Racing, Hockey, and Football Come Together

Bob Baffert


Bob Baffert unleashed yet another top prospect Friday when Midnight Hawk overcame a slow start and went on to a 6 ¼ length victory against fellow 2-year-old maidens.


Mike Pegram, a longtime client of Baffert, bred the son of Midnight Lute, but wound up selling the grey colt over dinner after a Chicago Blackhawks game.


“Mike was having dinner with a couple of friends—Joel Quenneville and Mike Tice—when the subject of the horse came up,” said Baffert.


Quenneville, affectionately known as “Coach Q,” is the head coach of the Blackhawks and was in Los Angeles for a game against the Kings. Mike Tice, who played in the National Football League for a number of years, is also a former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.


Midnight Hawk was named for Quenneville’s team.


“The colt trained really well, but I didn’t think he’d win that easily,” remarked Baffert. “When he broke poorly, I thought it was over. He’s still pretty green.”


“They just wanted to have some fun when they bought the horse, but now they’re pretty pumped up.” 


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Liked this guy on connections alone at 1st Blink and the more I think, the more he appeals. Wolf Power has had some success as a damsire :) The Dosage #s aren’t there, but the blood is.
CBS is about to talk about the closing of Hollywood Park.
tom, I'm saying that in my recent shape...performing jumpin'-jacks would not be a "breezing" work. It would most definitely be "Handily." More to the point..."Heavy-Handily. Yeah man, I'm doing well for sure. Hope things are going your way in the Big Apple.
Not a workout Jay. I've had plenty of Physical Therapists tell me that Jumping Jacks are as important as workouts of Race Horses. Go figure the logic. Hope all is well.
I'm afraid if I broke-out into some jumpin' would be considered a serious, intense work. :)
Vic,i will respect what you are saying about works and jockeys and trainers. But why on earth would you keep telling us what dozens and dozens of irrelevant people tell you. Why don't you ask them to explain to you why they have jobs ,if their duties are so irrelavent. Why would an intelligent man as yourself,constantly allow these guys to waste your time. All they do is whisper sweet nothings in your ears,unless of course they are females. Then it is not wasting your time.Other times when Amino and i discuss work outs.You always state,that unless one is there. We never know the intent of the work.True statement. So that does mean that a trainer has an intent. I am only going along with this chirade,because that is all it is with you. By telling us you keep listening to people involved with horses,you do believe in those factors.But it is alot more fun to play the other side of the fence in debates. So between you me and the lamp post(WINK-WINK-WINK) I will keep that our little secret.
Knowing what dozens of clockers and exercise riders tell me YES works only mean the same thing as our doing jmping jacks
Are you talking about “works mean zilch” or *all the intangibles not included in the Sartin Method are less than 10% of the handicapping puzzle*? Racing truths… smells like horse crap :D
Racing truths are much more apparent from the inside looking out that way up there in the grandstand where "filling in the blanks" is common place
NO >> Only the outlandish claims and churlish comments. Lots of BS gets a pass.
No, you're the one on this guy morning, noon, and night. And I know I will get sh. for saying that.
Nor I to you, but then I'm not the one spouting outlandish claims.
I have nothing to prove to you
Cognitive dissonance. Happens to me, too. Of course I had to google that term, lol.
If you can unconditionally predict the pace of 8 out of 10 random races at all distances and surfaces, let’s see you do it, TV.
It takes MOST of the really competent Sartinists more than a few years before the "light bulb comes on." It simply is projecting the pace of the race based upon the capabilites of those IN the contest. A scratch soemtimes can chage the entire make up of the pace of race and the entire thing must be recalculated. The biggest and most practical discovery over the last two decades had to be the early/late balance which, compared to the early/late standards of each track and distance, can virtually eliminate half of most fields.
another one who has NO IDEA what the entire Sarting Methodlogy entails and rambles on repeatedly only to be joined by the other 3 idiots
If I wanted to write a conditional requirement on a statement, I would have
TV, you cite stats {subjective additons can be evaluated in the arena they deserve, less than 10% , The "dream pace" as Sartin called it can be so accurately predicted 8 our ot ten times} without context. 80% of all races, or 80% of claimers sprinting?
Don't know how often I have stated it. The "dream pace" as Sartin called it can be so accurately predicted 8 our ot ten times that we used to run our backs to the race and call it along with the caller

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