a row...Many with more than 3 FTS or contests were the distirbution of wagering is too even do not qualify as wagering opportunities.
the loigic is that you continually RAID parimutuel pools when there are discrepancies......I have gone through entire cards at Oaklawn and did not miss a payout..Some were little more than a push, but it was EVERY race...After 14 in a row, I knew I found the wagering mecca for that type of wager.
Sword, I also designed a Progression Betting Calculator. It’s basically the same as the Dutching Calculator with a Point, icon, and Win, Place, Show and Exactor bet icons (you calculate the exactor based on probable payoff). It shows the amount to bet, what the return will be (at exact odds) and automatically recalculates to increase the point to include the original point plus the money lost on a previous bet. I use this fairly often. One of the best things about this is what I call breakage. What breakage is: if I bet based on a horse’s odds, say 5-1 and it wins the return is calculated to be $12. However, most returns would be more and would range from $12 to $13.90. The program doesn’t know this so I call this breakage and it is basically a bonus.
Hi Laz, No..that was just a print screen. Anyway, seem like you're all set with excel. I was just messing around when I built that calculator. Actually, I was trying to understand dutch betting so I decided it would be best to build something like that to fully understand all the logic involved.
Hey Sword, I’m old school and haven’t been able to get into your calculator. Do I have to become a member? In the meantime, my spreadsheet was designed to work with internet betting. I do not need a horses name, etc., just its odds. I have icons for every task and each icon is associated with a formula. A page has been downsized to 90% to show 26 columns and 30 lines. Everything is color coordinated to avoid confusion. Three quarters of my page is numbers ranging from 0.1, 0.2, etc., on up to 100 and then I have multiples of 10, 25, and 50 after that. I have a box for Horse A and one for Horse B. There is no typing involved. Whatever Horse A’s odds are I just put the cursor on the number, press the icon button and the number shows up in the appropriate box. I do the same for Horse B. I also have a Point icon and use it to determine what degree of profit I would like to make. When the second number is entered then the other boxes fill out showing what amount I have to bet on each horse, the total amount of the bet, what the return will be, etc. I have also built a progression mode into it. If I should lose the bet then I the computer automatically recalculates what the new point will be (original point plus what I have lost in my original bet. Then I choose my horses and remake my bet. I can also do this for place and show horses as I can have a quick look at the pools and a method to calculate (fairly close too) what a horse will pay to place or show. Then I convert this number in real time odds and make the bet. This program is really fast. I can look at the odds and do my calculation is less than 10 seconds. Then I switch over to the track program and make the bet, another 10 seconds. I rarely use this ditching method, but I have in the past. It is not confusing and is time efficient.
Hi Laz, I had built a calculator to calculate dutch betting but you have to input the horse and odds and you're good to go. Here is a screenshot:
I designed a program myself TV on excel. It took me one day and that includes the formulae, macros and designing the page. That’s not a lot of time. There are a lot of formulae. I designed a program for two and three horses, no more because there would be too much money involved. I also have a second version with a progression built in, but if you don’t cash within three bets it can end up costing you a lot of money. The answer to the question is: the point is $50 and the horses are 4-1 and 8-5. You have to win enough to gain a fifty dollar profit and win all the money that you bet. For horse A (4-1) you would bet $25. For horse B (8-5) you would bet $47. The total bet would be $72 (25+47). If horse A wins it pays $10 and your return is $125 with a profit of $53 (125-72=53). If Horse B wins it pays $5.20 and your return is $122.20 with a profit of $50.20).
Dunh….I’ll pose the question to you again TV. If you want to make a $50 profit and your two horses are 8-5 and 4-1, how much money would you have to bet? IT’s a simple question and all you can say is the odds might change. THOSE ARE THE FREAKING ODDS. HOW MUCH MONEY WOULD YOU BET?
Odds change with each click and I have no idea how to calcualte dutch bets that rapidly. I began to seek out a program such as this two years ago when I maxed out the productivity of Speculator, the Sartin program we helped get published on the internet by Sartins' old programmer Guy Wadsworth....It was a great handicapping tool, but did little to nothing on making the informed leap to resourceful wagering so I looked at programs for two years and had a great mentor in Vacnouver direct me toward the one I now use...I have had it two years and have barely scratchd the surface on what it can do
idiots who have NEVER seen this program in action, have ALL the answers
I know what you mean. It is amazing to see him contradict himself regularly.
Sword, all you have to do is ask a question that might take a little thought and he disappears or says it's the computer that does all the work. It works every time.
You killing me here Laz..LMAO.
Sure Vic, now why didn’t I think of a scientific way of saying that or better still, of dodging the question. When you bet on the internet you can get your bet down with under a minute to go. The odds usually stay the same and if they move it won’t be by much and in fact they might even rise in your favor. As for pace, hurry and grab a book and see what your gurus have to say about it. And what was Broad Brush, a wet dream?
My professional life is connected to, and is all about horse racing......A second career after a long previous one
the miserable one came out of hiding.get a life.
machine calculates them, not I
the odds NOT BEING STABLE, are calculated by the computer until the wager is weighted by the most up to date odds board about 40 second before post
The last twenty years takes us back to 1993, not 1986. When he won it, it was his third race of 9.5 furlongs or more in three weeks. It seems to me that he also defeated the two year old BC Juvenile winner and the Champagne winner in that race. Enough of that. Tell me what you think that pace is and as for ditching, if you want to make a $50 profit and your two horses are 8-5 and 4-1, how much money would you have to bet?
the others Ogygian and Tasso left the scene and only Ferdinand was left to be of any competition

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