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Rachel Alexandra: 85% Fit

Rachel Alexandra: 85% Fit
In a must-read for those following the story, the New York Times provides the latest from both camps, including some between-the-lines hesitation from the Rachel Alexandra camp, just one week before her intended debut at the Fair Grounds. The same afternoon will also feature the return of Zenyatta. Read More


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More red flags: “She came out at 6:20, turned and went the right way, then galloped about three-quarters of a mile,” said Fair Grounds clocker Billy Pettingill, who has observed Rachel Alexandra’s progression on a near-daily basis since the filly arrived at Fair Grounds in late November. “It was pretty easy. Then they picked her up with the pony and she was off the track at 6:28. They didn’t even gallop her a whole round, they just let her stretch her legs a little bit. They turned her loose about the three-eighths pole and she went from there, through the stretch, and back to about the five-eighths pole." This just doesn't sound as good as they say. There's a reason she didn't have a routine gallop. Clear Sailing looks to step up a few more. 8-1?
zen - That's great. Yes, Jess is chicken. Rachel is outstanding, but don't anyone kid yourselves that the Woodward wasn't 100% hand-picked for a crappy field on speed favoring track. She can't win using her style at 1 1/4 miles, that's completely out of the question. Are you dutching both races because they will be 1-5?
After observing all these machinations, I have always thought that Jess Jackson was a chicken shit. When they didn't run Rachel in the Breeder's Cup Classic? They admitted defeat. I don't have any idea which horse would win. I'll be dutching both the races on Saturday. If I win one I should come out ahead, If I don't win either,I'll dutch the Apple Blossom. We're gamblers. Aren't we?
Judging by that statement and taking her horrible work into consideration, might Rachel be a false favorite? Need to see the PP's and try to beat her.
The thing that's working against Rachel at Oaklawn is field size. The bigger the pot, the bigger the field. The bigger the field, the tougher the pace, the more it favors Zenyatta. They know nobody else is going to throw up more than $1m, so they'd never have to face Zenyatta in anything bigger than a 7-horse field until the BC.
  • Rossington · Personally, I don't care if it's a 4, 7, or 10 horse field that Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra raced against each other in. The fact of the matter is, everything in Jess Jackson's and Steve Assmussen's body language and public comments, says that they think exactly what I think. Zenyatta is just too much mare for Rachel Alexandra to hold back that "here I come like a runaway locomotive" closing drive that she has. TMO. · 2817 days ago
You know, a few weeks ago, I was so mad at Jess Jackson and NTRA President Alex Waldrop, for having meetings concerning a potential 3-race series between Zenyatta and Rachel, and no one from Zenyatta's camp present to represent her. But now, the way this is shaping up, Jackson and Waldrop are almost "COMICAL" to me now. They're like "AMOS and ANDY," one's a steppin, and the other one's a fetchin. LOL. Jess Jackson talked up Rachel Alexandra and did all that "networking" to make sure she had the votes needed for 2009 HOY. All the talking done, mind you, under the assumption that Zenyatta would never return to the track, so there'd be no way to prove him right or wrong. A proposed 3-race series between the two, LOL, give me a break. I'd just be happy to see you show up with your "the greatest thing since sliced bread" filly at Oaklawn on April 9th. I'd say most of the rest of racing fan's across this country feel the same way. Time to put up or shut up Jess. Once again, you've let that big mouth overload your ass. LOL.
Let's not jump the gun here. One race at a time. Rachel makes her seasonal bow in the New Orleans Ladies at Fair Grounds on March 13th.
This will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows about training Thoroughbred racehorses. I mapped out a tentative training schedule for RA and she would have had to hit everything just perfectly to make the race at Oaklawn...no bad weather, no tying up, no ankle filling. I think JJ is an ass but he shouldn't run the filly unless she is 100% ready to roll. If he runs her at less and she gets beat, what does that prove? A race between those two is only pertinent if both are at the top of their game. As far as getting your money back for your Oaklawn trip...good luck with that.
Screech!!!! Let's throw this thing in reverse. WOW!!! And the backpedaling begins. If they don't run her on the 9th Mr. Jackson shd be responsible for refunding back people expenses. If your going say your going, if your not the say your NOT! Simple as that.
Come on boys, Steve, Jess, grow some balls. It ain't the "four horseman of the apocalypse" that Rachel Alexandra has to race. It's only Zenyatta, and a few other quality fillies. LOL.
Isn't it ironic? Two days ago I confirmed by e-mailing Nalia-Jean Meyers, sports editor of the New York Times confirming that they had done a story stating that Jess Jackson was looking for some "wiggle room" to get out of racing Zenyatta at Oaklawn on April 9th in the Apple Blossom, with Jackson saying that he would prefer for Rachel to race Zenyatta a little later in the season. Ironically, 2 days later on this web-site, and on Thoroughbredtimes.com, Steve "Ass"mussen has concerns about her fitness. What a total crock of B.S. Can't have it both ways boys. Can't tout you filly as being the "greatest thing since sliced bread" and not show up to race the mare that many, myself included, feel was robbed of 2009 HOY. Spineless move on Jackson and Assmussen's part. Either that, or she'll show up for the Apple Blossom, get her ass dusted by Zenyatta, and they think they'll have a legit excuse for her losing the race. No excuses boys. Put up, or shut up. It's that time. The Moss's did the racing world a favor by bringing Zenyatta back to race as a 6yr.old. They, like the rest of racing fans across this country want to know who the better of the two is, one way or another. Why else would you bring a 6yr.old race-mare that's 14 for 14 lifetime, a 2-time Breeders Cup winner in two different divisions, and the only female race horse to win the B.C.Classic since the inception of the race in 1984, except to settle this matter? If Rachel Alexandra dodges Zenyatta in the 2010 Apple Blossom Invitational, they should take that trophy that's inscribed 2009 Horse of The Year, and put a new inscription on it that says 2009 Joke of The Year. Truly Pathetic, IMO.
Let the backpedaling begin!
Things are getting.... interesting now!

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