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Rachel Alexandra Reported in Serious Condition

Stonestreet Farm shared earlier tonight via social media that Rachel Alexandra, 2009 Horse of the Year, was taken to Rood and Riddle Equine Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky late Wednesday when complications developed related to the birth of her Bernardini filly.


Rachel Alexandra underwent surgery to repair an area of bruising in her small colon, which was injured during foaling. Dr. Brett Woodie performed the surgery and Rachel is currently in recovery under the watch of Dr. Bonnie Barr. A full prognosis cannot be determined at this time, but her condition is serious.


“We are solely focused on making sure Rachel is as comfortable as possible. She is showing the same strength and courage now that she demonstrated on the track,” said owner, Barbara Banke. “Our hearts are broken by this turn of events and I can only ask that you send your thoughts and prayers to Rachel now.”


Rachel Alexandra’s 140-pound filly, born Feb. 12, 2013 at 2:30 a.m., is healthy. The filly has returned to Stonestreet Farm and will be tended by a nurse mare.


Media requests relating to the procedure should be directed to Alex Riddle Media Relations Manager at Rood & Riddle: (859)280-3316 or ariddle@roodandriddle.com.

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Older Comments about Rachel Alexandra Reported in Serious Condition...

Let's all pray for Rachel like we did for Paynter! Sending love and healing to you, Rachel the brave and strong. Come through this...
RA's owners and trainer until sold after the Preakness, that is.
The little girl that was ill that was taken-in by Rachel's owners must be terribly worried and distraught today. I think her name was Rachel Maddison. Calvin Borel was holding her in the Preakness Winner's Circle. Prayers for her also, she must be feeling terribly concerned. BUT, if RA has the same fight as RM...she'll be just fine.
You're our hero Rachel! We love you and are rooting for you to make a full recovery!
They said yesterday that her foal was the biggest of the year at Stonestreet.
ge well soon baby girl. we are all thinking about you and the baby
Get Well Soon and Happy Valentines Day to RACHEL ALEXANDRA the GREAT!
Thanks for the update....she is with the very best medical staff. Much love to Rachel...
Rachel made it through surgery. They are waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. Right now all that can be done is wait, watch, and pray. It will be a long road to recovery. Her strength and our collective prayers are on her side. Her young filly is doing well and will meet her nurse mare shortly.
Hope she'll be okay. Taco had some problems last year, but this complication is a result of the filly being too big. Happened to one of my mares. The colt she foaled was HUGE- twice the size of the other foals. When she was pregnant she looked like she was carrying twins. She turned out okay, but I'm hesitant to breed her again.
I agree with am. Can TB get an embryo transplant???
Man I hate to hear this! I pray all will be ok with her. I think she needs a break after this and they wait to breed her next year or maybe let this be her last foal. Not to say anything would happen again but she's had complications with both her foalings. Man this sucks.
This is really bad news. Wishiing the absolute best for her, hope she can make her way through this!
Get well soon, Rachel. You will be in my prayers
wow. i hope she will be alright. poor Rach.
Hope she will be ok. Prayers for Rachel
I sure hope she comes out of this.

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