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A championship should never be decided in one game, race, or event. A yearly championship should never be decided in one faulty race. The track of the Breeders Cup races were favoring to the speed types. Unbelievably unfair to the come from behind stars, such as the lovely and elegant Princess of Sylmar. She was robbed of a victory in the Distaff by a Santa Anita loving Beholder.

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Beholder’s 2013 Record

1/21/13 Santa Ynez (G2) 2nd to Renee’s Titan

03/02/13 Las Virgenes (G1) 1st over Fiftyshadesofhay

04/06/13 Santa Anita Oaks (G1) 1st over Iotapa and Fiftyshadesofhay

05/03/13 Kentucky Oaks (G1) 2nd to Princess of Sylmar

09/01/13 Torrey Pines 1st over Wittgenstein

09/28/13 Zenyatta (G1) 1st over Authenticity

11/01/13 Breeders Cup Distaff (G1) 1st over Close Hatches, Authenticity, Royal Delta, Street Girl, and Princess of Sylmar

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Princess of Sylmar’s 2013 Record

01/05/13 Busanda 1st over Asyia

02/02/13 Busher 1st over Kelli Got Frosti

04/06/13 Gazelle Handicap (G2) 2nd to Close Hatches

05/03/13 Kentucky Oaks (G1) 1st over Beholder

07/20/13 CCA Oaks (G1) 1st over My Happy Face

08/17/13 Alabama (G1) 1st over fiftyshadesofhay

09/28/13 Beldame (G1) 1st over Royal Delta

11/01/13 Breeders Cup Distaff 6th to Beholder, Close Hatches, Authenticity, Royal Delta, and Street Girl 

Some are saying Beholder will take the 3 year old filly championship away from Princess of Sylmar for her win in the Breeders' Cup Distaff. Is it just me who thinks a championship should be decided over the year instead of one race. Beholder one 4 grade one races this year, all on the west coast, on the speed favoring tracks. The one time Beholder tried using her speed outside California, she lost to Princess of Sylmar, who caught the fading Beholder by about a length. Now, Princess of Sylmar has won four grade ones in a row, beating high class competition.

Beholder has beaten Authenticity twice in two meetings, but Princess of Sylmar has beaten Royal Delta at home, whom is much stronger competition than Authenticity. In my eyes, Beholder is a good filly, but Princess of Sylmar is a great filly. Both will be back next year, and I am quite sure the rivalry that began in Kentucky will be renewed in 2014. As for right now, the race for the championship is now up to voters, and the horse racing community will be watching.

~Written by Casey Laughter  


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Older Comments about Race for a Championship...

And let's be fair, Beholder would have won that day even if the race was 10 furlongs. No one was going to catch her.
I'm as much of a Princess of Sylmar fan as anybody, but those who argue that she should win the Eclipse due to the fact that one race should not determine the championship are ignoring the fact that Beholder has had more than just one good race. If she had done nothing since her Juvenile Filly BC win then came out of nowhere to win the Distaff, I'd agree with that premise. But just as you can argue the Princess beat the best Oaks field in years if not decades, Beholder also beat the best Distaff field in years if not decades. And if you look at the rest of their seasons they are pretty much equal, though one might give a slight edge to Princess for winning some bigger name Grade One races. But to me the deciding factor is how they did in the two best Grade One races, the ones with the best fields. Beholder did no worse than 2nd, and even then by less than a length, while Princess finished 16 lengths back dead last in her defeat. Now if Princess' resume was that much better than Beholder's, one could say that one bad start would not be the difference maker, but since they are so close, then you have to look at all the little details to differentiate the two. And those two finishes are really what it will come down to when the voting starts, unless Beholder has another start and throws in a clunker of her own (which I highly doubt will happen).
  • jayr · Two points I'd like to make (my opinions): Beholder beat a very tired Royal Delta. She just wasn't herself. Neither was POS with the bad start. Make it three points: 16 lengths when she doesn't want to run (for whatever reason) after that bad start seems irrelevant. Why push her. One doesn't know that something wasn't injured when stumbling. No placing in sight, save her for another day. As it turned out, the only compettition Beholder really had that day was Close Hatches. If they had gunned her to the lead, they would have been in front. On that track, might have won it. · 1471 days ago
Match races only continually prove that gullible idiots will still take the bait and try to get a closer to beat a non-pressed early horse...WILL NOT HAPPEN in a match race format
Mike i agree 100000 % with you.She was never competetive. She was empty from the word go. She stumbled coming out of the gate,she was not sharp.There was only 1 horse in the race that could use the track as an excuse if they wanted to.That would of been Close Hatches. But even Mott knew it had nothing to do with the loss.
I don't see how anybody can say Princess of Sylmar lost the Distaff because of a track bias, she was never in the race. You can blame it on a long year or maybe a poor start, but for whatever reason she just didn't run her race that day.
The bias argument is kind of like the astroturf vs. grass argument for football. Some teams only play well on astroturf and take advantage when they do. But they don't put an asterisk next to the Super Bowl champion based on whether they were an astroturf team who won the championship on astroturf. It's a fair argument to point out that SA will host the BC for Beholder's entire career and that gives her an unfair career advantage, but I don't think you can point to any one year in that span and say that year was unfair, because maybe that year would have been the year SA should have been due to host a BC.
Sure Beholder has had more than one good race, but like Game On Dude, all her best races came in California. While that might work for Game On Dude because all the East Coast males took turns beating one another, that isn't the case with Beholder. Will she win the Eclipse? Probably. Should she? Definitely not. Princess of Sylmar won the more prestigious, important races in their division and then fell victim to a track bias that Beholder used to her advantage.
Princess all the way for this one. I love Beholder, but Santa Anita simply wasn't fair this year. She did more, winning major races from 8.5 to 10 furlongs. Beholder can't even get a mile and a quarter. The choice is obvious.

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