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Public Enemy No. 1 - Michael Wilbon

Step aside Al Capone, there’s a new Public Enemy No. 1 in town.
“I’d be happier if we had some Zenyatta burgers. It’s about time for that, right?” ~Michael Wilbon
Just who is this guy?
Wilbuffoon is a former sports columnist for The Washington Post, co-hosts ESPN's Pardon the Interruption and is an NBA studio analyst for ABC/ESPN. The above, highly offensive quote came from yesterday’s episode of Pardon the Interruption, a cartoonish sports television show co-hosted by Wilbuffoon and Tony Kornheiser.
Just who does this guy think he is?
We knew Wilbuffoon is no friend of the sport of horse racing after last year‘s statement, "I know you like horse racing, but it's dead. It's gone. It's over," but yesterday’s abomination of a quote took things to a whole new level.
It is now clear that Wilbon is not a fan of horses either. I can only hope that yesterday’s despicable statement was some miserable attempt at humor, but the fact remains, for any television personality to say that he would like to eat the most popular race horse in the world, is unacceptable.
I propose the following consequences for Wilbuffoon:
Horse racing fans should boycott Pardon the Interruption and anything else involving Wilbuffoon.
Disney should remove him from all programming on ESPN and ABC networks.
And finally...
For Karma’s sake, in his next life Wilbuffoon should come back as a chicken to feel what it is like to be on the opposite end of the food chain.


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Older Comments about Public Enemy No. 1 - Michael Wilbon...

Now that made me laugh! Thanks RayJay, or can I call you Ray, or can I call you Jay...
A horse's butt wants to eat another horse's butt!?!
What an ass!! There was absolutely NO call for that! I say, put him in a 44 stall barn and make him clean the whole thing by himself. The grand justice of it is that his dumb ass will probably get kicked!!
Most sports shows have NO ONE as a dedicated and knowledgeable horsemen
It's just another case of some egomaniac at ESPN shooting his mouth off about something he knows nothing about.
Hey Musket Man...if you don't like it don't read it. Why don't you do all of us a favor and terminate your account and go bye bye. If he's not respected, how does he get press credentials at CD and other tracks, as well as BC creds...do your homework before making false accusations.
Okay, part of P.T.I. Is suggesting eating the face of "horse racing" last time I checked Espn Fired Rush Limbaugh for racist comments and they had every right to, They also fired another Anaylst/radio host for a semi sexist comment. But no punishment for suggestion eating an american icon?? And as for Brian. Brian is one of the most respected people in the sport. He has the unique ability to cover the Horse and The gambling aspect of the sport and he does it quite well. Including giving out over 2,500 of winning tickets on youbet.com at Prarie Meadows on like a total of 14 dollars invested. Brian is extremely talented and I can tell you for 99.9 % of horse racing fans and the fans of HRN We need people like Brian Zipse in this sport!
Enjoyed that musket man ;-)
Just the fact that you think your a horse racing writer is a joke. Yes, Wilbon is outrageous, but thats part of PTI. Instead of doing childish games like "Who am I?" maybe you should start to see that the sport is dying (sadly) and his view is the same as about 85% of Americans. You have 0 objectivity and the fact that you actually have a sponsered blog blows my mind away. Ive read some awful stuff before, but you may be by far the worst blogger I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Do us all a favor and just quit this now and get a real job so that my tax dollars don't go to support your internet fees to keep this blog going.
Dr, Wayne Dyer in one of his great lecurtures described people who have thier "upset me" attenna out all the time...A waste of effort
I prefer to stand up for the horses and the sport, rather than ignore such things.
that is listeners
come one now controversy increases listerns. Why do you think the fools go to listen to Faux noose?
I went on to ESPN, did a search for the show, and left a comment... the guy is a jack*ss
Someone needs to start a petition to ABC, ESPN and DISNEY to get this fool off the air and show him that horse racing is not as dead as he thinks it is. I cannot believe that show is still on the air.
Absolutely love it! He really is a buffoon. . . who needs to think before he speaks.
OMG I cant beleive he said that!!!!!!!

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